Friday, May 6, 2016

Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Snare (A Road Kill MC #4 ) by Marata Eros

A secret baby. A stepbrother that can't forget her.

Forbidden Love 

Some women are untouchable. Like a stepsister who's alive because of his sacrifice. 

Snare is part of the Road Kill MC, and as sergeant at arms, he takes his role as protector seriously. 

He always has. 

Snare doesn't discuss the scar that almost took his eye or the ultimate protection it provided for the only woman he's ever loved. 

The sweet butts provide the distraction he needs and the emotional disconnect he craves. 

Snare is married to the club. He doesn't need a woman who disappears without a trace. 


Sarah tries not to think of Snare. It was one night. And he paid for it—they both did. 

The nightmares don't even interrupt her dreams. Much. 

Except for the secret she keeps of the child they had together, life couldn't be more perfect. 

Sarah knows that Snare isn't the type of man to toy with—or lie to. But when her abuser took things too far, Sarah couldn't allow Snare to protect her any longer. She fled and hasn't seen her stepbrother since.

The price for their love was more than fists and rage. 

It was flesh and blood. 

Can Sarah hide the truth from the one man who protected her with his own life? Will Snare deny his true feelings because of scars that run more than skin deep? 

Snare is a full-length, standalone romantic suspense novel with hot sex, no cheating, strong language, an HEA ending and NO CLIFFHANGERS. Contains disturbing themes that might be uncomfortable for some. Perfect for fans of Joanna Wylde, and who also like the dark fare of Pepper Winters.

5 stars

I have read this series and enjoyed the previous releases. This release is a little different as it deals with a step brother situation. I'm not a huge fan of those as I think it's been overdone but this wasn't a bad read .. in fact this was a great read. From the first two chapters and the flashback you will find yourself already fallen for Sarah and Snare. 

Snare is an intriguing character and if you read the previous books you would have already met him. You don't have to read the previous releases but it helps you get closer to this character. Snare is a protector. When Sarah came into his life he had no choice but to protect her from his disgusting father. He won't let him hurt her even if his life depends on it. I knew he would be my favorite character from this series and I wasn't wrong. Committed, protector, brave and loves with a full strong and fierce heart. 

Sara can't let his father hurt her step brother. If she stays he will end up killing him. She has to leave. Without a word she is gone breaking herself and giving up the one person who meant anything to her. Sara thinks running has saved her and the only love of her life ... But someone is looking for her ... Someone she wants to find her and the other she doesn't. 

This is one crazy read. The story line is really good and the writing is the same. I always feel like I want more though. That's a good problem for an author to have. Sara is also hiding a secret that I won't tell but I think it's written in the author synopsis. I LOVED her. Strong, amazing, smart and doing what she has to in order to survive. Did I say .. I LOVED HER. Once again great characters .. Great storyline and has me waiting for the next release. 

There is no cliffhanger like the previous releases! If you haven't checked this series out go grab it up. These are free on Kindle Unlimited so you can't go wrong! Grab up Noose, Knot and Rose while you are doing your clicking! 

Thank you for the ARC Marata! Review to post to Ramblings Beneath The Sheets. This is the best release yet.

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