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Monster In His Eyes (J M Darhower) - 4 star review by Amy

Monster in His Eyes -- 4 stars --- I devoured this book. Fair warning to potential readers: This is a dark, sinister book. If you are looking for a soft romance do not one click. This book is NOT for you. The story is all-consuming and intertwines a passionate tale about a young girl and a cynical man. Karissa is 18 to Naz’s 36 – again if this bothers you do not one click. Karissa is a undergrad student who is trying to keep her college scholarship when she bumps into Naz under very strange circumstances. Although he is much older, the unsettling of needing to touch this man burns deep. Naz is taken with the young beauty and so it begins ….. Naz makes no apologies and wont apologize for the man that he is. His past has led him to make all the choices he has had to make. Naz makes no secret that he ahs fallen in love with Karissa and will do anything to keep her safe at any costs. He will not allow her to leave him. Naz is a dark man that has you pulled in from the minute you meet him and lord help us all. What a man he is. Karissa is new to the great city of New York. She has lived a sheltered life but is learning quick. She is smart, she knows what she wants, and even though she is scared, she finds herself craving love fulfillment of desires and attention from Ignazio. Karissa is young and finds her way tumbling through the darkness surrounding Naz. Can she handle his secrets and how innocent is she really? As soon as we meet Naz you can feel the dark and dangerous flowing from him. The man practically exudes trouble. You can just see the future coming for Karissa to swallow her whole. At first when we start to see signs of his secrets it was easy to pass it by because really no one is going to think these things of their boyfriend, I could understand how Karissa didn’t see it. But as we get closer to the end of the book I just wanted to shake her. Karissa definitely has a few, “Oh honey” moments. I think Karissa’s love for Naz and the fact that she’s wrapped up in him helps to keep her shielded from things we as readers are able to see. I freaking love Naz! Sure Naz does some horrible things, but I just couldn’t hate him. The man is a walking piece of mystery, sex and domination all wrapped up in to one sharp dressed man package. Naz has this way about him that he’s gritty, edgy and frankly a bit scary but at the same time he’s almost sweet. I know its taboo love him, but I do, I can’t help it. He says some of the worst things, but when he says them you can feel the emotion pouring out of him and for a guy of his caliber it’s like a peek inside his soul. Some of the things he says sound darkly romantic, but you know at the same time there is a hint of truth in each of them. He can make the darkest sentiments seem oh so nice. Their love story is exquisite in a dark and disturbing way. The relationship between these two characters is almost animalistic. You cant seem to get enough of not only the intimate details but also the electricity between Naz and Karissa. Some of the scenes may have you squirming in your seat but let your dark side shine ladies. J.M. Darhower did a great job of making the age difference a non issue. However that doesn’t bother me anyway. Karissa grows up quickly and we don’t see many of those immature 18 year old moments that you find in so many other books with characters this young. There is a cliffhanger and boy is it a good one. Who really is the monster between these two characters? You might be surprised!

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Why Am I A Blogger?  (Here comes some Rambling)

Friends who don't read probably think my "Blog" is Lame.  They probably think it's just a waste of time.   It may not seem like a lot to do when you run a blog.  But trust me....there is more to it than just reading a book and posting what you thought.

My email is constantly Full of review requests and requests to post this sale and join this Cover Reveal and Blog Tour and Release Day Blitz.  I am constantly on the prowl for new things to post to keep you updated on what the authors have going on etc.   I spend hours doing blog stuff.  IF my doing all this reaches 1 person who hasn't heard of this author or their book and they one click and fall in love....then my job is done!  All the hard work has paid off - to me anyway.  Because that is why I do it!  I have built my own little community by blogging and I love it!  I blog to share any and all information I find about Indie Authors that I think my followers will like to hear.

Being a blogger - is not a paying job for me! The only time I get any kind of money from this is if someone clicks on a link I post and buys the book and trust me... the amount of money we get for "promoting a book for Amazon" would make you laugh!  I'm talking pennies......  I do this on my own time.... alone! I did this for months before signing up with Amazon so please don't think I do this to make money.  Because I don't.  I will continue to do it whether I make a few pennies or not.   I do it solely to promote Indie Authors.  End Of!  ;)

 I did find an Amazing Full Time Reviewer now - Amy - to help with the reading/reviewing.   She is a blessing!   I have my Best Friend Stephanie who helps when she can - but she's an author and has her own blogs to run.  So, I do my best!  If you find something you think others would love to hear about.  Please feel free to send it to me in a private message for me to share.

