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Behind The Tears by Marita A Hansen Book Blitz

Behind the Tears

Behind the Lives Series #2

by Marita A. Hansen

Publication Date: December 24, 2012

To trust is to get hurt, to be loved could end in death.

Everyone sees Ash as the toughest of the Rata brothers, the tall, tattooed man who is untouchable. But not many know of his past, of a tormented youth, which almost saw him take his own life. For ten years he's lived with the nightmares of his stepfather raping him, and how it destroyed his family. Further tormented by his first love leaving him, he tries to move forward with his new partner Beth, but is unable to open up to her, his past continuing to eat away at his soul.

Beth knows Ash is keeping her in the dark, and every word he doesn't say, every secret he keeps, pushes her further into his brother's arms, someone who doesn't understand boundaries, a trait that has given Dante a wild reputation: the man every woman wants to bed. Hedonistic and uncontrollable, Dante desires Beth to the point of madness, his bipolar condition worsening with the stress of his hidden desires. He wants to control her, to take her, but he is deeply reliant on Ash, and like his brother, he hides his true nature. On the outside he shows a confident swagger that gets him the attention of both sexes, but on the inside all he wants is one woman who sees him as more than a sexual object.

Sledge, the youngest of the three Rata brothers, finds himself in a different situation, dealing with the affections of his best friend: Beth's brother Corey. Diagnosed with cancer, Corey wants Sledge more than life itself, even though he believes Sledge is homophobic and would find him disgusting if he confessed his love. But when another man shows interest in Corey, Sledge's jealousy eats away at him, and makes him reassess his sexuality, and whether he could be more than a friend to Corey - whether he could be his lover.

As the Rata family's love life is thrown into tangles, the brothers' stepfather escapes from prison with one thing on his mind: To get Ash once again. Someone he will kill for - and has killed for.


Author's Note: Book 2 has different main characters from book 1. Due to this, you don't need to read book 1 to understand this story. Book 2 is more dark romance and family drama, while book one is street lit and social realism. Book 3 continues directly on from Book 2.

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Other Books in the Series


Behind the Lives #4 - Behind the Secrets

Amazon US / UK

Releasing - August 11, 2015

Too many secrets...

When Beth receives potentially life-changing news that could ruin her future, she decides to keep it a secret from Dante, the man she hopes to marry.

But Dante has his own problems as his deepest and darkest secret is revealed when someone from his childhood reappears, a secret so disturbing that it could unravel what’s left of his already unstable mind.

Beth’s brother Corey struggles to keep his relationship with Dante’s brother a secret, scared his father will split them apart. But it’s his sister he has the most to fear from, when Beth takes advantage of his boyfriend’s vulnerable condition.

Good cop or bad cop? Saul is eaten away by guilt over what he did to Beth while undercover. No longer willing to keep the assault a secret, he heads down a destructive path that turns him into something far worse than an abuser.

Behind the Lives #3 - Behind the Lens

Amazon US / UK

WARNING: Rated R18. Contains sexually explicit content, both M/F & M/M.

Dante Rata learns what’s Behind the Lens in this explosive sequel to Behind the Tears.

Dante has a problem with sex – he gets way too much of it. Women want him, force themselves upon him, fight each other to get into his bed, and this ripped to the bones sex god even attracts male admirers. But when Dante discovers hidden cameras in his bedroom, he soon learns his sexual prowess is famous and the women who have been throwing themselves at him are porn actresses, paid to trick him into performing for the financial gain of an underground pornography ring - an organisation who forces people into sexual slavery. Dante’s efforts to outwit Ant Torres, the porn-ring’s instigator, ends with Dante trapped into performing live for his fans; with the threat of death to his loved ones if he doesn’t.

Dante’s brother, Sledge, also has a problem with sex – but with the same-sex. He finds himself attracted to Corey, his best mate. After Sledge is told devastating news about his family, he falls into Corey’s bed, taking him as a lover. Ashamed of what he has done, Sledge tries to hide the relationship from his family and friends, something which makes Corey feel like a dirty little secret. When he finds Sledge talking to a pair of females at a party, he flies into a jealous rage, outing Sledge in front of everyone. Humiliated, Sledge runs out on Corey, which inadvertently leads Corey to Torres’s bed, where he is made to perform for the camera.

