Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Amy's 5 Underground stars ARC review of Flow (#6 The Beat And The Pulse) By Amity Cross

Hamish “Goblin” McBride is a formidable cage fighter with a heart of solid gold…until the woman of his dreams smashes it to pieces. 
The only things he has to soften the blow are his fists and the bottom of a whisky bottle. He's got more than his fair share of problems and being heartbroken wasn't part of the plan. 
Enter Lori, the mysterious rock chick who works behind the bar at The Underground, the illegal cage fighting league that's Hamish's home away from home. 
With a boatload of her own problems, starting something with Hamish might just be more trouble than it's worth… 
Or they might just be made for one another after all.

5 Underground Stars

We are back at The Underground with HAMISH! YES! First let me say I was thrilled with the first few pages of the book --- If you know who HAMISH was messing with then you know why. Not really a spoiler but you get probably what happened since this is Lori and his story and not someone else's. Don't worry ... Revenge is sweet later on in the book .... YES! 

Hamish Goblin McBride has secrets ... A part of his life no one knows about; not even Ash. The boys know something is bothering him but they don't push. He fights The Underground and is the king. Refusing to go pro he stays in the ring that is blood stained by the opposition he has put down. Ash and Rebel help him hang on to his sanity as does Pulse Fitness ... It's where he climbs out of the dark of the past five years he has been using his fist to make the money he needs. Hamish at 32 wants more for himself but that means bringing along his baggage and no worthy woman would want that. 

Lori Walker has worked behind the bar at The Underground for what seems like forever. She will never get involved with another fighter .. Not after what Storm did to her. The bar is the barrier between she and the men she steers clear of now .... So why did she go and talk to him ... Why didn't she walk the other way. And why is her past coming back in the form of a nightmare. 

If you love series about fighters this is your series. The characters are written so in depth you feel that you know them intimately. The story lines are heartbreaking and brilliant with each character fighting their own battles outside the ring. I love the brutal mentality of The Underground and the grit inside Pulse Fitness. This series could go on forever and it wouldn't be enough for me. 

This is an excellent addition to the Beat series. The book can be read as a standalone but I have no idea why you would want to do that. Why would you want to miss Ash, Ren, and the rest of the crew? I absolutely LOVE these characters. We get mention of Cole and Ryan along with Josie for sure. Dean is coming ... And I can't wait. Thank you for the ARC Amity! HAMISH is set to become your favorite of the boys yet. Promise. 

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