Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Amy's 3.5 star ARC Review of Disgrace by Dee Palmer

I shamed my name. I am a whore. I am a disgrace. I’m all the things my mother made me. I wear my badge with pride because I know the truth, and only those worth a damn see me for who I am, not the label I choose to hide behind. 
I am a Domme. I would still rather be a whore than a hypocrite like my mother, or a victim like the daughter she raised me to be. 
As Mistress Selina, I can bring a grown man to his knees without so much as a crack of my handmade whip. I love the power and control—what’s not to love? I must be mad to even consider Dominant club owner and King of Kink Jason Sinclair’s proposition. 
Two Doms don’t make a right. 
Self-preservation has kept me at a safe distance from the one man who could change all that. The only man who wields power like a sensual sword and keeps me balanced on that knife’s edge. My choice is simple: He wants me to switch for him. But if I do, will I bleed or will I fall?

3. 5 stars

Sam has had a crap life. She was born into a life that her mother started and tormented her in. The experiences and what she suffered through has made her who she is. All Sam knows is being used and that abuse is a normal part of her life. Meeting Leon, she finds her way into being something more. 

Jason wants Sam but two Doms don’t work so in order to have her she must become his sub. Blowing back into Sam’s past she doesn’t know if she can give Jason what he wants. The past and the present collide to create drama and more drama. 

I just couldn’t connect with the characters. Again we have a cruel man in this book taking continuous shots at a woman. I do like that Sam became a strong woman but the constant smexy stuff is just not enough for me in a story. The read needs to be more in depth as well as the characters. 

If you like this style of read then click it up! We all don’t love the same things. I appreciate the ARC and the chance to read. I just enjoy the more dramatic events of men who appreciate their women and suspense in a different way.

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