When Corey is dropped off at home, drugged and traumatised, Sledge learns about the pornography ring and the danger his brother is in. Intent on revenge as well as saving his brother, he sets out to bring down Torres, along with his crime syndicate anyway he can – whether it takes him with it or not.

About the Author

NATIONALITY AND CULTURAL CONNECTIONS: I'm a true blue Aucklander, born and bred in New Zealand. I tend to write about cultures I have connections to, such as Croatian and Maori. I would love to visit Croatia again as I have family there. However, in My Masters' Nightmare, I have started writing about Italians. My husband is part Italian and I also have a degree in Italian.

SPORTS: As a teen my favorite sports were karate, badminton, and running. I also did unarmed combat and played in a touch rugby team (my gym teacher made me do the last one!) Now, I stick to coaching soccer and running. I have completed two marathons, numerous half-marathons and one 30K run.

CAREER PATH: I started off as a Graphic Designer, then went to Auckland University, where I got a BA degree in Art History and Italian Studies and a post-graduate Honors degree in Art History. I worked in the Art History field, then became a full-time artist, doing commissions. I eventually lost all of my senses and gave it up to be a poor, starving writer, smh.

FAVORITE FOODS: I'm vegetarian. I love pasta based foods, tofu, chocolate mousse and golden queen peaches.

BAD HABITS: I'm a major procrastinator that can't seem to earn money to save myself!

STATUS: Married to my high school sweetheart (which he hates me calling him). We have two kids.

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Amy's "5 absolutely enormous stars" review for J. L. Drake's Broken Trilogy

Book 1 - Broken 

My name is Savannah Miller. 

My father is the mayor of New York. One day after my twenty-seventh birthday I was grabbed from behind. A cloth sack was quickly pulled over my head, and I was taken from everything I’d ever known. 

I was beaten, starved, treated like an animal, and forced to live in a room with no windows. With no sense of time and no dignity left I finally gave up hope and made a promise to myself to end it all. Unfortunately, it was going to be a slow process. 

Then one night an elite group of US Army soldiers came to my rescue. I was brought to a safe house and given two options: 

One—Stay under their protection and follow their rules or... 
Two—Leave and be guaranteed to be returned to the savages within a week. 

I chose option one. 

As I work with a therapist and begin processing my hellish ordeal things slowly begin to surface. With the help of new friends and a potential new love I fight to get my life back and make choices that will forever alter my future. 

This is my story…

Book 2 - Shattered

After witnessing the murder of her lover and the heartbreaking loss of their unborn child, Savannah wants to end it all. 

Then she is given a second chance at love. 

Sadly, even when life hands you second chances it doesn’t always follow that things will work out the way you want them to. 

Some lies can just be too painful to move on from. 

What’s worse than being Broken? 


Book 3 -

Savannah takes control… 

Tired of all the lies and deception, Savannah Miller must learn to face life on her own. As she seeks to find out who she really is, she still is still burdened with the fallout from past traumas that left her broken. 

Her fragile hold on her new life slowly gives her the confidence to move ahead. What she really needs is right in front of her—Cole Logan is patiently waiting for the right moment to prove his love. 

But her past isn’t finished with her yet… 

Are Savannah’s strength and Cole’s love enough to vanquish the shadows, or will those who mean them harm succeed in preventing the mending of their shattered souls?

Broken (Broken Trilogy) – Book 1
Shattered --- Book 2
Mended --- Book 3

Series by J. L. Drake

5 absolutely enormous stars

I just finished this series on my treadmill while running and having a sobbing fit. Do you know how hard it is to run and ugly cry; I mean seriously? This series is absolutely fantastic; a must read.

Savannah Miller has been taken. She has no idea why these people have her. She has been beaten and treated like a rabid animal. She knows she has been in the small dank room for one full season. Water is given to her in a rusty tin container and the food is always the same; a thin beef soup and a piece of bread. Why is no one coming for her? Her father should have someone looking; he is the mayor. Her captors mostly speak Spanish but she remembers an American in her in and out state of awareness. After her mouth got her the most severe punishment she has ever endured Savannah decides it’s time to give up. She will take her own life; not eat she is so small already it shouldn’t take that long for her to drift away to be with her mother. And then the popping noise happens; her vision is blurry but she hears the shouts. Her door flies open and a man dressed completely in black with a helmet and goggles shouts something into the radio on his neck; reaches forward and lifts me from the bed.

