Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Amy's 5 star review of Survivor (First to Fight #2) by Nicole Blanchard

I knew falling in love with him was bad for us both, but I did it anyway. 

For a brief moment, we had it all. Even though he was leaving to join the Marines and I had four years of college ahead of me, he was everything I ever wanted and didn't think I deserved. 

But real life has a way of dashing dreams—and that happy future we envisioned together? It disappeared at the hands of a monster. 

Ten years have passed and I'm not the same naïve girl that believed in happily-ever-afters. When unforseen events draw me back to our hometown and I find myself caring for my two teenage brothers, the last thing on my mind should be reconnecting with the hottie-turned-hero who I loved at seventeen. 

As the past begins to repeat itself and old threats resurface, I'll have to trust him with the secrets that tore us apart if I want a second chance at his heart. 


5 stars

Survivor is a story that does contain an issue that might be a trigger. If you cannot read of violence against women then potentially this might have a trigger for you. The story focuses on surviving. Surviving heartbreak, violence, abuse loss of love. Everything was stacked against Sophie but she came out of it on the bright end of things ..not without fighting for herself and her brothers but she made it. If you can read the story knowing this then do click this up. 

Jack find himself in front of Sophie at her home. The home she just broke into. Not telling you why or how. This first chapter is what draws you in. There is so much unsaid that you know there is so much more going to weave through the pages. Jack will do whatever it takes to protect Sophies family now that they have lost everything. She left and now she is back but for how long. Jack needs to convince her to stay. Laying it all out on the line he hopes she will do what if right for her brothers. 

Sophie left and pushed Jack away because she had to. There was no choice or so she thought. Staying would ruin her. And now that her past is back and haunting her again there is no way she can stay. She cant do it again and she can't stand the thought of the hurt returning. 

Jack and Sophie’s story is a brutal one. Both characters have been through so much and the fact that Jack stuck around caring for Sophie’s family after she walked away with no regard made me love him more. But don’t judge before you turn the last page. There is a reason for the madness and a reason Sophie ran. 

Hang on to your heart … you are going to need it. You don’t need to read Warrior to understand what is going on in this release but when you finish Survivor go and grab Warrior. We have a new release coming out in June and it's going to be a great one. There is Anchor which is a 0.5 release and then Warrior which is the first complete book … Savior is coming … you want to be all caught up before you click it up …. Powerful story … wonderful last page. Thank you Nicole! 

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