Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Feverish (Bullet #3) by Jade C Jamison

**I received this ARC by the author for an honest review**

Clay/Jet did exactly what the titles says....he made me FEVERISH!  I was in love from the words "I, Uh need to talk to Jet" and this was at the very beginning......  Hook, Line and Sinker!

Jade's style of writing shouldn't be classified as a certain type.  She has her own style.  She may not go full blown erotica on us, but this lady can make your panties wet writing the kind of hot steamy sex scenes that she writes!

This isn't going to be some long, drawn out review.  We all have those authors who we just see their names and just F'ing KNOW the book will be good.  Well, Jade is one of those authors on my list.
I am not the best at writing reviews sometimes, because I DON'T DO SPOILERS!  So, I often find it hard to discuss a book without letting some kind of important information slip and having that ruin it for the next reader.  They need to be just as surprised and fall in love just as much as me on their own.

With that being said, Jade takes us on a journey where we see exactly who Clayton "Clay/Jet" Smith is.  He is this gentle, sweet, loving, caring man.  Who often fights with his "alter ego" Jet.... Now I personally fell in love with Jet when in Bullet he showed Val "what a real man was like"  ;) Now let's be honest for a moment, Jet is a ROCK STAR and he is a sexy rock star who is only out to have fun with no commitments.  You know - live hard and F'ck Harder!  And boy can Jet do just that.... anyway.... I KNEW then that I wanted Jet to have his own story.  What I didn't know was that I would fall in love with Clay.    He is torn up about losing Valerie to one of his best friends. We don't see in Bullet just how in Love with Val he really is and in this one we learn of that.  We also learn of his "first love" and hearing of this "first love" explains a bit of why he is the way he is.   He completely forgets to manage his everyday affairs and basically needs to hire an assistant.

Enters Emily.  He quickly feels a pull towards her and once the "interview" is done he knows she is the one.  She's a recent college grad, smart, witty, knows his style of music, beautiful, and engaged.... to a real A**HOLE....  The chemistry between Clay and Emily is spot on and we go on a journey of a blossoming friendship turned relationship.  The sex is HOT and there are plenty of melt your heart moments between them.  Clay is a real sweetheart.  No matter how many times Clay tried to be Jet... Emily could see Clay in there.

I want MORE Of their relationship.  I don't feel like their story is over.  This was another AMAZING story by the AMAZING Jade!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Seize Me (Breakneck Series 1) and Withstanding Me (book 2) by Crystal Spears


Why the hell have I not read this series sooner?  Seize me has been sitting on my kindle and when I  finally open it up and went on another F**KING FANTASTIC MC journey!  

She warned me.....Yes my friends....she actually has a note from the author at the beginning with a WARNING..... this was not a unicorn, flowers and rainbow shit kind of book.....  this was GRITTY and True To Life...... She didn't sugar coat anything.  She didn't make the MC to be all good guys and doing some legit shit.  THIS MC did some illegal, F**KED up shit.  There was even some drugs involved and rape.  So yes.... YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!  

I LOVED this book.  I am a sucker for any MC series.  From the first few pages I was consumed and couldn't stop.  I immediately fell in love with Pyro and wanted him to be the main character and then when I met Braxxon.....I WAS DONE!  Or I thought, because then ZZ grew on me and he is pierced and I love that!  =)   

This is not a lovey dovey heart, rainbows, flowers and shit kind of book.  It's Gritty, dark, raw, rough and often times very heartbreaking. Full of angst.  Has some very explicit scenes.   It's hardcore!!!!!  

We meet Winter a.k.a. Star a.k.a Angel who is the daughter of the Russian Mafia.  Dancing is all Winter wants to do. She left home and has been working side by side with her best friend dancing.   She gets hired buy the local MC to do a private Birthday show for their Prez.....and just like Pyro said .. one look at their Prez and she would want more!  She and her Best Friend Lana a.k.a. Hazel-  take the job and the journey begins......

I love Winter. She is a spit fire, takes no shit from anyone, kick ass daughter of the Russian MC/Mafia!  When Winter’s eyes lock with Braxxon Breaker's, the President of Breakneck, she realizes she is no longer free; she has been seized.  She left this kind of life and didn't want to ever return to it.  But Braxxon isn't taking no for an answer.......and so Winter once again....is living the life she ran away from.