I use to get worried about what people would think about my blog and what I post.  Why should I be ashamed of what I enjoy reading and promoting?  I am comfortable in what I read and review and promote.  My husband knows what I do and listen up... he reads it too!  He supports me and promotes my blog all the time.  We all have different genres we love. Is my favorite genre Erotica?  Yes- but I also enjoy others.... I read YA, NA, Romance.   Just because I love a genre doesn't mean everyone does and vice versa.  But - it also shouldn't be reasons to cast judgement on someone.

I don't think it really matters what you read - as long as you are reading  =)

I don't mind pimping/promoting anyone's work.  I just ask that they message all the information to me via email or private message.  I do my best to fulfill everything sent to me.  We are always looking for new book to read/review.  We are always looking for new tours/cover reveals and release day blitz to help promote.  SO please.... send us that information.

My TBR list is miles long.  But that doesn't mean I am not searching for my next read.  I have met so many wonderful people blogging.  Authors, other bloggers, or just people who love to read!    The relationships I have made with my authors mean the world to me. I will never jeopardize their trust in me.   Yes, I still fan girl like most of you.

I went to my first book signing a few months ago and let me tell was A BLAST!  I met so many of my favorite authors and met new ones too.  I met many bloggers and readers.  Everyone was there for the same reason.  To meet their favorites!  I will be going back to Book Bash next year.  I am attending Love N Vegas in October (with my husband - yes he too is anxious to meet some of his favorites now that he is reading).  I have several other events I would like to attend too.  This community has it's moments....but for the most part The Indie community is Amazing and one big family.  And I am glad to be just a tiny part of it!  

At the end of the day - blogging should be FUN!

So - if you are an author and would like my blog to help PIMP YOU OUT.  Please message me on here or email me -     I just ask that you don't directly post any links etc to the blog.  =)

I am also open to having new guest reviewers.  Please message me if you are interested in reading/reviewing for the blog.  Who knows - just like Amy - you could become my newest team member  =)  It helps me more than you know!

To my authors - I say this all the time - thank you for taking a chance on me and for trusting me with your babies!  Love each of you!  <3 font="" nbsp="">

Happy Reading Book Worms!  Thanks for supporting my blog!  <3 br="" nbsp="">

Cover Reveal for Lasting Fate by Charisse Spiers

We can't always control what happens in our lives. If anyone has learned that it's Kinzleigh Baker. She has learned to embrace the moments and live like there is no tomorrow; to love the people that we are given with all that we have. She knows all to well what it's like to have your heart ripped from your chest and doesn't care to ever experience that feeling again.
Her life has been one roller coaster of overwhelming consequences back to back. Kinzleigh has learned some of the humility she was once lacking as an adolescent. She has found out the hard way that we can't always focus on ourselves or take the important people in our lives for granted. She is working hard to live by putting one foot in front of the other. She is now forcefully embarking on a new journey; one that will be sure to cause lots of trials and tribulations on its own.
What would you do if God gave you that second chance to the one thing you would change if you could? One tragedy that could be reversed perhaps or someone from your past waltzing back into your life unannounced. Would you take it and run with it or go a different route altogether?

Author Bio:
I developed a passion for reading I never knew I had in November of 2012 when I decided to give eBooks a try. Since then I can't go a day without some form of a book or character running wild through my mind. For almost a year I constantly had a book pulled up on my Kindle app for my iPad. The beauty of self publishing is that you can interact with the authors, which is how I started writing. I never knew I had the creativity to write a novel until I began conversing with another Indie author. If you ever think that Indie authors don't like getting feedback from readers, you are very wrong. I began editing for a fellow author and because she took a leap of faith in me and told me to give writing a shot, I am now an Indie author myself. I cannot tell you how amazing this journey has been. It is hard putting yourself out there for the public eye with all of the reviews that come through, but it's also amazing. I have met some of the most genuine people and people I would consider friends even though I've never met them face to face. I have now published the first two books in the Fate series, Accepted Fate and Twisting Fate and I am starting book three Lasting Fate to be released November 2, 2014. I cannot wait to see where this journey takes me and feel free to interact with me here or on social media. I will respond. 
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Book one
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Book Two
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Title: Justice Falling, Falling Series Book 3

Author: Audrey Carlan

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance (Erotic)

Sweet and naïve in the ways of the world, Camille “Cami” Johnston has done whatever it takes to survive in New York City. Unbroken by her tumultuous past, she is pursuing a stable and secure future that doesn’t include worrying about where the rent money will come from. Little does she know, a full-time position at Jensen Construction will do more than pay the bills, it will bring her everything she ever dreamed of having, but didn’t believe she was worthy of.

