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Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Filthy Bastard ( Grim Bastards #2) by Emily Minton & Shelley Springfield

She's a poor little rich girl.
With a vindictive mother and an obsessed brother-in-law, all Adyson Sloan wants is a little freedom—for her and her sister. She dreams of having a little room to breathe and making her own choices. But when she's kidnapped by the Grim Bastards MC, freedom comes at a much higher price. Terrified, but determined to get back to her sister, Addy’s plans are ruined when she falls for a bastard with a chip on his shoulder.
He's a bastard without a heart.
Sergeant at Arms Brew Decker plays by his own rules. To him, nothing is sacred but the brotherhood. He lives and dies by the club and would do anything for them—even kidnap an innocent woman. After all, she's merely a pawn in the bigger game. But everything changes when he meets Addy. Suddenly, he'd do anything for his captive.
Can love between a rich girl and a bastard survive without someone losing it all?

5 stars

BREW! I have been waiting for Brews story since we met him in Dirty Bastard after he was a part of kidnapping Trix and Addy. I knew this was going to be a great read the minute they connected in the first release. You can read these books as standalones as you get plenty of backstory but I would click Dirty Bastard up as well. The storyline is fantastic and you won't want to miss a thing!

Issac Decker is free. Defending the harm that came his sisters way landed him behind bars for seven long years. Warden Michaels was always good to him after hearing his story and upon his release lays some news on Issac that he cannot believe; news that sends him to Cater Roundtrees door instead of home. Becoming a part of the MC was the best thing that ever happened to him until Addy. 

Addy cannot believe her parents are allowing her sister Alex to marry the monster she is. Blake is going to hurt her and Addy will do anything to protect her sister. Giving her life to keep her sister safe doesn't make her a saint ... It's makes her a sinner ... Someone that no man especially like Brew would want anything to do with. 

I refuse to write spoilers so this is where I will stop. I could NOT believe the story line on these pages. I never in my life thought this is where Brew and Addy would take us but what a road to travel. The love that Addy has for her sister is like no other. The bond they share is the only thing that keeps Addy answering the text messages from Blake. Her parents are no better. 

Brew and Addy have a amazing love story with a beautiful reminder of family isn't always your blood but the people who will do whatever it takes to keep you safe. This one is heartbreaking but you will survive - It's worth every minute and every page. 

I can't wait for the next book! I love the Grim Bastards MC! Thank you for the ARC! 

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Amy's 4.5 star ARC Review of Unbreakable - Unrequited Part Two (Fallen Aces MC Book 1.5)by Max Henry

Dark romance. Contains violence. 

Even after a broken heart is repaired, can the scars be too many for it to beat the same again? 

Six years and a promotion to club president later, I’ve finally had enough of her excuses. The lies have to stop. She IS worth the risk, I’ve NEVER gone a day without thinking about her or my son, and I know underneath it all she DOES still love me. 

This time, she'll come home for good … she just doesn’t know it yet. 

4.5 stars

The conclusion to King and Elena’s story. 

This is the final book that will tell us exactly what went down and how King and Elena found their way back to each other. If you have read The Butcher Boys then you already know King and Elena are an item but we never got their back story or why things were the way they were between them. Now we have the entire sha-bang! 

Unbreakable picks up right where we left King and Elena and things aren’t good. The war is on. The club is not in a good place and things are falling apart. The only thing King wants right now is to get Elena back. He should have never let her go or left her with Carlos. King is being pushed to the Edge and Apex isn’t helping. Something is very wrong there. Not only is the war with Carlos about to break wide open but the Blood Eagles are on the radar as well. 

Elena, Maria and Sully are trying to find a way out. Elena so far has hidden her secret from Carlos but he eventually will find out. He has shown her his worst or so she thinks until her husband throws even more into the mix. Once out she can't bring herself to forgive King for leaving her and she doesn’t want to be imprisoned again. She won't be caged and she wont be locked away. The club will always come first so maybe she and King are not destined to be a family. Maybe all this time she was wrong.

King and Elenas journey is a very rough and rocky road. King has to learn to balance his life or lose his family. Elena needs to remember she is worth fighting for even though the men in her life don’t seem to show it. 

