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Amy's 4 star ARC Review of Tied (Devils Wolves Book 2) by Carian Cole

He was the myth and the legend of our small town. But no one knew the truth... except me. 

My childhood was stolen by a monster. I've forgotten what love feels like. What happiness feels like. What hope feels like. I am numb. 

He's possibly as damaged as I am. Maybe even more. Scarred just as much on the inside as the outside. Just like me. He doesn't speak. He doesn't smile. He hides in the woods like an animal. I should be scared of him. But I'm not. He's the only one that has ever made me feel. And I want to make him feel, too. 

Holy smokes this one ripped my heart out from the get go. I can't even. Holly Daniels has been taken as a child until a man comes to save her. This was one I was scared to turn the pages on due to the content. I have mixed feelings as I wasn't sure how to react to this book -- it's definitely a twisted fairy tale maybe? 

Tyler is the outcast in town. He carries visual scars, cuts, his voice is rough -- all things he endured at the hands of others and at his own hands. A monster or a man? Really tough to read let me add. Finding the girl -- Tyler has to take some matters into his own hands. Bringing her home Holly wanted her life to be normal but she was not accepted. Just like Tyler. Finding her way back to her savior is what she needs to do. 

This was a very emotional read in my opinion. People are mean and cruel -- its was heartbreaking. I can't even imagine. However click it up and decide for yourself. The characters are great, the storyline is a heart wrencher so make sure you have some kleenex. Thank you for the ARC and chance to read -

Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Alpha Male (A Real Man # 14) by Jenika Snow


For the last two years Lachlan has been my personal bodyguard. Although I don’t feel in danger and don’t need someone constantly watching me, because it’s Lachlan, I can’t help but feel safe.

I love him.

He is big and strong, with training that makes him deadly. Anyone who is stupid enough to cross him learns that swiftly.
But I’m too afraid to tell him how much I want him. I’m too afraid to tell him that I crave him.


I was hired to be her bodyguard, to make sure she was safe because her father is a senator. But even if her father hadn’t hired me, I wouldn’t have been able to leave her alone.

I love her, want her as mine, and I need to show Layla that she was meant for me.

I need to show her that if anyone looks at her, speaks to her, or thinks they have a right to touch her, I’ll lay them out and not think twice.

She is my world, and no one but me will have her.

I’m done waiting. It’s time I make Layla mine.

Warning: Have a neck brace on hand because this story will give you whiplash. It’s short and to the point, but that’s how we like them. It’s not lacking in the heat department, has an over-the-top alpha hero, and a sweet virgin heroine. No worries, though; you get a safe read with a Happily Ever After and some baby making in the process.

This was a fast and really good read. This one has to be my favorite. NICE JOB! 
Lachlan was hired to guard Layla -- the Senator expects him to keep her safe. Heading off to a party Lachlan will not let anyone touch her. He has loved her since the day he laid eyes on her but she is off limits. 

Layla only wants one man. But he won't touch her -- he wouldn't because he is her bodyguard. He is supposed to keep her safe. Being with him would not be safe. I really enjoyed the fact that Jenika did not make Layla into a spoiled rich girl. NICE! 

Love the ending -- love the support of certain characters and loved how great these two are together. Nice read for the beach of lake! Thank you for the ARC!

Amy's 4 star ARC Review of Deeper by Jennifer Michael

Small towns are supposed to be safe—home to idealistic neighborhoods, free from the ugly that taints the world. 
Evil has no bounds though, no matter how high your white picket fence stands. Maplefield is perfect on the outside but corrupt and twisted within.

Rylan Pierce and Callen Bailer meet at a club the community doesn’t speak about.
Rylan is running from her past, but baggage like hers isn’t easy to just leave behind.
Callen lives life on the road, traveling wherever he’s contracted and doing whatever necessary to finish the job, regardless of how illegal or deadly.

Lust drives them together, but depravity cements their bond.
Two people with tarnished souls will either bring each other light or pull one another deeper into the darkness.

Deeper is a standalone, dark romance that contains strong sexual themes, extreme violence, and explicit language. The scenes containing these triggers are intensely graphic and very detailed. The themes of death/murder, abuse (both physical and sexual), and child neglect/abuse are heavily present within this novel. This is not a thin warning or a light read.

WARNING: Deeper is a standalone, dark romance that contains strong sexual themes, extreme violence, and explicit language. The scenes containing these triggers are intensely graphic and very detailed. The themes of death/murder, abuse (both physical and sexual), and child neglect/abuse are heavily present within this novel. This is not a thin warning or a light read.