Colonel Cole Logan is the team lead of “Shadows.” Daniel, his father ran the company before him while Cole’s grandfather was the founder of the group. His best friend Mark Lopez stands alongside him. The team consists of Scout Snipers, Navy Seals, Green Berets, and a few other Special Forces specialties. The government wanted a group of highly trained professionals who could slip in and out of Mexico to gather information on the Cartels, Los Sirvientes Del Diablos, part of the Cartels, and a few other kidnapping and drug rings. The compound sits in the mountains of Montana. It has barns, lakes, training facilities all attached to a spectacular home large enough for the entire crew which includes Keith, York, John, Paul, and Abigail who takes care of everything.

The story line of this series is just downright jaw dropping and you talk about intense. There are so many things I never saw coming. I have never flipped pages in a book as quickly as I did in Broken, Shattered and Mended. Savannah or “Savi” as she becomes nicknamed by the guys is broken. Her memories of the seven months she was held captive are crucial to finding out how, why and how exactly everything that happened to her did. Cole and his team are determined they will protect Savi for as long as needed. She will stay with them as the worst possible person to be taken by and from is The American. They have hunted him for years but he has eluded them each time as they are uncertain of his identity. Savi has seen him and they need her to remember.

Not only is this a twisting roller coaster ride but it’s also love story so incredibly intense that I thought my lungs were going to burst. The power of the story laid out on these pages is brilliant. All three books introduce us to more secondary characters that are just as intriguing. I may have to go and stalk Ms. Drake’s page in order to beg and plead with her to give us a spinoff of the soldiers Mark and Keith. I don’t know if the things that were left unsaid are a hint towards that might be a possibility but I will use every ounce of my energy to persuade her to once again fill my head with another few incredible stories based around this magnificent “family.” By the way these are all FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

Once again I found these books by trolling my girl Tracy’s blog. I’m telling you all don’t just click on the new releases. Dig deeper and you will find some gems that you will be cursing yourself for missing. This is one of those times for me! Standing ovation J.L. Drake. And please ... give me Mark and Keith. LOL! -- I’m serious!

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Amy's ARC Review of Sinful Intent - Alpha PI Book 1 by Chelle Bliss


The moment I saw her, I wanted her. 
I tried to resist her, but Race had other plans. 
One night, in a moment of weakness, I gave in to my desires. 

I still had a job to do before her world collapsed. 
If I failed at finding the person behind the threats, I could lose her forever. 

Temptation can be dangerous.

Sinful Intent – Alpha Pi Book 1 Chelle Bliss 4.5 stars This is the first book in the ALFA PI series from Chelle Bliss. You do not have to read Men of Inked series to start your Alpha Pi journey but I sure don’t know why you wouldn’t click those up! The Gallo family which is front and center, rowdy as ever and their expanding brood is as entertaining and heartfelt as they were in Men of Inked. Morgan, our male lead, is the Gallos’ cousin. He recently got out of the military and is doing his best to mesh into civilian life. He is back home with the same old “friends” trying to rein him into their world; the world that sent him into the military and essentially saved his life by keeping him out of jail and who knows what else. Morgan is hell bent on staying out of that life but has nothing on the horizon. When he and his mother head to Florida for Izzy’s wedding, an opportunity to be a part of Alpha Pi presents itself. Thomas and James are chomping at the bit to bring Morgan on board. He’s exactly what their PI company needs. Morgan’s first case sends him into the world of a corporate bombshell named Race. This woman is uptight, cutthroat, and has worked her butt of to move up the ladder. Race is being threatened by an unknown source. She stands a chance to lose everything she has worked for if a certain secret is exposed. This is a great start to a series that is sure to please. Sunday family dinners are ever present, the banter of the boys is all in check and Izzy is still as feisty as ever. Morgan is a great addition and I look forward to seeing his story continue as I have the other boys. We also have Morgan’s Ma to contend with now as well; Sal’s sister. Its an easy read as you will be laughing out loud at some the office antics Morgan has to endure. We see the return of another loved character as well as introduction to a new one named Frisco; a former Navy SEAL. The end of the book gives us a sneak peak into the next release that will give us Frisco’s story. Cant wait! Great read as always Chelle!

Amy's Review of Stone Cold Bad: An Alpha Bad Boy Romance (Stone Brothers Book 1) by Tess Oliver & Anna Hart


New York Times Bestselling Author Tess Oliver and Anna Hart have teamed up to bring you the sexiest, baddest bad boy around in the first Stone Brothers novel--Stone Cold Bad 


He was definitely trouble, and the worst kind of trouble because he was wrapped up in an incredible package of muscles, ink and heartbreak. A guy like him was the last thing I needed now. A guy like Colt Stone was the last thing I ever needed.

Emotion, feelings and, hell, even love had been turned off in all of us Stone brothers long ago. Then Jade landed in my life. It was the last thing I ever wanted, to feel this way about someone. Attachments like this were only followed by heartbreak, and I wasn't into heartbreak. I wasn't into f*cking attachments. 

Bad boy Colt Stone has a notorious reputation for being a tough and dangerous heartbreaker. A brutal childhood hardened him to the idea of any type of emotional attachment to anyone. When he becomes the unwitting accomplice in Jade Morrow's escape from an abusive boyfriend, he soon finds that he'll do anything to keep her safe. Has Colt found the one girl who can break through to his impenetrable heart?

When she runs away from her monstrous boyfriend, Jade Morrow has no place to go and no one to turn to. She accidentally lands in the arms of a handsome, tattooed stranger. Colt Stone is as formidable as he is appealing and Jade soon finds that he's equally hard to resist. When her troubled past catches up to her, Jade discovers just how far Colt will go to save her. 

Contains mature content. Recommended for readers 18+

4 stars I really love Tess Oliver books when Im in the mood for a quick read. You all know I loved loved loved "Gage." She does a great job keeping the story light but intense and the characters interesting. These are the types of books you can carry along with you in the car, the beach, the lake, soaking in the tub or grab up to pass some time away with no having to heavily concentrate on the events taking place. Usually Im not that interested in quick reads as I like a deeper story line but Tess just has that knack to pull you in and keep you turning the pages. Stone Cold Bad is the first in the Stone Brothers series and it already looks to be another great series. This is Colt and Jade’s story. You meet all the brothers and a fantastic character Amy or “Street” as known to the brothers. I really loved her. Jade is escaping from an abusive relationship when she is unintentionally rescued by the Colt and his brothers. Colt and his brothers are not functioning on the legal side of the law but they are brute men who when they do care for someone care deeply and will protect them with their lives. Their childhood sucked to say the least and they only have each other. The plot thickens as the story moves forward and again it a “light” read meaning you don’t have to think a lot but it’s a winner. Next up in the series is Heart of Stone; Hunter and Amy’s story and I think its going to be a doozy. These are definitely worth the click. They are free with kindle unlimited and if you don’t have a subscription a whole 99 pennies to use Tracy’s words! Worth the price for sure. Time to get my nose into book two!

Amy's review of Bo (Bad Boys of Retribution MC Book 3) by Rie Warren


From the world of Carolina Bad Boys and Retribution MC . . . Bo Maverick is ex-Force Recon and a force to be reckoned with. 

I’m a lover, not a fighter. Yeah, right. Talk about bullshit. I’ve been fighting all my life, and I know zip about love. Frankly, I don’t want to. More than bullets whizzing past my head or the very real possibility of ending up dead, love scares the shit out of me. I’m used to guns and killing, blood and dust. 


That’s what I feel for this woman, my goddamn shrink, Veronica. Doctor Hartley digs inside my head. She asks me questions, which I never answer. I’d much rather take the smart, sexy Doc to bed, but I can’t because of our clinical relationship. 

My last Force Recon mission destroyed any semblance of humanity I had left. Those little triggers go off all the time now. When I’m asleep. When I’m awake. When the memories are raw. I bolt up, at knife point again, but there’s no enemy now. 

Just Veronica and me. 

Veronica. Doctor Hartley. I told Bo to call me Ronnie like everyone else, but he refuses. He shows up like he has a cattle prod shoved up his ass and sits through the allotted hour for his counseling session impervious to every approach. He’s powerful, forceful, explosive. He doesn’t scare me. 

My marine doesn’t speak, but his sharp gaze pierces me all the same. He watches me with all the greed of a hunger never sated, a need never fulfilled. A desire never explored. He stows his secrets safely away, but I’m patient. I’ll get to him if he doesn’t get to me first. 

And when I have him? I’ll want him forever. I know this. But I can’t. His past might be complicated, but mine is a minefield, one that will blow up in our faces before all is said and done. 