There are so many things going on in this final installment of King and Elena that your head will spin. Once you think things are going to be okay they aren’t and then when you throw Sawyer into the mix … holy moly. This is a story of love fighting and scraping to get to where the hearts want to be; finding balance and believing. I never felt that King was this much of a heartfelt man in The Butcher Boys series so I love seeing him in this light. What a great journey and even more amazing end … there is more to come so hang on and ride it out! 

Thank you Max for the ARC! Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets. 

Amy's 5 star review of Survivor (First to Fight #2) by Nicole Blanchard

I knew falling in love with him was bad for us both, but I did it anyway. 

For a brief moment, we had it all. Even though he was leaving to join the Marines and I had four years of college ahead of me, he was everything I ever wanted and didn't think I deserved. 

But real life has a way of dashing dreams—and that happy future we envisioned together? It disappeared at the hands of a monster. 

Ten years have passed and I'm not the same na├»ve girl that believed in happily-ever-afters. When unforseen events draw me back to our hometown and I find myself caring for my two teenage brothers, the last thing on my mind should be reconnecting with the hottie-turned-hero who I loved at seventeen. 

As the past begins to repeat itself and old threats resurface, I'll have to trust him with the secrets that tore us apart if I want a second chance at his heart. 


5 stars

Survivor is a story that does contain an issue that might be a trigger. If you cannot read of violence against women then potentially this might have a trigger for you. The story focuses on surviving. Surviving heartbreak, violence, abuse loss of love. Everything was stacked against Sophie but she came out of it on the bright end of things ..not without fighting for herself and her brothers but she made it. If you can read the story knowing this then do click this up. 

Jack find himself in front of Sophie at her home. The home she just broke into. Not telling you why or how. This first chapter is what draws you in. There is so much unsaid that you know there is so much more going to weave through the pages. Jack will do whatever it takes to protect Sophies family now that they have lost everything. She left and now she is back but for how long. Jack needs to convince her to stay. Laying it all out on the line he hopes she will do what if right for her brothers. 

Sophie left and pushed Jack away because she had to. There was no choice or so she thought. Staying would ruin her. And now that her past is back and haunting her again there is no way she can stay. She cant do it again and she can't stand the thought of the hurt returning. 

Jack and Sophie’s story is a brutal one. Both characters have been through so much and the fact that Jack stuck around caring for Sophie’s family after she walked away with no regard made me love him more. But don’t judge before you turn the last page. There is a reason for the madness and a reason Sophie ran. 

Hang on to your heart … you are going to need it. You don’t need to read Warrior to understand what is going on in this release but when you finish Survivor go and grab Warrior. We have a new release coming out in June and it's going to be a great one. There is Anchor which is a 0.5 release and then Warrior which is the first complete book … Savior is coming … you want to be all caught up before you click it up …. Powerful story … wonderful last page. Thank you Nicole! 

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Amy's 4 star ARC Review of Steal My Breath by Nina Levine


I let him steal my breath and I want to give him my heart too.
But it’s complicated.

Internet dating and Callie St James do not go together. 

Desperate for sex.
Earns shit money waitressing while desperately trying to get a publishing deal.
Only does yoga to keep core muscles strong—trust me, guys thank me.
Reads too much because gets no sex.
Did I mention desperate for sex?

She’s about to give up on love when the guy she’s been lusting after for a year breaks her three month sex drought. 

Luke Hardy. 

Mysterious, moody and all alpha, Luke is hiding a secret—one that Callie never saw coming. 

The secret, however, is nothing compared to the discovery she makes about Luke’s family when she starts a new job at the local paper. Callie finds herself caught between her morals and her desires. Whichever path she chooses, someone will lose. Is she ready to give up the man she’s just found or will she go against everything she believes in so she can finally have the love she’s always dreamt of? 

This story contains all the panty-melting sexiness and alpha goodness that Nina Levine books are known for. 

Visit Nina's website: www.ninalevinebooks.com 

Facebook: Author Nina Levine 

Join Nina's newsletter to keep up to date with new releases: http://eepurl.com/bQDTob

4 stars

Callie St James has been through every dating site and she keeps getting the duds. Why can't she find someone that will be hers … want her or even give her a night of sex that would actually be worth it. She is on a dry spell of three months and counting. She isn’t desperate that she is going to jump into bed with anyone. Not only is her love life not the greatest but all of her books she has written have been rejected, her hours are being cut where she waitresses and she is forever lusting after the one and only Luke Hardy that she has to see nightly at his club. Her best friend Avery works there so not going isn’t an option. Watching Luke almost kills her. They argue, he is bossy and steals the air she breaths every time he walking into her space. 