Known ladies’ man, Nathaniel “Nate” Walker, has never had a problem securing a date. As a widely successful lawyer and business owner, he knows exactly how to get what he wants, when he wants it, in and out of the courtroom… until he meets Camille Johnston.

Nate’s overly confident, alpha male tendencies toward Cami have her thoughts and emotions in a jumble of uncertainty and lust. But once the sparks fly between the cheeky lawyer and his precious Camille, the resounding flames are unstoppable.

As the couple try to find their way toward a future they both yearn for, secrets from Camille’s past and present start piling up into a vortex of half-truths and lies of omission. Now the instant connection that brought Nate and Cami together is held together by a tenuous thread.

With a little help from their friends, Camille and Nate’s steamy, romantic, breathless journey finishes off the third installment of The Falling Series.

Each book in the Falling Series can be read as a standalone but are better when read together. All three books are intended for readers 18+ due to language and graphic sexual content.

Suggested Reading Order:

Angel Falling – Book 1

London Falling – Book 2

Justice Falling – Book 3



Audrey Carlan is a professional fundraiser for an international healthcare related charity by day, and a sensual and erotic contemporary romance writer by night. She lives in the sunny California Valley two hours away from the city, the beach, the mountains and the precious…the vineyards. She has been married to the love of her life for 10 years and has two young children that live up to their title of “Monster Madness” on daily basis. When she’s not raising money, sipping wine with her “soul sisters”, three incredibly different and unique voices in her life, she can be found with her nose stuck in book or her Kindle. A hot, smutty, romantic book to be exact!

In life she believes that all things have their purpose even if we are unable to determine the purpose immediately.

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Without You Here by Carter Ashby Cover Reveal

Cover Reveal
Book Title: Without You Here
Author: Carter Ashby
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 9, 2014

After fighting with her boyfriend, Ettie’s only goal is to drown her sorrows in some Jack Daniels. But when she walks into a country tavern, her attention is immediately redirected to the sexy, older man at the bar. He looks lonely, and sad, and absolutely mouth-watering. Ettie can’t wait to put a smile on his face.

For the first time in two years, Wyatt finds himself jolted out of his grief—and by a spunky, vivacious young woman who somehow sees right into his soul. What follows is a passionate weekend full of more life, laughter, and pure joy than he experienced in twenty years of marriage.

After they part ways, Wyatt realizes that his feelings for Ettie run deeper than lust. He knows she has a boyfriend, but when he finds out that the boyfriend is his own son, Blake, Wyatt is shattered. He despairs of ever overcoming the guilt he’s slowly drowning in. But Ettie’s resilience and optimism might just save him after all.

This Is Now is the sexy, heartwarming story of overcoming grief, embracing love, and learning to live in the moment.


He didn't look up at me when he spoke. He was sopping up hollandaise sauce with a biscuit. "We should do this again, Ettie. Next weekend. How about it?"

My heart was suddenly thundering in my ears. I watched him as he pointedly focused on cleaning his plate. "Are you asking me to be your girlfriend?" I asked.

He finally looked up. Those blue eyes were hypnotic. And heartbreaking. "I'm asking you to have another fun weekend with me. That's what I'm asking."

My eyes fluttered as they started to sting. "Do you need to get to know me better before asking me to be your girlfriend?"

His jaw muscles tensed. "Ettie, I..."

"Look, Wyatt. I have had just the absolute best time of my life with you this weekend. I have all the information I need to know I want to be in a relationship with you."

He snorted and leaned back in his chair. "You don't know shit about me, Ettie. This was fun. But it was superficial and you know it."

My chest constricted. I had to take a moment to swallow back the pain. "It wasn't superficial. I'm sorry it didn't mean as much to you as it did to me..."

