Thursday, July 25, 2013

Upcoming Releases.....

Here is a list of some Upcoming Releases, that I myself, have been patiently waiting on.  Actual Release of these are subject to change, of course!

August 6, 2013-
The Redemption of Callie and Kayden by Jessica Sorensen  

Wicked Beat (Sinners on Tour) by Olivia Cunning  

Burn (Breathless Series) by Maya Banks 

August 7, 2013

Faithful (Wanted #3) by Kelly Elliott - no cover yet 

August 20, 2013

Wethering the Storm (The Mighty Storm book 2) by Samantha Towle 

August 26, 2013 

Ties (Lengths) by Steph Campbell and Liz Reinhardt 

Sept 3, 2013

Everything for Us (Bad Boys) by M. Leighton  

October 1, 2013

Torn (Connected book 2) by Kim Karr 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Who He Is by Shanora Williams

This is the first in a new series by this author and the story of Gage and Eliza is an intense-angst filled roller coaster!  Their story also leaves us with a cliffhanger - so be warned!  I started this book and couldn't walk sucked me in from the beginning.  It was a very emotional read.  There was no - Oh My God instant Love in this one.  It was a work in progress.

Eliza is an artist - a book worm -who is very quiet and keeps to herself.  She has trust issues.  All of this stemming from the life she shared with her mother. (those details will be disclosed when you read the book)  Her father Ben is the manager for the band FireNine.  And as college student who barely  does anything - her father insists that she goes on the tour with him and the band so that she can get out and live a little.  Eliza knowing that she will then be stuck with Gage Grendel- lead singer and her High School crush- she really tries to find excuses to not go.  But in the end....she does.....  Can I just say how freaking cool her dad is... yes he's gay...which makes me love him even more....but he knows they are tip toeing around the fact they like each other and it's like he knows they should be together and keeps making situations impossible to not be near one another.

To quote Eliza - There were only a few words that could describe him; hot, mouthwatering, and way out of my league.

Gage Grendel - lead singer.....ladies man....cocky..... claims her as "his" upon first meeting her.  All band members back off!

As the two spend more time together, their chemistry is undeniable.  Yet- They won't just give in. Both have scarred pasts that make them the way they are. She is sassy and keeps Gage on his toes.  He isn't used to being treated this way.  She's become a challenge to him.  She isn't the easy whores he is used to getting.  I swear this book had my emotions going all over the place.     He still brings his whores around and she flirts with other band members (which pisses him off even more). He especially doesn't like her relationship with Montana.  They've kinda become besties.  He won't admit his feelings and suck it up, yet he doesn't want her with anyone else either.   He teases her....he pisses her off...she pisses him off...the sexual tension is just enough already...just do it!   And when they do.......WOW!   My stomach fluttered on more than one occasion.

 They eventually get it together and quit skirting around and become a couple. The end of the tour is coming up and she will be leaving to go back home to college.  They knew this when they started.  It was suppose to just be a Good Time.....well... They finally admit their feelings and that they love each other. He's hoping she will chose to not go home and stay with him....BUT......They don't exactly get their HEA.... shit happens....leaving us heartbroken.  And hanging on to the hope that Book 2 will give us what we want.....

There are a few other story lines in this book as well.... Deed is going through some shit and for most of the book we are wondering just WTH is going on and why he hates Eliza so much.  Some 411 comes out about her father and why he won't get rid of a certain employee on the tour.  We find out why Gage is the way he is and why he won't drop his on again off again "whore".  She apparently knows something about his past.... I say one click this bitch now.... I freaking loved it!  Of course, I have a love for my Rockers.......

5 stars Miss Williams!  *****

A little about me......

I am a Book Fanatic! I am also a stay at home wife and mommy to my two daughters.  My husband, of 16 years, is a LT Commander serving in the US Navy and I am so very proud of him.  I also have a Shit Zhu named Gizmo.  He's my shadow.  =) I am an only child, who lost both her parents way too young to two ugly words... CANCER....and LEUKEMIA.  
Currently, my life only resolves around my children and reading.  Reasons I post about my babies on FB and why I now post about my Books on this blog.  =)  

 These are my two most precious things and what I am most proud of... my babies.....  

This is a "selfie" in the bathroom at Paris Las Vegas hotel on my Vegas trip... yep that's my personality shining through.... 