Luke Hardy is a secretive man. He doesn’t date, he doesn’t share and he never wears a smile. Keeping Avery and Callie away from men wanting only one thing in his bar is a priority but letting Callie get close isn’t an option … until one night … another woman ruined him but he has waited too long. Callie will be his .. its time. Or is it? His past is a wreck and its not going away any time soon. Dragging Callie into his world isn’t a good idea …. But he can't wait any longer. 

Callie is a tough character and I loved that. I love that she also stuck to her morals for the most part in love and in doing what is right. However my heart was brutalized at points in the story but what happened was right and it certainly was necessary. 

There is so much I could say about this read – its about love, it's about holding on, it's about honesty and it's about believing. I really loved it. I did feel like there could have been more detail in what was going on with Luke and the secondary characters involved in his life and a little less smexy time description of Luke and Callie. There is also a snippet of a situation between two characters that I think we might get a book on or at least I hope … not spoilers so not saying. 

This is a long hard fought road of two people who are meant for each other but circumstances throw them into situations that would tear the strongest couple apart. 

Great story – great read – Thank you for the ARC – LOVE THE BOOK! 

Amy's 5 star Review of Until June by Aurora Rose Reynolds

 June Mayson and Evan Barrister’s whirlwind courtship resulted in a secret marriage right before he left for boot camp. Evan knows deep in his gut that June is too good for him, but after getting a taste of the beautiful life they can have together, he’s unwilling to let her go. June promises to wait for him, knowing neither time or distance will ever change her feelings for Evan—that is until she’s served with divorce papers while he’s overseas and she’s forced to let him go. 
Her marriage and divorce a well-kept secret, the last person June expects to run into when she moves back to her hometown is Evan. Angry over the past, she does everything within her power to ignore the pull she feels whenever he is near. But how can she ignore the pain she sees every time their eyes meet? How can she fight the need to soothe him even if she knows she’s liable to get hurt once again? 
Is it possible for June and Evan to find their way back to each other again? Or will they be stopped by an outside force before they ever have a shot?

I love the Until series and this book is no different holding my entire self while turning each page. June is the daughter of our beloved characters and couple Asher and November. You also get the privilege of having Sage (Nico and Sophie) , Jax (Cash and Lilly) and all the other girls in this book. Some are more present than others but they are there. Uncle Nico .. yup there too. YAY! 
Just a quick note – Ashlyn’s story is up next and it's going to be just as awesome!

June Mayson met Evan Barrister and fell in love. They were each other’s everything until Evan left. While he was deployed he left June .. not only in body but also in soul. Secretly they had become man and wife but Evan having demons from his deployments knew June would be better without him. His family was worthless and now he was just the same. He was not worthy of her love. Evan couldn’t stand the thought of bringing his dark upon June’s light. When Evan left June he destroyed her. Her pain is still evident and she has never recovered – she tried but she couldn’t. Unknown to June she has put herself in a very bad situation. Thank goodness her Uncle was there when she needed him but without the family knowing Evan has been sent to keep her safe. She doesn’t know if her heart can survive this again …. 

I freaking loved this book. I loved the fact you get Wes and his crew in on the fun as well as JJ and Brew. I love those two. The secondary characters are family members and friends you should already know if you have followed this series from the beginning. 

If you have not you still can read this book and love it with all your heart as we get plenty of back story but once you finish I would go back and click up all the others starting at the very first brilliant release. Click up Until November and start from there … then when you are all caught up click up the Underground Kings series and finally her new release Fighting to Breathe the Shooting Stars series. You can't go wrong. Asher and November will snatch you up hook line and sinker. Don’t try to fight the “BOOM.” 

Love this series and this family --- Thank you for another amazing read. 

