Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Amy's 3.5 star ARC Review of Derision by Trisha Wolfe

*Dark erotic standalone that may have triggers 

Here at Lark and Gannet, you’ll work directly under the partners, being groomed by the most powerful, all-male partnership to handle an exclusive clientele. While within The Firm, your level of training goes deeper, requiring more…varied tasks, which you’re obligated to perform to your Master’s pleasing. 

Are you nervous? You should be. Chase Larkin has chosen you to be his submissive. 

Alexis Wilde, will you submit? 

All I wanted was to save my brother. Something my parents failed to do—and then, I failed him also. As an introvert, getting ahead in the cutthroat law firm required a level of ego stroking I didn’t posses, and that meant my talents were overlooked. Until Chase Larkin noticed me. 

My erotic fantasy come to life, Chase is all powerful, all man, all dominant. In one night, he changed my life irrevocably. Now I’m ruined, destined to crave him forever. His scent. His taste. His brutal touch… 

If I never followed him to his office that night, then none of this would’ve happened. A stalker on the prowl. Our lives in jeopardy. And only a moment—one pivotal moment—to decide our fate. His life or mine. 

*This is a full length, standalone dark romance with an antihero that may trigger uncomfortable feelings for the reader.

3.5 stars

This is a really dark read so if you have triggers you might need to steer clear. Derision has a little of everything in it and it's sometimes a rough ride to get through it. There is major sexy times in it and of course we all love that but in my world and what I love to read it’s a little overkill. I really couldn’t wrap my head around the preface of a law firm as powerful as this one by night turned into something else. 

Alexis is working as an intern at the firm and wanting to work her way up to a paralegal position. She needs to be successful to help her brother with his needs medically. Alexis is the only family he has left and you would think he would want to stick around but he is gone. She is determined to find him and will do anything to get him the help he needs. 

Chase sees something in Alex but needs to make sure she will serve her purpose. If she cant become a good sub then what -- he is consumed with her. Keeping to herself, Chase sees someone that needs to find her way. He wants her and he will have her and make her want to be his. 

I wanted to love the book but for me it was just ok. I have a hard time with the written in degrading of the BDSM style. I love a strong woman and there is no reason why a sub cant be written as such. I understand why Alex was written the way she was as it was the preface of the story and Chase helping her but it wasn’t for me. However if you like this type of read click it up! 

Thank you for the ARC!

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