This is the story of Winter and Braxxon.  Her being pulled back into the hard core biker world she left behind.  Lot's of shit happens.  Some, not so pleasant to read about.  All I can say is I LOVED IT!  Crystal Spears has won my heart!  

Gummy Bears will become your favorite!  =)  Lot's of people have said not so nice things about this author.  To this I say....she warned us.   If you can handle this kind of shit....you will get past the not so pleasant parts of the book and you will LOVE it.  If you can't handle this kind of hardcore shit.... just don't read it.  Don't bash an author for her style of writing because you think it is unethical and shit.  Just Don't read it!  But don't bash an author!  

Book two in the series was just as AMAZING....Withstanding me......
Book two focuses on ZZ and Storm and I fell in love with ZZ.  We also get more of Braxxon and Winter.  We also meet Shadow.  This author has several parts in both books that just left me with my mouth open saying WTH just happened and other parts I was laughing.  I am patiently waiting for the third in the series........  Team Breakneck... I'd gladly take any of them =)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Night Moves COVER REVEAL ~ by Andrea Smith

COVER REVEAL ~  Night Moves

Night Moves (G-Man Series #3) by Andrea Smith
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Expected Publication: December 2013


There's a new Alpha in town . . . and he's a Brit!

Darcy Nicole Sheridan, is 22 years-old, beautiful, single, spirited, sexy and - spoiled. She knows that about herself. Raised by wealthy (and doting) parents as an only child, Darcy pretty much coasts through life until her heart was inexplicably broken by her boyfriend, Darin.

To ease the pain, Darcy flies to Belize over the holidays fully intending to wallow in self-pity and distance herself from her ex. Her pity party is short-lived however, after observing a very handsome, very intriguing man on the beach. Darcy becomes the focus of the smokin' hot, wealthy and somewhat mysterious 'E.J.'

Soon she finds herself entangled with an alpha like no other… Her world is rocked by a series of events that will forever change the course of her life, showing her what love is all about; and forcing her to come to terms with hidden sexual pleasures only one man could fulfill…

This book is intended for mature audiences.

Author Bio ~

Andrea Smith is an Ohio native, currently residing in southern Ohio. Ms. Smith is the mother of two

grown sons; grandmother of four. The 'Baby Series' trilogy is Ms. Smith's first self-published work.

Having previously been employed as an executive for a global corporation, Ms. Smith decided to leave

the corporate world and pursue her life-long dream of writing fiction.

IF you haven't read the series yet.....what are you waiting for?  Here are the Amazon links for the first two books.
Book 1~ Diamond Girl http://amzn.com/B00CB6AS26
Book 2 ~ Love Plus One http://amzn.com/B00D0KBCRC

Add Night Moves to your Goodreads~ https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18044508-night-moves

STALK ME links~

Author Profile on  Goodreads ~  https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6869343.Andrea_Smith
Facebook ~ https://www.facebook.com/AndreaSmithAuthor
Twitter ~  https://twitter.com/MaybeBabyAuthor

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Honor & Betray by Teresa Mummert

This will be a short review...simply because it was a short book with not much to discuss.  I love you...you love me... hot sex....more hot sex....a fight....car crash....I don't remember you....then more I know I should love you.... hot sex...etc etc.

I don't even know what I went into this one expecting......It was a fairly short read for me.  Done in less than 2 hours.  The suspense we were left off with at the end of book 3 had me anxiously waiting to hear the rest of the story.   I was thinking it might pick up where we left off in book 3.....Not the case. It actually picks up from William's side of the story right before Emma's Aunt passes away in book 3.  It does shed some light on things that I wanted answered.  I did- for the most part- enjoy hearing his side of things.  I for one, thought he was pretending to not remember anything once they had the accident.  Trying to trick her into getting married.  But, he actually doesn't remember most things.  Bits and pieces are coming back.  We hear his side of things right before and after the accident.  We hear of some darker side of his past.   I really wasn't happy with the way it felt rushed towards the end and the way it ended.... I mean I know there are more books to follow but.... I felt like this entire book could have easily just been chapters in the next book!  Not sure why it took so long for us to get this one?  

I did enjoy getting all tied up in William's mind for a bit though.  I give it 3 stars.  

This is not any disrespect or bashing towards the author.  I love her other books and I am sure to love future books.  This one, however, just didn't DO IT for me!