Friday, May 6, 2016

Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Addiction (Seven Deadly Sins #1) by Shantel Tessier

Addiction is the first in a series of standalones that end with HEA! 

I’m a sinner with no regrets. 
I’m a man with no shame. 
I’m a lover with no soul. 
What am I? 

You’re a loner with no friends. 
You’re a beggar with no place to go. 
You’re a face with no name. 
Who are you? 

It doesn’t really matter what I am or who you are. Everyone has sin in common. But I pride myself on doing it better. Through the eyes of another, I am envied. If they only knew the wrath I have endured. Greed can be a motherfucker, but it is what makes us strive to be better. Lust can make you burn, but without it you would freeze to death. Some of us are a glutton for punishment and want to feel the pain that reminds us we’re still alive rather than overcome by sloth. 
The lure of these seven deadly sins is like an addiction. And I intend to indulge in each of these unforgivable sins.

A Seven Deadly Sins Novel Book One
Shantel Tessier

5 stars 

This was my first read by Shantel and it was amazing. You will feel the pain that addiction can bring into your life and the destruction it leaves in its path ten fold. This is a well written story with great characters that I hope to see down the road. 

Seven Deadly Sins is the club owned by Case and Brecken; best friends who are making money running drugs and using the club as a front although the club is also holding its own. Case is a hardened man. He knows what he wants and he gets what he wants. He also shares if you know what I mean. Rachel (insert mean face) is all too happy to split herself between Brecken and Case or have them both at the same time as well. It’s a win for all involved. Case is a very charismatic and mysterious character. I was taken with him for some reason. I felt as if here was more than we were seeing as well as much more to his story. He was someone that scared me but excited me all at the same time. That forbidden fruit! LOL!

Taylor and her brother Blane have grown up around drugs. Her father decided his addiction was more important than his children. Since Taylor was twelve she and her brother have been bailing her father out; making excuses. But its finally time to make him face the music. Another phone call in the middle of the night to come get him; bail him out is not what Taylor needs right now. Blane sends her back to bed and heads off to take care of their father one last time. 

From this point on the story takes some serious twists and turns. Everything you think you know will be wrong. The story is heartbreaking at points but necessary. I loved the depth of the characters and the things I didn’t see coming were things I really didn’t see coming. I had no IDEA and it was a huge shock. 

This is a brilliant read. Addiction is something that we don’t see on the outside. If you know someone who has an addiction that is taking from their life get them help. Don’t wait. Great read Shantel! 

Thank you so much for the ARC! I am anxiously waiting Brecken’s story as he is a fantastic secondary character. This is a great start to what is set to be a really good series for us to enjoy. 

Excellent job in shedding light to a horrific taboo subject in a wonderfully written story. Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets.

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