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Amy's 3.5 star ARC Review of Disgrace by Dee Palmer

I shamed my name. I am a whore. I am a disgrace. I’m all the things my mother made me. I wear my badge with pride because I know the truth, and only those worth a damn see me for who I am, not the label I choose to hide behind. 
I am a Domme. I would still rather be a whore than a hypocrite like my mother, or a victim like the daughter she raised me to be. 
As Mistress Selina, I can bring a grown man to his knees without so much as a crack of my handmade whip. I love the power and control—what’s not to love? I must be mad to even consider Dominant club owner and King of Kink Jason Sinclair’s proposition. 
Two Doms don’t make a right. 
Self-preservation has kept me at a safe distance from the one man who could change all that. The only man who wields power like a sensual sword and keeps me balanced on that knife’s edge. My choice is simple: He wants me to switch for him. But if I do, will I bleed or will I fall?

3. 5 stars

Sam has had a crap life. She was born into a life that her mother started and tormented her in. The experiences and what she suffered through has made her who she is. All Sam knows is being used and that abuse is a normal part of her life. Meeting Leon, she finds her way into being something more. 

Jason wants Sam but two Doms don’t work so in order to have her she must become his sub. Blowing back into Sam’s past she doesn’t know if she can give Jason what he wants. The past and the present collide to create drama and more drama. 

I just couldn’t connect with the characters. Again we have a cruel man in this book taking continuous shots at a woman. I do like that Sam became a strong woman but the constant smexy stuff is just not enough for me in a story. The read needs to be more in depth as well as the characters. 

If you like this style of read then click it up! We all don’t love the same things. I appreciate the ARC and the chance to read. I just enjoy the more dramatic events of men who appreciate their women and suspense in a different way.

Amy's 3.5 star ARC Review of Derision by Trisha Wolfe

*Dark erotic standalone that may have triggers 

Here at Lark and Gannet, you’ll work directly under the partners, being groomed by the most powerful, all-male partnership to handle an exclusive clientele. While within The Firm, your level of training goes deeper, requiring more…varied tasks, which you’re obligated to perform to your Master’s pleasing. 

Are you nervous? You should be. Chase Larkin has chosen you to be his submissive. 

Alexis Wilde, will you submit? 

All I wanted was to save my brother. Something my parents failed to do—and then, I failed him also. As an introvert, getting ahead in the cutthroat law firm required a level of ego stroking I didn’t posses, and that meant my talents were overlooked. Until Chase Larkin noticed me. 

My erotic fantasy come to life, Chase is all powerful, all man, all dominant. In one night, he changed my life irrevocably. Now I’m ruined, destined to crave him forever. His scent. His taste. His brutal touch… 

If I never followed him to his office that night, then none of this would’ve happened. A stalker on the prowl. Our lives in jeopardy. And only a moment—one pivotal moment—to decide our fate. His life or mine. 

*This is a full length, standalone dark romance with an antihero that may trigger uncomfortable feelings for the reader.

3.5 stars

This is a really dark read so if you have triggers you might need to steer clear. Derision has a little of everything in it and it's sometimes a rough ride to get through it. There is major sexy times in it and of course we all love that but in my world and what I love to read it’s a little overkill. I really couldn’t wrap my head around the preface of a law firm as powerful as this one by night turned into something else. 

Alexis is working as an intern at the firm and wanting to work her way up to a paralegal position. She needs to be successful to help her brother with his needs medically. Alexis is the only family he has left and you would think he would want to stick around but he is gone. She is determined to find him and will do anything to get him the help he needs. 

Chase sees something in Alex but needs to make sure she will serve her purpose. If she cant become a good sub then what -- he is consumed with her. Keeping to herself, Chase sees someone that needs to find her way. He wants her and he will have her and make her want to be his. 

I wanted to love the book but for me it was just ok. I have a hard time with the written in degrading of the BDSM style. I love a strong woman and there is no reason why a sub cant be written as such. I understand why Alex was written the way she was as it was the preface of the story and Chase helping her but it wasn’t for me. However if you like this type of read click it up! 

Thank you for the ARC!

Amy's 5 Underground stars ARC review of Flow (#6 The Beat And The Pulse) By Amity Cross

Hamish “Goblin” McBride is a formidable cage fighter with a heart of solid gold…until the woman of his dreams smashes it to pieces. 
The only things he has to soften the blow are his fists and the bottom of a whisky bottle. He's got more than his fair share of problems and being heartbroken wasn't part of the plan. 
Enter Lori, the mysterious rock chick who works behind the bar at The Underground, the illegal cage fighting league that's Hamish's home away from home. 
With a boatload of her own problems, starting something with Hamish might just be more trouble than it's worth… 
Or they might just be made for one another after all.