Too bad. We could be so good together. 

Warning: Graphic sex, graphic action, graphic language. Triple X caution. 
Bo is book 3 in the summer 2015 Bad Boys of Retribution MC series. 
Hunter, book 1, available now! 
Kinkaid, book 2, available. 
Coletrane...the summer series finale: August 2015.

4.5 stars

Bo is the third book in the Bad Boys of Retribution Series. Below I have listed the other books in this series as they are all really easy reads and good books and they are all FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

You all know how I LOVE a book about a soldier and this installment does NOT disappoint.  Bo is a man that is haunted.  You can see it in his eyes.  He knows nothing about love or much less regular everyday life including love.  His past is the only thing he knows; how to fight and survive… and guilt.  He knows that word very well.  Becoming desolate Bo knows that he needs to find a way to stay above water but for what.  He doesn’t deserve to find happiness or to be free of his memories.

Hunter (from book 1) refuses for his brother to continue to suffer.  He sees Bo going so deep that there will be no return.  Whether he wants help or not he is going to get it even if he has to drag him to see this lady himself;  Dr Veronica Hartley.  The only person that could help him.

I know what you are thinking.  Typically Doctor and bad boy fall in love.  NOPE.   There is so much action in this book … the past comes slamming back into haunt Dr. V who has some serious baggage of her own.  Talk about a plot twist!   This is a fantastic easy read and a awesome series.  The last book is Coletrain which I will be clicking up of course.  Once its over I highly suggest taking on Ms. Warren’s Carolina Bad Boys Series.  Its also free and an older series but definitely good thus far!  Im in the midst of the first release and its looking like a winner!

Hunter – Book 1
Kinkaid – Book 2
Bo – Book 3
Coletrain – Book 4 Due Out August 25th

Amy's ARC Review of Three Little Mistakes (Blindfold Club #3) by Nikki Sloane


I sell sex, sin, and pleasure, but it isn’t just my business, it’s my entire life. I get off on the power of controlling it all. 

She’s the one woman I can’t have. 

She threatens everything, and yet I can’t stay away. There’s a beautiful, sexual creature inside this timid girl that’s desperate to claw its way out. I’m going to set it free, even if it brings my empire tumbling down. 

I have to believe she’ll be worth all the little mistakes I’ve made. 

Note: This standalone book does not end in a cliffhanger, but it contains strong sexual content which includes a group sex scene (no couple swap).

3.5 stars This is my first Nikki Sloan book. The Blindfold Club is a series of standalones but in doing some excerpt reading on the other two previous books I found that you do meet these characters briefly in the first two. Possibly if I had had the opportunity to read those I might have rated this a little higher but not sure. Joseph runs The Blindfold Club in addition to a few other hot spots around town. He spots where he spots Noemi immediately in the midst of an altercation on the bottom floor. Before his security can get to her she gets caught directly in the middle of a fight and takes the brunt of a few shoves and a pretty intense blow to the face. Fearing a lawsuit due to his suspicion she is underage he has her brought to him. Noemi is 23 and ready to change her good girl status and decides to visit the club with her friend. She is struggling from being who her father wants her to be and doing exactly as she is told; acting exactly as she is told. Upon meeting Joseph she remains very elusive and refuses to give him her name. Her internal struggle of being controlled for her entire life has her waging a war of being giving into her desires that are deeply planted or continuing to do as she is told. Joseph wants this mystery girl. Her hot and cold attitude is driving him crazy. He should walk away but Joseph cant get her out of his mind. This woman is consuming him. One taste is all he needs and then he can walk away .. or can he? However a client may destroy everything for him in the wake of pursuing Noemi. There are two characters that are key in this book that had their own story in a previous release; Dominic and Logan. Potentially if I would have known the releationship and story there I would have been more connected to the characters and the storyline. Not a bad read and my first Nikki Sloan book. The characters have peaked my interest so I will click on the others to get caught up!

Amy's Review of Devil In The Detail (Butcher Boys Book 4) by Max Henry


Loves comes in all shapes and forms, and sometimes it can be hard to distinguish which one you’re given. 

I run from my pain—that’s just what I do. It’s how I’ve managed to keep a handle on the shame and remorse at what I did the day my life changed. Has it changed me for the good, or for the worse—I can never be sure? Some days it’s one and most it’s the other. 