Do not ignore the warning on this book. Having said that -- this is a twisted dark deep dark read. Good but not for the faint. Rylan and Callen are some twisted characters. I don't know if that is bad or good. Really I don't know how to describe this book. The storyline is very good .. seriously but you read at your own risk. The past plays huge role in who these characters are and why they are the way they are. Scars, damage, abuse, pain -- 

I cannot really go into the story line as there is not much that is appropriate hence the warning but if you like different, if you like good, if you like deep and dark then you need to click this up. I'm not sure whether to say thank you or what the hell for this ARC -- LOL -- its a mind freak for sure. This is not a light read so curl up and get ready. 

Amy's 5 star ARC Review of The Beard Made Me Do It (The Dixie Warden Rejects Book 5) by Lani Lynn Vale

He’s only a friend.
Those words had haunted him from the moment Jessie James had heard them muttered from the girl who held his heart, and whom he thought had his back.
Fourteen years later, he still feels those words like a brand on his soul.
Lucky for him he has a son to focus on, a full-time job that demands his attention the rest of the day, and not a single moment to spare for a woman who won’t stand up for him when he needs her the most.
He’s only a friend.
The words had slipped out of Ellen’s mouth, and before she could recall them, or better yet, explain them, Jesse is gone from her life for good, taking her heart with him.
She tries to move on, to climb her way out of the pit of despair, but not one single person – regardless of how badly she wants to make it work – can fill the void that was left in his wake.
Time heals all wounds.
Or at least that is how the saying goes.
It’s a crock of crap, though.
Fourteen years pass when Jessie and Ellen see each other again without the influence of the town and bad memories surrounding them, and it’s as if not a single day has passed.
Ellen knows the instant that her eyes see her old love that she’s still just as in love with him today as she was all those years ago.
The problem is that Jesse wants nothing to do with her. Or at least that’s what he keeps telling himself.

This is another fantastic read from the Dixie Warden Rejects MC. This is Jessie and Ellen's love and hate affair. These two met years ago - highschool in fact and overprotective and overbearing parents pushed them apart -- or Ellen's words that Jessie was just a friend. Haunted by those words Jessie walks away and never looks back .. Linc is his world and he has to protect him. Too bad Ellen couldn't be there along the way but squashing her dreams wasn't an option. 

Fast forward years later. That voice -- he knows it. That hair he loves it -- but she is in the arms of another man. (This is where you need to read the previous release because you know exactly what the issue is with Sean from the previous book). 

Not only is this an up and down story but I loved Ellen's spirit but my most favorite was a teenage Dad who took ownership of his child and did everything he needed and then some to make sure his child was raised well and always did his best. YES!

Keep the pages turning and enjoy the little excerpts in his chapter prior to reading. Love those from Lani. They always crack me up. There is not a dull moment or a dull character in this release. You can read these as standalone but the characters all tie into each other so missing a book would be a no no in my opinion. Great story and LOVE the cover. 

Bring on the next please! ARC provided

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Amy's 4 star ARC Review of Recluse by Jaycee Ford

You were my brother in the line of duty.
My partner.
My best friend.
You were the man who had it all.
Your thoroughness and precision made you a great cop.
It’s what got you killed.
And now I live with the darkening shadows of your memory.
You weren’t here when I needed you to save me.
You weren’t here when I needed help solving the most gruesome murder this town had ever seen.
But most of all, you weren’t here to keep me from falling in love with your wife.

Wyatt and Grace are both mourning the death of a best friend and a husband. Coming back home without his best friend and fighting feelings for that best friends wife -- add that into the mix with some town murders and you have a story. It sounds wonky I know but it is a good story line. 

I wasn't aware when I started reading this was a cliffhanger book so that bummed me out but it was good enough to keep me wanting to read the rest of the story. There were some iffy parts in the story for me as far as the relationship points between these two but again the mystery and the growth of the two main characters kept me turning the pages. 

I am anxious to see what happens so I will click up the next. Thank you for the ARC!

Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Bound By Desire (Ravage MC Bound Series #2) by Ryan Michele

 Have you ever wanted something so badly it consumes you?
There is a fine line between needs and wants.
Deke Gavelson has wanted his Ravage cut for as long as he can remember. He’s earned it. He was born to be in this club. He’s not afraid to fight for his place, either. 
Then she barreled into his world, and Deke suddenly desires something more than his rag and winning the next round. 
Rylie Hollister has lived through hell and back. Each event makes her the strong, independent woman she is today. Until a bitter underground fighter threatens to turn her plans upside down.
These two are bound by their desires, but oh, how that changes when his intensity meets her passion.
** Bound by Desire (Ravage MC Bound Series #2) is a standalone full-length novel. You do not have to read the Bound by Family or the Ravage MC series to follow this book, but if you’d like to see the whole picture, you really should. **

This book is amazing. Deke was introduced to us in Bound By Family. Readers didn't love him so I was told in that release but I adored him. Knowing the way these stories play out I knew in the end this man would come out winning. He protects his sister with all that he is so who couldn't love him. No matter what mistakes he made in the past my heart broke for this character. 