5 Underground Stars

We are back at The Underground with HAMISH! YES! First let me say I was thrilled with the first few pages of the book --- If you know who HAMISH was messing with then you know why. Not really a spoiler but you get probably what happened since this is Lori and his story and not someone else's. Don't worry ... Revenge is sweet later on in the book .... YES! 

Hamish Goblin McBride has secrets ... A part of his life no one knows about; not even Ash. The boys know something is bothering him but they don't push. He fights The Underground and is the king. Refusing to go pro he stays in the ring that is blood stained by the opposition he has put down. Ash and Rebel help him hang on to his sanity as does Pulse Fitness ... It's where he climbs out of the dark of the past five years he has been using his fist to make the money he needs. Hamish at 32 wants more for himself but that means bringing along his baggage and no worthy woman would want that. 

Lori Walker has worked behind the bar at The Underground for what seems like forever. She will never get involved with another fighter .. Not after what Storm did to her. The bar is the barrier between she and the men she steers clear of now .... So why did she go and talk to him ... Why didn't she walk the other way. And why is her past coming back in the form of a nightmare. 

If you love series about fighters this is your series. The characters are written so in depth you feel that you know them intimately. The story lines are heartbreaking and brilliant with each character fighting their own battles outside the ring. I love the brutal mentality of The Underground and the grit inside Pulse Fitness. This series could go on forever and it wouldn't be enough for me. 

This is an excellent addition to the Beat series. The book can be read as a standalone but I have no idea why you would want to do that. Why would you want to miss Ash, Ren, and the rest of the crew? I absolutely LOVE these characters. We get mention of Cole and Ryan along with Josie for sure. Dean is coming ... And I can't wait. Thank you for the ARC Amity! HAMISH is set to become your favorite of the boys yet. Promise. 

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Amy's 4 star ARC Review of Dark Edges by Kane Caldwell

I’m not your good ole boy or boy-next-door type of guy. 
If that’s what you’re looking for, I suggest you move on. I curse a lot, work too fucking much, and keep to myself. My edges are hard, rough, and even dark at times. 
I never thought I would wind up in the business I’m in. I may not always play by the rules, but I go where the money is, keep my nose clean, and my affairs organized. 
Who knew one fucking e-mail would change everything in my controlled life. I swore I’d never touch a case like hers again, but there was something intriguing behind every word I read. 
She had my attention, she would have my services, but I never thought she’d steal my heart. 
My name is Chase Black, owner of Dark Edges PI. 

I’m your good girl and I once had everything. 
A big beautiful house with a view of gorgeous mountains, an expensive car, stress-free job, a wardrobe any woman would die for, but one thing was missing…the ever-absent husband. 
I never expected to be in the position I’m in, but I needed answers. 
I sent one e-mail thinking I would figure it all out. It wasn’t the route I intended to take. The life I’d been living was a lie and he gave me the answers I needed. What happened next I wasn’t prepared for. 
He had my information, he took the case, but I never thought he’d capture my heart. 
My name is Naomi McAllister, owner of a broken heart. 

This is our story…

Dark Edges
Kane Caldwell
4 stars

Naomi though she found the love of her life. She gave everything up for him and now she is left alone at night wondering where he is and what changed. Taking a chance she messaged the man recommended to her hoping the truth can be found. Chase Black is supposed to be the best. Little does she know the man she watches that one night at the club ... The one night she decides to let her troubles go is the man who is to seal her suspicions and potentially end her marriage. 

Chase Black is not into taking cheating husband cases. But this one has him on edge. He is pure raw poetry in motion .... Like a caged predator waiting to pounce. The woman he saw watching him sends things through his body he has never felt before. Now knowing who she is .... She will be his. 

This is a first for me from this author. I kept turning the pages but I would have loved a little more in depth plot. It was an easy read and Chase is a really interesting character. This is like a cat and mouse chase which leads to the mouse in very consuming situations. I will for sure read more by Kane and I thank you for the ARC! For me though I need a little more action of the not sexy type .. I know crazy right! It's a good one .. Pick it up .......