"It meant plenty and that's why I want to see you again. So let's do it, Ettie. Next weekend. We'll meet at the bar Friday and maybe we could road trip down to Gulf Shores or something. Or we could go zip-lining up at Cave City. All kinds of fun shit we could do together. That's what I want."

"I want to go home with you."

He looked away and shook his head in frustration.

Meet the Author

Carter Ashby was born and raised in Missouri. She is wife to a supportive, hard-working geek; homeschooling mother to three, future social miscreants; and caregiver to a high-strung, epileptic chihuahua and a severely accident-prone hound dog. Carter writes country romances and reads anything that sounds interesting.

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Dex is many things, a college senior, the bassist for The Invisibles, a son, a friend, everything but a boyfriend. Everybody knows him as the shallow guy who’s up for a good time anytime. People rarely take the time to see the loyal guy lying just beneath the happy-go-lucky façade.

There are parts of Dex’s life he keeps hidden. Ones he believes no one would understand. Since he gave up on the idea of a dream girl long ago, he thinks he’s finally found the perfect balance of connection without commitment with Sam.

Chrissy used to know everything about Dex. When he left four years ago for college, she was left behind. Four years later, with nowhere else to turn, Chrissy calls the one person she’s always counted on, Dex. One glance at the sad eyes he’s tried to forget and Dex knows it’s out of his control.

With Chrissy's return, lines begin to cross from friendship to something more, but will Dex's secret force them apart forever?

(Can't Let Go is the fourth novel in the Invisibles Series)


Michelle moved around the Midwest most of her life, transferring from school to school before settling down in the outskirts of Chicago ten years ago, where she now resides with her husband and two kids.  She developed a love of reading at a young age, which helped lay the foundation for her passion to write.   With the encouragement of her family, she finally sat down and wrote one of the many stories that have been floating around in her head. 

When she isn’t reading or writing, she can be found playing with her kids, talking to her mom on the phone, or hanging out with her family and friends.  But after chasing around twin preschoolers all day, she always cherishes her relaxation time after putting the kids to bed.



Don’t Let Go (Book #1)

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Let Me In (Book #2)

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Let Me Love (Book #3)

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Book Title - Free Me
Author - A.M. Wray
Publisher - Self Published
Genre - New Adult/Erotic Romance

Book Blurb Divider

Now that she's finishing up a divorce, 23 year old Rin is forced to look at herself and see the person she's become: quiet, shy, weak, dependent... She's allowed someone else to mold her into the person she is today and it's someone she doesn't even like.

This person is not at all who she thought she'd be at this point in her life and she's decided to live for herself... To be her own person and to explore the world around her.

Deciding to live life to the fullest, Rin calls a friend and makes an arrangement with him of a sexual nature, wanting to explore her more basic desires as well as experiment with some new ones, using sex as a way to break herself free of her chains.

When the rules are broken and her world is turned upside down and she is left brokenhearted, an old friend comes back and she becomes confused about her current path. He seems to want to help her, but is that all he wants? What does SHE want?

Rin fights to find her own path to independence and strength, wanting to be the kind of woman that is capable of having a family one day. Rin wants to heal and be the person that she knows that she can be, but if she waits too long, she may lose the one that's always been there for her, pushing her along the way.


A.M. Wray is the pen name for Candy Crum for her New Adult/Erotic Romance novel "Free Me".
Candy Crum is the author of The Eternal Series (The Eternal Gift, The Eternal Echo)as well as the creator of The Dark Compendiums (The Withering Darkness), anthologies focusing on the work of "yet-to-be-known" authors as a way to give back to those who helped her. She lives with her husband and two children in Indiana and spends the majority of her time playing with her kids, writing, reading, or listening to music.

Connect with the Author

Email -



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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Releasing August 11, 2014


Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll. 

It might sound cliche, but this is my life and I make no apologies for it.  I party hard and f*ck my women even harder, sometimes more than one at a time.  Music is my life and nothing else matters.

Then I met her.  She turned my world upside down with one smile...

Would I be able to give up the life I loved for her?

About the Author 

Scarlett lives in the Midwest with her family.  When she's not busy writing steamy stories, she can be found with her nose in a book, camping, or geocaching with her family.  She loves Diet Coke, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, and 80's hair bands.  You can find more at:

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