Thursday, October 4, 2018

Amy's 4.5 star ARC review of No Tomorrow by Carian Cole

The people we love are thieves.
They steal our hearts. They steal our breath.
They steal our sanity.
And we let them.
Over and over and over again.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

They say you never forget your first time. 
Mine was with a homeless musician who effed my brains out under a bridge. 

He was my first love. And fourteen years later, I still can’t get him out of my head. 

He broke all my rules.
He also broke my heart.

I watched him climb to stardom, cheering him on from afar.
But I was never a fan; just a girl in love.

Like a tornado, he spiraled, leaving a path of destruction in his wake.

But love conquers all, right? It has to. Because here I stand, ravaged and ruined, needing it to be true. 

You can’t go back, but I want to. Back to the bridge. Back to when he sang only for me. Before he was famous. Before he shattered my heart. 

I thought I knew everything about him.
But I could not have been more wrong.

He promised me every tomorrow. And here I am, waiting. 
And hoping. 

Please be aware that this book deals with some potentially sensitive issues such as depression and drug abuse. 

Piper meets Blue and his dog Acorn at a young age. She is grounded - he is a traveler. She is attached to home and he wanders with his guitar and his furry best friend. Two people so different but so drawn to each other. That beautiful day she found him by chance drawn to him by the notes falling from his guitar sitting peacefully was the best and worst day of her life. 

Years later the path of destruction and fame is a riveted mountain of broken moments. He is her everything that she cannot forget. 

I’m being vague as you need to experience this book. You will cry - you will laugh and you will believe - what you chose to believe in is your decision but I hope that you will savor every page. My hope is that you will feel every emotion and open yourself up to Blue and Piper. 

Brilliant read - thank you for the ARC -  Read it twice, because the first time you will be so caught up and desperate to know you might miss something - continue feeling by turning the pages of the beautiful story more than once.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Amy's 5 star Review of Wild Like the Wind (Chaos Book 6) by Kristen Ashley

The brother known as Hound has a reputation. He’s all about cracking heads, having a good time, and when the Chaos Motorcycle Club needs someone to do the tough job, they call on him.

But Hound has a secret. He fell in love with a woman years ago. She’s untouchable. Unattainable. And even when her status changes, for Hound, it remains the same.

Keely Black had it all early and lost it all not long after. Thrown into an abyss of loss and grief, she’s faced a life of raising two sons alone and battling the rage at all that had been ripped from them.

And why.

Words spoken in anger open Hound’s and Keely’s eyes. For Hound, he sees he’s wasted his life loving the wrong woman. Keely sees she’s wasting her life not opening herself to the love of a good man.

Oh my word .. finally a book that I didn't put down before I reached the last page. I have struggled for a bit, then life took over and this was absolutely what I needed to get back on track. The men of Chaos. Tack, High, Shy, Hop, Boz, and now Hound. This book gives us somewhat of a flashback as we go back and forth a few times reminding us of how these two came to pass. 

Just like the former books in the series the characters are so well written and as you read a movie plays in your head. You can see these characters - you can imagine being with these characters. The men still all loved fully with their hearts and treasure their families. 

Keely lost her husband Black -- she lost her entire life (and has yet to forget his brutal murder). Leaving was difficult but she needed to go. Betrayal ran deep. The club has always been there for she and her sons. Upon coming back the rule that you must never touch another brothers wife is a hard rule to leave lay. Hound lies and dies the brotherhood -- not having his hands on Keely is a temptation that might just break him. 

We flash forward and forward years passing until we hit present day. The boys are grown and doing as boys do … cause Chaos. Reminded daily that Keely will eventually move on but it cannot be with Chaos, Hound has kept his distance. Until now … 

This again was a magnificent addition to the series. If you have not read the Chaos books please grab them up and enjoy the rest or what is left of your summer reading those. I'm so excited to see Ms. Ashley back where I love her … writing us stories about men who love and give all to their women and kids. Fabulous read .

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Amy's 4 star ARC Review of Breech's Fall (Devil's Wind MC, #2) by D.D. Galvani

From the moment Jiji steps foot inside the Devil's Wind clubhouse, Breech can't get her out of his head. She's beautiful, smart and sassy-all things that drive Breech's need to it's breaking point. But she's not for him. She's his best friend Fighter's little sister. He can't hit it and quit it with Jiji, like he does the others. Either he's all in or Fighter will have his balls.

Jiji knows exactly what kind of man Breech is and no matter what kind of fire he sets off in her lady parts, she has no intentions of getting mixed up with him and becoming another one, of the many women, he leaves in his wake. She has goals she's working towards and the world of bikers doesn't fit in with what she has planned.

But when trouble comes knocking and Jiji finds herself in a terrifying situation, it's Breech and the Devil's Wind that must step in to save her. She just hopes they make it in time.

Breech has been sent to look after Jiji while her brother is on his honeymoon. Babysitting her isn’t going to be easy as he can’t have her and treat her like the others. Fighter would have his head. Jiji is special and she deserves more. Breech knows this but it’s so hard to not try and have her.

Jiji refuses to be another hit it and quit it girl in Breechs life but he is persistent. Her boss needing her to go out of town is perfect - except now he’s coming too. Little does Jiji know Breech being with her might just save her life.

This was my first read by this author and it was a good read. The characters are likable. The story line keeps the pages turning. This is the second book in the series which means i need to go back and pick the first one up. However the books do read as a stand-alone. Thank you for the ARC 

Amy's 4 star ARC Review of Cartel Bitch (Almanza Crime Family Duet #1) by Chelsea Camaron

There was a fine line between love and hate, we walked it together.



I'm to be feared.