Now, each day is getting darker, ever since I met the woman who has the power to ease my ache and got a taste for what could be. 

Selfish? Maybe. Foolish? Definitely. But nothing can stop me until I prove to her she needs me just as much as it kills me to wake up one more day without her. 

I’ll do whatever it takes—even if I risk my life and my health fighting her psychotic and possessive old man to get her in my bed.

4 stars Okay so I have to admit I was somewhat confused when I started reading this ARC. I was highlighting stuff left and right to go back and make sure I understood who the characters were. Having said that this is a really great story and there seems that we will get more. There isn’t really a cliffhanger per say but you are going to want to know what happens to Bronx and a few other gems we get to know. It was more like a what the heck reaction when there were no more pages and that’s in a good got to know way. I have also listed the previous books in this series in order to help you understand what’s about to throw down. When I went back and did this myself things made a lot more sense. I have not read the previous books but went directly and snatched all of them up in anticipation of the soon to come Devil Smoke. So the list of books in order goes like this: Devil You Know (Book 1) – Malice and Jane Devil On Your Back (Book 2) -- Vince (Malice’s Dad) and Sonya Devil May Care (Book 3) Short Novella on Sawyer, his father Carlos and Dana. We meet Sawyer in Devil on your Back and he is grade A psychotic. This novella gives you the needed insight on why he is the way he is. Its also a lead into the new release: Devil In The Detail (Book 4) Ty and Ramona’s Story with some Sawyer thrown in. Coming soon: Devil Smoke Onward to the review. The book opens with Sawyer in a rather gloomy predicament. The club president, King has gathered up Ramona (Sawyer’s old lady) and Mack their son to a safe house. Callum the clubs VP is also there along with Vince and Malice. Malice is NOT a part of the MC but Vince, his father is. Sawyer is awaiting his “trade” to his father, Carlos in order to make some sort of peace. Carlos is a major player and is demanding retribution for a lost deal. Bronx, Malice and Ty have called upon the MC’s to bring down Edward Hennington who has come over from England bringing a few family members with him. However they are looking for new blood. Eddie and Carlos are two big players that need to be taken out. Carolos has a hit out on the Butcher Boys (Bronx, Malice, and Ty) after one of Ty’s men was responsible for Eddie getting in on a distribution Carlos had in their area. However Sawyer took out Ty’s guy first thinking he could one up his father. Carlos has agreed to back of the Butcher Boys if he got the distribution back with some extra payment. However the plan is to get Bronx in deep with Eddie’s group of men in order to take Carlos and Eddie both down leaving the MCs back in charge and free from threats. The other MCs that have agreed for their own personal reasons to join in are The Fort Worth Crew: Hooch (President), Crackers, Jo-Jo and Road Capt Murphy. LA Mongrels: Tap (President), Hando (VP), Mick (Sgt Arms) and Road Capt Mick. Hooch has a personal vendetta against Carlos as he killed Dana, his sister and Mel, his other sister, is presumed dead as well. Just when you think you know whats going on … BOOM. There it is. My mouth dropped wide open in shock! YUP. There are so many things going on in this book that I was giddy because it means there will be more. Throughout the story you meet Elena and her son Dante. She was intertwined with Carlos at one point but her son is King’s. WHAT!?!?! Oh yeah. Deep stuff going on here. It’s a wicked web we weave right??!?!?! That is just a small part of the crazy twisted events going on in Devil In The Detail. I don’t know how I missed this series. I remember clicking on a sample of book one thinking this is really good but then never got back to it as I had other things that needed read and reviewed. This is an incredible new author discovery for me thanks to my girl Tracy. I know you might read this review and say lawd I cant keep up but yes you can. Major stuff is about to go down and I cant wait to see what happens with Bronx. He has gone in deep and the guys are just waiting ….. In the mean time the trials and torment Ty and Ramona go through are rough. Ty has a sinister past and Ramona has done everything in her power to stand by Sawyer. He’s beyond damaged and unpredictable. For their son she will try anything. But what is the right decision? She wants to run but what good will it do. The life follows you. It never leaves. Death, loss and heartbreak; how does she explain that to her son. How does she explain the man her father is? Ty is trying but for how long will he continue to pursue someone that is unsure of everything in her life and entrapped by a man that is hunting she and her child. This is FAR from over … Go grab this up and click the previous books as well. You wont be sorry! GREAT READ!