Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Fighting With Honor (Men of Honor Novella) by K C Lynn

Once a man pledges his honor to his country, that sacrifice is embedded in his soul forever. For years he’s trained to fight, kill, and do whatever necessary to protect his country and its freedom, even if it means giving his own life.

He becomes more of a machine than human—one that’s built to destroy the enemy.

When it’s time to turn in his weapons, he never forgets the skills he learned. Never forgets the smell of death or feel of a rifle in his hands. The same hands that one day cradle his baby girl and caress the skin of his beautiful wife.

If anything or anyone ever tried to steal away the family he has vowed to love and protect, may God have mercy on their soul.


This is a Men of Honor novella. All prior Men of Honor stories must be read in order to read this one.

Jax and Julia are brought to us with some men we also know. This is tragedy at it's best and honestly I had a hard time reading it being a teacher. It's our worst fear. Someone coming in and wanting one of our children or just randomly shooting. This is the story ... Oh and you will find Men of Honor and Acts of Honor characters in this one. 

Being that this is a short read this is about all you are going to get. Have no fear. Keep turning the pages even if you think you can't or you are afraid. Keep turning ... I promise you. It will be ok. 

Thank you for the ARC and the chance to read. This one was heart wrenching. 

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