Rylie was the exact type of woman I would have imagined Deke with. This character had her own past to deal with but came out more spirited than ever. This was a perfect pair. 

I love the cover ... it says so much about Rylie and Deke. Perfect choice. 

I have to say I love all the series and releases but this is my hands down favorite this far. Do not pass the book up. Thank you for the ARC and the chance to read! I love these two characters! Thank you thank you!! 

Amy's 5 star ARC review of Punched by Jacob Chance

Reagan is the one who got away - or should I say the one I drove away? Now, four years later, she’s back to manage the gym where I train. Seeing her everyday is a distraction I can’t afford. I’m so close to achieving the big payoff I’ve been working for. Nothing’s going to keep me from winning this belt - not even her.

This is a second chance MMA romance standalone.

I am loving me some Jacob Chance. A man who writes a love story I can not only tolerate but embrace; that's a talented man. Punched is a fantastic read about a love story that ended too soon only to come barreling back like a freight train. 

Reagan has come home to run her father's gym so that her father can focus on training his fighters. It just so happens one of those fighters is not only the boy who she gave herself too but also the boy who crushed her the next day. Fool her once ok ... Twice .. Not going to happen. Reagan is not the same girl .. This character is not only smart but she is sassy yet practical .. Witty and on point .. I love her. 

Nolan No-No has oh shit written all, over his face. He is trying to keep his eye on the prize. A win in a professional fight would be his ticket but the girl he walked away from is standing in front of him and is no longer a girl. His greatest regret could change those plans of he doesn't get his head back in the game. 

Reagan and Nolans story is a story filled with loss and love, hardship and doing what is right to protect the ones you love. Wait until you find out how Nolan got his nickname ... 

Excellent book. Pick this one up. Thank you for the chance to read.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Amy's 3.5 star ARC Review of Mine (A Real Man #13 ) by Jenika Snow

That one word has never meant so much.


Ballet was my life, but after getting injured, that dream faded. I still needed fast money, so I sucked up my pride and decided to strip.

Clubs could use a virgin stripper, right?

But from the moment I saw Cole Savage, owner of the strip club I was trying to get in to, all rational thought left me.
He was dark and dangerous, and his personality screamed arrogance.

I wanted him, and by the way he looked at me, I knew he wanted me as well.

But I should keep it strictly business. That’s what I told myself anyway.


From the moment I first saw Jana, I wanted her. She needed a job at my club, but the possessive side of me rose up, demanding she was only mine. I might have just met her, but I was already so damn territorial of her.

If she wanted a job, I’d give her one, but she’d be keeping her clothes on.

I’d been celibate for years, but it was time to change that with her.

Jana would soon realize what it meant to be mine.

Warning: This is a short story featuring an over-the-top possessive hero who makes no secret that the heroine is his. It’s got dirty dancing, raunchy scenes, but is safe and has the Happily Ever After that comes with reading a Real Man story.

This series is a good read. They are all really short and perfect to carry to the beach. They are all standalones. 

Jana is an innocent girl looking for a job. When she enters Cole's club he sees the woman wanting the job and decides the girl is his. No way is she dancing for anyone except him. She can have a job but not that one -- not the one taking her clothes off for others. Only for him. Being a ballerina, Jena is not the one to fling herself around the pole. She knows the dance of beauty not what the women are expected to do here. Maybe Cole giving her an office job is a blessing. And maybe this man might just take her heart. 

Again this is a very quick read. Another Real Man release with a superior cover. Thank you for the ARC. 

Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Fighting With Honor (Men of Honor Novella) by K C Lynn

Once a man pledges his honor to his country, that sacrifice is embedded in his soul forever. For years he’s trained to fight, kill, and do whatever necessary to protect his country and its freedom, even if it means giving his own life.

He becomes more of a machine than human—one that’s built to destroy the enemy.

When it’s time to turn in his weapons, he never forgets the skills he learned. Never forgets the smell of death or feel of a rifle in his hands. The same hands that one day cradle his baby girl and caress the skin of his beautiful wife.

If anything or anyone ever tried to steal away the family he has vowed to love and protect, may God have mercy on their soul.


This is a Men of Honor novella. All prior Men of Honor stories must be read in order to read this one.

Jax and Julia are brought to us with some men we also know. This is tragedy at it's best and honestly I had a hard time reading it being a teacher. It's our worst fear. Someone coming in and wanting one of our children or just randomly shooting. This is the story ... Oh and you will find Men of Honor and Acts of Honor characters in this one. 

Being that this is a short read this is about all you are going to get. Have no fear. Keep turning the pages even if you think you can't or you are afraid. Keep turning ... I promise you. It will be ok. 

Thank you for the ARC and the chance to read. This one was heart wrenching.