I LOVE.TO.READ! I started a small Group under my personal FB page for my friends who often ask me "What should I read next". Well, I follow alot of bloggers and because of that I decided to venture out and try to actually BLOG about my obsession and share this passion with anyone who wants to listen to me Ramble. I tend to do that....Ramble. I also don't like Spoilers! So, this blog isn't for you if you are looking for those. I want my friends and followers to feel what I felt the first time I read a book.

I am smart mouthed, sarcastic, I swear like a sailor. My favorite swear word being F**K.
I'm inappropriate and often say things before I think. Besides my love of reading - you can often find me behind my camera, documenting my children's lives. Before my Obsession with Reading took over, I would scrap book those photo moments I captured of my children.  

I turned 40 this past June and celebrated in Vegas and got my very first tattoo.  I feel like a total bad ass rock chick now ;)  I went in for something small and came out with the second biggest of our group.   

This is Charlie (owner/tattoo artist at Studio 21 tattoo in Vegas) and yes, my friend Penny captured the very moment he started  =)  After that I sat like a champ for two hours.  
Finished product is the Traditional American style I LOVE.  The rose represents my mother and I had to throw in my girls initials.  
See.. TOTAL BADASS  lol 

I love coffee-specifically Dunkin Donuts original roast, I am a beer drinker, I love chocolate.  I love the smell of Lavender.  I have a fear of heights, flying and water.  My favorite place is Walt Disney world (yes, I'm a child).  I love a man with tattoos, esp a nice sleeve and piercings (even though my husband has neither).  

This is a family trip to Disney right before my husband deployed last month.  Trying to get a decent photo - After about 8 shots I gave up... 

  I am pretty sure some of my reviews will not be PG -13. I will definately say things I am sure will be offensive to some and to others make you my new Best Friend.
Speaking of friends, I have met some GREAT people since making this blog.  I hope that my love of reading will bring more peeps into my life.  

This is new to me. I often would just occasionally post reviews on Goodreads or Amazon.  But would send my Fave Authors personal messages via FB.  I seem to think that is more personal.  Can I please say that I didn't start this blog to Get Free stuff or ARC of books.  But, if I am sent some Free swag to wear or use to PIMP out my faves  or  if I am offered an ARC of a book... I will most definitely read it and give my honest review.  I ask nothing from Authors.    I started this solely to share the books I love, to tell the people about my favorites books and authors, to help my Favorite Authors get new followers.  Also, to meet other Book Nerds.  I have found MANY books that I didn't know existed, thanks to the MANY bloggers I follow on FB.   

I have been approached by several authors and Yes, I did receive my first ARC and that was exciting.  However, again, was in NO WAY what I started this blog for.  I know our authors put their blood, sweat and tears into their books for us to read and enjoy.  I have no problem one clicking when a book goes LIVE on Amazon.. trust me.. .my Kindle account holds hundreds of unread books.  You know how some people are addicted to crack (sorry) or buying shoes.. that is me with books.... ONE CLICK and I are BESTIES!  I most definately don't agree with getting books illegally... I think the authors deserve the money they are entitled to for those books.  Just saying..... 

I have connected with an Author via FB after messaging her about her book I read and to me, it's like we have known each other forever.  I am now on a "secret mission" to help her.  Again, something totally new for both of us and once we get this shit figured out... you will hear about it.   It's meeting these authors and becoming friends with them and being able to just chat about LIFE that makes this cool as shit to me.  Like I almost pee'd myself when another FAVE of mine Jade C. Jamison pimped out my FB Book Blog on her page.  Literally, I fan girled and did a Happy Dance in Bed.  =)  

Any other Authors out there reading this and need my help... Let me know... Because I am in it for you guys. It is about getting your name out there and getting people to one click your books. I'll pimp you out hard!  <3   And if by doing so, I make a new Author friend, well that is just Lucky for Me......  Because I know that most of the authors I love are Fabulous human beings!  

I hope that my rambling will inspire you to "One Click" atleast one of the books and authors I pimp out. Let my favorite authors Grab you by the balls and throw you into one emotional roller coaster after the other or one panty dropping good time ;)  

So there you have it... a little about me.  If you are my FB friend you know that I speak of my children on a daily basis.  Especially, my Calista who is smart, but has no common sense.  I call it my C 4.0 moments.  I also post A LOT of pictures.  Like I said, I document everything in their lives on film.   In between everyday life with my children... I READ!  And that is why I started this blog.... so Happy Reading peeps!  I am welcome to any and all suggestions that can get this blog to 1,000's and world wide  haha   We have Authors and their books to get to millions of people!  <3 <3 <3