Thursday, July 30, 2015

Amy's ARC review of The Marino Brothers Book 4 - Beautiful No More by MJ Nightingale


Catarina Stone is a woman of mystery, and she likes to keep it that way. But she is thrust into the limelight when two of her “girls” are slain by a serial killer. The Tampa Madame, as she has been dubbed by the press, is being hounded by the media who want to find a connection between the killer and her. She reaches out to Andreas Marino of The Marino Bros. 
Cat has done her research, and knows she needs a professional, a person experienced in catching psychopaths. She needs Andreas. The police are baffled, and the killer must be caught before another one of her girls is mutilated, then murdered. 
Andreas Marino, the striking eldest Marino, does know serial killers. It used to be his job. But not anymore. Not since one of those sick bastards claimed his parents’ lives, and destroyed his own. He doesn’t want this case, not at all. Not until he sees her. 
The strikingly elegant Madame intrigues him. She is an enigma. And, Andreas can’t get her out of his head . . . and the need to have her in his bed. When she shows him copies of the note left by the killer, signed “Beautiful No More,” the thought of her exquisiteness destroyed reignite a flame in him he thought long dead. He must catch a killer. He must save the girl. If he doesn’t, Andreas will be lost this time . . . forever. 
Beautiful No More is the final book in The Bounty Hunters - The Marino Bros. 
Suspenseful, erotic, and romantic, these books are packed with passion, sex and characters you will love. What more could you want?

4 stars Nikko, Gio and Blaze have all had their stories told and now its time for Andreas; the oldest Marino brother. Andreas took on the role of the head of the family after the boss lost their parents to murder. Throughout the other three books there was a undertone hinted at that Andreas had suffered greatly but light was never shed on as to what exactly had happened. He spent all his energy trying to find out who murdered his parents with few leads and not much to send him in the right direction. Living his own life was never an option. Making sure his brothers were settled and happy was his goal. His lifes work was chasing serial killers until one of them took his parents. He has distanced himself from those kinds of cases and he certainly does not want to get involved with Catarina Stone. All of this hits too close to home. Cat is determined she will get girls off the streets into a better life. Having survived a brutal past she is now dedicating herself to making sure that doesn’t happen to anyone else. The murder of two of her girls has catapulted Cat into the limelight; something she had worked so hard to stay away from. She is now being hounded by the media and has been so kindly named “The Tampa Madame.” The media is determined to find a link between the serial killer and Catarina’s past but there are no leads. Cat relazies she needs help before another one of her girls is attacked. Doing her research she knows Andreas Marino is the man she needs. Andreas and Cat are both struggling souls. As the story progresses we find they are linked in a connection that runs so deep maybe they were bound together before they even knew each other. Andreas is haunted and wants to be anywhere but in the midst of the jacked up investigation. He struggles with what if he cant save these girls or much less Catarina. If he fails it will be his end. Beautiful No More is intense. Andreas’s character adds to the tension as this man is high octane times ten but in my opinion that is the perfect male lead. Of course me loving this book means the female is a strong character as well. We saw this with Bella in she and Blaze’s story. I was happy to find another tough cookie in this last installment. Everything that we want to know about our oldest Marino brother is dealt out in his book. This was a very good ending to a good series. If you haven’t read the other three books you might want to click them up before reading this one. You could follow along as there is some back story but you will do better knowing the other three boys personally as well. Giving this one 4 stars! Nice Job!

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