When your family is as much a friend as an enemy, there is no one to trust.

I am Javier Almanza. 
Cartel kingpin.

No one can touch me.
No one can hurt me ...

Except her.

Mari Belle Dominguez.

He was raised as family. 
My brother’s best friend, my first kiss, and my first betrayal. 
He planned to make me his Cartel Bitch. 
The joke was on him; I’d never break nor would I bend. 
I would fight until the end for myself.
My will was stronger than his want.

He would soon see.

This is book one in the Almanza Crime Family Duet and a full-length standalone romance. This is a dark, edge of your seat romantic suspense novel featuring an antihero, so there is a level of violence inside that may not be suitable for some readers. This is not meant to be an actual depiction of life inside a Cartel but rather a work of fiction meant to entertain.

Oh boy .. ok .. Javier and Mari .. where to begin. This story is a brutal read in places so be warned. Make sure you read the blurb and understand what you are getting in to. 

We are in the past and present in this release of one of two. Mari and Javier are childhood friends living in an extremely unforgiving world. Neither were born in to the cartel but life throws them in to the whirlwind of a dark life. Mari wants nothing more to escape and get away - however her kidnappers won’t allow it. 
Javier is a compassionate man especially when it’s Mari. The woman is his life and he needs to not lose her. This book has so many points of pure drama and unbelievable amounts of turmoil/dark situations. 
The characters are well written and the cliffhanger is a doozie. Great read but you are going to be left hanging by a thread. Be warned! Thank you for the ARC - 

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Amy's 3 star ARC Review of A Dangerous Game (Masters of Chaos MC) by Eden Rose

Tainted from her rough upbringing, Sinclair got out of the MC lifestyle the only way she knew how, by going to college and burning bridges with her family and the club that raised her. 

As she's struggling to find balance in her new life away from The Masters Of Chaos MC, Sinclair finds herself being used as a pawn in a dangerous game that will change the course of her carefully planned future. 

She never thought she'd need the help of the man and family she left behind, until her world came crashing down around her. She'll have to trust the club she shunned and a man who betrayed her, because the life she so desperately wanted depends on it.

So I’m not sure about this release. I have very conflicted feelings. I like the characters , but then I didn’t. Sinclair left the MC lifestyle and was disowned by her father for doing so. However, her life choice was not that of a positive one so I’m not sure why she left the MC other than she was hurt by James. It seems her life went down hill worse - maybe that was the point? 

James hurt Sinclair but she left on her own accord. Better known as Hulk, he now needs to protect her. Sinclair isn’t coming quietly. 

Again I liked it but it was short and some of the side characters were a bit confusing. However I will read the next release as I believe they can get more in depth as the series rolls along.
Thank you for the ARC 

Monday, March 5, 2018

Amy's 4 star ARC Review of Demons (Devil's Reach #2) By J L Drake


I thought the light would bring redemption.


But it only brought the Devil to my doorstep.

My demons are breaking through, and the reaper is moving closer.

My weakness has been exposed, and there’s only one person who can calm this hell…


I broke a promise to myself, and now I’m paying for it.

I don’t want to be here. I don’t want to be a part of this hell.

But I don’t have a choice…

The reaper is riding bitch on our backs.

DISCLAIMER to add to online listings:

This is Book 2 in the Devil’s Reach trilogy, and it ends with a cliffhanger. Intended for readers 18 or older. May contain…triggers.

This is the second release in this series with Trigger and Tess. Please be aware it may cause your own triggers due to the dark content.

We start back up where we left off with Trigger and Tess - things are being pushed to the limit in this release. Trigger wants Tess safe so she has got to go and Tess wants the MC life. Her mom is something else - let’s just leave that there. 

The dark inside both of these characters is immense. I thought maybe this release we would get square and get some satisfaction, but know you are going to be left hanging again. 
The cover is really brilliant the characters and story line is edgy for sure. Just know picking this one up means another waiting game. There is zero satisfaction in this book so if you can’t handle the wait - well too bad. I’m not crazy over this release because I wanted answers, but I’ll keep on keeping on with this series because it’s a need to know situation. It’s a crazy ride ...

Thank you for the ARC

Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Tap That by Jennifer Blackwood and RC Boldt

The beer's not the only thing getting tapped.


I have a secret. It’ll get me fired if my boss ever finds out…which shouldn’t be a problem except for one thing: my coworker, Reid Morgan. 

He’s cocky, aggravating, and that hot-as-sin mouth simultaneously makes me want to slap him and melt into the mattress. 

Now that he’s discovered my secret, he’s doing everything in his power to take my job. 


I have a problem: my pint-size spitfire of a coworker who’s primed to take my promotion. 

She’s infuriating, sexy as hell, and I just can’t seem to keep my hands off her. 

Now we’re both vying for the same position…and only one of us can come out on top

I absolutely love this author and the collaboration on Tap That did not disappoint. You should put RC on your radar as one of your go to ladies on release day. 

Callie and Reid are a great rivalry. Like all rivalries though there is always an underlying story or connection. These two are no different. Callie comes in to Reid’s territory on a lie. She took his promotion - the job he deserved and now it’s game on. Reid can’t stand the tiny pixie annoying thing that this boss hired for a job that should have been his. The woman is annoying but yet there is something about her that just doesn’t sit right - Callie can’t seem to remember if she is supposed to find the man in front of her arrogant and obnoxious or absolutely delicious and delightful. Her brain and body aren’t working together.
The banter between the two is hilarious just like all of RC’s books. The story is light but intriguing - sinful yet good - and then characters are brilliant. 
I highly suggest clicking this one as well as all her others up. Great release as always - thank you for the ARC!