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Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Take The Money And Run ( Malone Brothers #1) by Samantha A. Cole

With a gun and a duffel bag full of cash, Moriah Jensen is on the run from the police and ruthless drug dealers. She’d fled Chicago after her family was murdered and has spent the past four months trying to stay alive. Using an alias, she has bounced around from town to town, state to state, trying to stay at least a few steps ahead of the people chasing her. 

KC Malone is on a two-week leave from his Navy SEAL team when he arrives at his uncle’s beach house to find a beautiful woman pointing a gun at his chest. What the hell had he just walked in on? 

When the two become reluctant, temporary housemates, KC offers to train Moriah to defend herself against an alleged abusive ex-boyfriend. But then her past catches up with her and Moriah has to decide between her love for KC and running for safety. To stay would risk both their lives. To run would mean leaving her heart behind. 

Take The Money And Run: Malone Brothers Book 1
Samantha Cole
5 stars

Its no secret I am a fan of Samantha Cole. Her Trident Men have led us on numerous adventures of the nice and not so nice kind. Thinking how can she top her current series I clicked up my ARC and dove in. 


Moriah Jensen is running. Her life depends on her moving and being smarter. Her choices up until now have not been mistake free and so she is on the move again. If she can just make it somewhere else .. but she is afraid even the furthest place away from the men hunting her still wont be far enough to stay alive. 

KC Malone (Kevin Christopher) is on leave from his team – oh wait – yes SEAL TEAM SIX – for a few weeks. He is tried after the last assignment and taking the job as an instructor is starting to sound better and better each time he makes it home alive. At thirty five he isn’t so sure how much more his body can take. Heading home to Whisper, North Carolina he can't wait to fall into a few day of sleep on the beach at his Uncle’s cottage. Standing with a 9mm aimed at him held by a petite and beautiful woman at 2am inside that cottage was not on his list of things to do first upon arriving home. 

First of all let's just have a chat here about the Malone brothers INCLUDING their Uncle Dan. Im obviously going to be burning up the road between Tampa (Trident Men) and North Carolina; dividing my time between the Malone men and the Trident Security. A girl cannot chose so don’t ask me. However I can say I definitely have a new favorite character and its Dan Malone. Crazy right? The Uncle ….. just wait. I want to work at Malone Hardware and give Jinx belly rubs. And Samantha I'm going to need his story .... 

We meet all of the Malone brothers in this first release and lawd have mercy. Brian and Sean seem to be quit yummy as well – all in Samantha fashion. However I think even if Samantha wrote about a dumpy balding man trying to make a difference I would love him just as much. Her characters hurdle off the pages, seize you in their arms and beg you to love them using their raspy voices against your ear. RIGHT!?!?!?!? -- Don’t act like you don’t giggle like a little school girl because you know you do! 

This is a story of trust, love at first glance by gunpoint and gives you hope that there is ever lasting love. The Malone family are good eggs – This is a fast but amazing read. Fast because you won't want to put it down and amazing because the characters are going to hold you captive from the first page to the last. Readers love a group of characters they can imagine walking down the street. In my world a Navy Seal guy can pass you by daily. (I live in a huge military community). Crazy as it sounds all of her characters from all her books could be living in my town. When you find yourself looking at people cruising about town, in the gym, restaurants and thinking hey that could be KC Malone or Jinx or Dan Malone you have either become so entrapped by the stories you are reading or you are a crazed stalker …. I plead the fifth and potentially check both boxes.

The Malone Brothers is the next must read series from Samantha. Bravo lady – BRAVO! Bring on Sean. The Devils Spare Change is next --- And while you are waiting go back and click up the Trident Series if you haven’t yet. Next up is Tickle His Fancy Book 6 Brody and Fancy’s story ---I think we should ban together and write Samantha encouraging her to do the biggest and best give a way ever. How about a SEAL from Team Six or Team Four, add the Malone brothers to the mix and all the delightful secondary characters appearing in her books --- yup best giveaway EVER –- I have done my job telling you over and over to grab these up! 

AMAZING AUTHOR – Thank you Samantha for the ARC! I am your biggest fan girl --- To the moon and back --- or Tampa and North Carolina …. Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets.