Thursday, September 26, 2013

Heaven's Sinners (MC Sinners #2) by Bella Jewel

This is Danny aka Spike and Ciara's aka Tom Cat's story..... and oh what a story it is.  Danny "Spike" and Ciara have a history together and it's not necessarily a good one.  You see, they knew each other for years prior.  They were actually BEST FRIENDS.... they would spend every minute together.  Neither letting the other know their true feelings. They both wanted more, but were both afraid of sharing their feelings - scared it would ruin the friendship they had.   Ciara not having the best/closest relationship with her family, her sister Cheyenne included.  Once Chey sees the closeness the two of them have she jumps in....flirting etc and well eventually Ciara feels that Spike doesn't love her the way she loves him - she tells them to go for it...... something happens and Ciara decided to leave town.  Coming back two years later to Spike and Chey being married.  

Enter present day - 

Spike- we met him in book one- and I instantly LOVED him.....Muscular, tattooed, and has piercings that are barbells with Spiked ends that he likes the ladies to pull off with their teeth!  SIGN ME UP!  He's into some kinky fettish too.....

Spike had some major shit go down in book one.... and well if you are reading this you know what happened.  He's PISSED that Ciara has come back.  She is the last person he wants to see. He knows tragedy and he knows that as much as he cared and still cares for Ciara feelings are better left hidden.  He doesn't want to put his heart out there again.  I mean they didn't leave on good terms the last time they seen each other. 

Cirara is cocky and hard headed and strong willed.  She so despirately wants Spikes forgiveness.  She refuses to give up on him until she gets it.  She is home to apologize and make things right between them again.  To try and "FIX" Spike and he is having no part of it..... yeah okay.  She makes advances towards him and he pushes her away.  They argue and fight and hurt each other - all over again.  He starts flaunting women in front of her and she starts flirting with men at the bar to piss him off.  One thing leads to another and yep..... in bed together.  Their chemistry is spot on and the sex is amazing in this one =) 

** He looks so gorgeous.  He's like sex on legs.  He's THAT kind of beautiful.**

During this one, Spike is out for revenge against the man who caused the drama in book one.  He keeps stuff from Ciara to protect her.  He doesn't want to lose her like he did her sister in book one.  

When they finally admit to one another their true feelings and talk about what happened in the past and what happened with her sister.  They start their "healing".... and are finally able to admit that they have always loved each other.  

** It was you who took my heart, and you fuckin' broke it.  She picked the pieces up when I couldnt' find you, and so I stopped fighting.  Cheyenne might have had me in the end, Tom Cat, but my heart was always yours first. **

I really enjoyed the dual POV that are being told through out.  Both Spike and Ciara tell their past and present POV's in this one.   They both have such pain and guilt they are dealing with over the death of her sister.  It's what is causing them to be hurtful and hate each other.  

** I can't give you sweet things, and I can't promise you nothin'.  I've got a dangerous life, and until that life is sorted, I ain't takin' you as my Old Lady.  I am gonna take you though, every fuckin' night and day, 'cause you belong in my bed **

**I love you Spike.  I don't expect you to love me back, and I'm not asking you to even try.  I just want you to know, that after everything, I still love you. I always have, and I always will. **

They finally get what appears to be a HEA....but with a MC- shit can change in the blink of an eye.... We will just have to wait and see what happens in the next installment of MC SINNERS....... 

4 stars~  

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Who We Are (FireNine 2) by Shanora Williams

Well.... GAGE "The Rock God" Grendel is back! With that being said..... 

This is going to be a short review.  I LOVED book one in this series.  And I have said this before - Not every book I love - will be everyone's favorite and not every book someone else Loves - will be mine.  I am giving this one 3 stars.....

I went into this book - EXCITED.... and I enjoyed it.... I just felt like I needed more.... like it was missing something.  

This one picks up 8 months after Eliza leaves Gage- breaking his heart. Both are clearly dealing with the awful breakup and their emotions over losing each other.   Gage is still angry, pissed off and clearly still in love with Eliza.  Even thought, he won't admit it right away.  Eliza is meeting up with her father Ben at the concert (she's going back home with Ben) Eliza is clearly having anxiety at seeing Gage after all this time....knowing she ripped his heart out when she left him months earlier.  It's when she hears this in the stadium that she knows.....just how bad she hurt him...

"This girl... I know she's here right now. She really broke my F'ng heart. I f'd up; she let me go. I opened up to her; she closed off on me... I want her to know tonight how bad she f'd me over- how hurt I was when I watched her leave. Not only did she break my heart, but she took the pieces with her."

Eliza is given a job interning that Gage helped her get and it's then that the two of them realize they still love each other and so while he is on break from touring they give it another shot. They open up about their feelings to one another.   Their reunion is full of spark and love and great sex. =)  I mean the chemistry is clearly still there..... 

  But, it's not HEA right minute they are happy and in love again and then's 2 years later... I was like WTC just happened??? I should have known something was up when he said to her "Eliza, I love you.  No matter what"..... My heart ached.....It was Gage who walked away this time and I wanted to find him and beat the crap out of him.  Then we find out he's engaged to the evil bitch Penelope.  

Penelope doesn't make it easy for them.  Gage falls into a depression and clearly his music is showing it.  

In the end though....SW does give us our HEA.... just took them some heart ache and sadness along the way.   We have to deal with the death of a loved one in this...... I was mad at Eliza then I'd be mad at Gage through out this book.  

I'm excited though to read about Roy and Montana one day.  =-)  

** "I love you, Eliza"  "You're the first girl I've ever loved outside of family and I've been going fucking crazy over you.  You don't understand how much I need you.  How much I miss you.  You were all I had, but I.....I fucked up"  

** "You're my first love.  I'm in love with you and I always will be.  But when it comes down to my family and my band, no one can get in between that.  Family always comes first.  My band is like blood.  I'll do whatever I can for my sister - for the band.  And if it means letting this go for now... I have to.  We can't do this right now, Eliza.  I can't let Penelope win.  I'll find a way out of it.... It'll just take me some time.  You can't hold this against me."  

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Safe with Me by Kristen Proby

What can I say.... I mean we have Caleb "HOT NAVY SEAL" Montgomery - the protector and the lover.  He's Hot, sexy, moody, intense, loving, full of passion. Who has nightmares and shit he is dealing with thanks to his most recent tour.  He's like all the Montgomery men - tall and broad.  Dark blonde hair and ice blue eyes. With, according to Brynna, not a six pack but a ten pack of abs =)

We have Brynna- who in the beginning is just taking her twin girls Josie and Maddie to see their father - her ex- for his visitation.   Jeff - a police officer- never has had anything to do with the twins.  Brynna walks into some shit that Jeff is involved with and has to flee back to Seattle to be with her family.  

We met these two in Fight with Me and  Rock with Me.  The attraction and crazy hot chemistry between the two of them is there.  Caleb becomes their protector and moves in with them.....this quickly become more than he can handle.  Trying to stay away from Brynna in a romantic way.  I mean in his eyes she is family.  

He loves the three of them.  IF nothing else, your heart will melt at just the way he loves those twin girls.  Eventually, they can't stay away from each other and one thing leads to another and wham bam thank you mam happens at his brothers house in the office. 
Their relationship quickly grows ----and it becomes too much for Caleb to handle.  So, yes my friends, he breaks her heart...and it will break yours too.

This book is more than just HOT SEX... I mean there is plenty of that don't get me wrong. Kristen can totally write us a Sex scene ya'll..... There were several times I was totally SWOONING over Caleb.   But, this book focuses on family! 

It takes an accident and him getting help for his PTSD and nightmares to bring them back together.... but will it be a HEA.....Does Brynna love him enough to forgive him for walking out on her and the twins and leaving them unprotected.......  Will he be able to prove to her and again tell her you are SAFE WITH ME....... 

We have all the past couples in this one and the humor and omg  no they didn't just say that moments are back.  Those Montgomery boys have their hands full with their women.  It was so nice to be able to catch up with the gang again. 

**For the love of all that's holy this man is pure, unadulterated sex on a fucking stick** 

**Welcome to the club.  The I Love a Hot Man club, sweetheart" **

I did personally feel like the ending kind of left us with some unanswered stuff..... like One day she"s safe...the next she isn't and then the next it's all good????  It kind of felt rushed a bit.  With that being said, it was a great book.  

I personally am still in a Nate - Leo sandwich.... but Caleb wasn't too bad ;)  

Sunday, September 22, 2013

UnAttainable by Madeline Sheehan

You know that feeling you get as you are getting on a roller coaster and you hear the brakes click and the carts start moving and then you start to climb.  You get those nervous butterflies in your stomach and you think "oh shit" just as the car reaches the top and you start to drop...drop fast....for a ride that not only scares the shit out of you, but gives you such a fucking rush that you have to do it again......  THAT my friends is how I feel when I read Madeline's books... I have so many HIGHLIGHTED areas that it looks like she wrote the book in Fluorescent yellow marker.  

**Nice to meet you Teacup, my name is Cage**

You go into reading a Madeline book knowing that you will come out of it with a book hangover of all hangovers.... Like just lock me into a room and throw away the key...because I will be walking around like a drug addict looking for her next fix, saying WTF just happened after reading a Madeline book!  

The Ugly just got uglier, the dirty just got dirtier, the gritty just got grittier, the rough just got rougher- You feeling me?  Madeline holds nothing back in this one.  One minute I am thinking that a moment of what should have been rough-taking what he wants- sex turned into something beautiful and had me literally crying.... "Fuckin' take it, Teacup".....   "Please....Just fuckin' take it, babe"  JESUS.... I think my panties just melted.  She really did have us feeling like this was two scoops of vanilla, one scoop of chocolate, crushed walnuts, sprinkles, cookie crumbs, whipped cream and drizzled in chocolate sauce and topped with cherries.  And I wanted to hear him say "get on the back of my bike Tracy"......  

**Falling in love with what they can never have - the untouchable, the seemingly larger than life, the unattainable! **

The relationship between Tegen "Teacup" and Cage is a rough one that is a love story like no other.  Best friends since childhood and then one night too much to drink turns into a night Cage can't remember and ripping Tegen to shreds.  Years later...still hating Cage for that night.  

I wanted to be Deuces old lady from book one.  And that hard - core, bad ass biker had me in love again in this one.  Making me feel like I was cheating on him with his son Cage.  Like isn't that some fucked up shit.  Wishing you could have both father and son.  Deuce pissed me off though... I wanted to rip his heart out when he basically tells Tegen to get the fuck out of town and don't look back.  

This may have been mostly a story of Tegen and Cage and their fucked up relationship.  But it also is a story of Deuce - still being the bad ass control freak Prez that he is.  It's also a story about Michael "Dirty".....
Dirty.....His story ripped my heart out..... every time I read about it.....there is my heart....ripped into a million F'ing pieces.....You can't help but to want to  love Dirty after reading his story.   For Dirty, "being attracted to a women for something other than physical traits was something completely foreign to him."  Ellie made him uncomfortable, flustered,  and turned on.  Reading about this side of him was refreshing and sweet....yet scary!  He and Ellie "rescue" each other... it's not an easy ride...but with the Hell's Horsemen- it never is. Madeline GOES THERE - deep and dark with his story.... and it's not an easy read..... but her way of telling it makes you see that there is good in Dirty and you may not fall in love with him, but you will understand him.  

**Holy fucking shit.  Holy what-the-fuck fucking shit.**

Cage......  Cage Fucking West  -Beautiful.  Asshole. Like father, like son.  He's a whore- a hot fucking piece of ass whore! I mean according to Tegen "every female that crossed Cage's path falls immediately into a big bucket of fucking stupid"  and let me tell you... I was one of those women!  
He may not show it, but it KILLS Cage to know that Tegen once felt like the sun rose and set with him.  That she had said she loved him that one night years ago and all he could say was "I don't know what the fuck you're thinking just ain't like that for me, baby"  and that now she wanted abso-fucking-lutely nothing to do with him.  He deserves it...he's a piece of shit!  

**Reel it in Teacup....Reel it the fuck in**

Tegen- Can I be her?  That woman doesn't take shit from anyone. I think she actually has her own set of balls.   LOVE her mouth... says whatever the hell is on her mind and doesn't think twice about it.  LOVE her dreads, and her piercings and her Tats..... Downfall- she loves Cage but HATES the MC.  Blames everyone of them for what happened to her mother.  Even growing up around the club, she hates them.  

** Sports bikes are for pussies.  True fucking statement**

ZZ......WOW....just WOW.... from the beginning I didn't even think we would see him.. "He's got a big dick, fucks like a slap-happy seal and doesn't talk very often.  He's pretty much perfect...and in the end you are like WTF DID YOU JUST DO? You feel bad for ZZ- getting screwed over time and time again."   I hope and pray he has a story... I think he has a lot to be told......  and it's going to be Deep...

Ellie.......Sweet Ellie....looking to love someone and to give them her love in return.  After a night of barely making it out alive.....she is learning to trust Dirty to help take care of her.  Dirty- the broken, has some totally messed up shit going on in his head- Horseman to take care of her...... What happens to Ellie brings some unnecessary drama to the club that they must deal with.  

**ASTF-Aggresive Sexual Tegen Frustration**  

**I'm layin' fuckin claim to you, Tegen, every single fuckin' part of you, right the fuck now**

**Take it, Teacup....Be my girl**

There are still a lot of untold stories at the Hell's Horsemen MC.....we still have some shit left wide open at the end of this one.....There are some HEA's - you know- as HEA as you can get from Madeline and the club.  We see many different characters in this book.  She takes us into a much darker side of the MC.  There should be a warning on this one..... Leave all morals at the door....enter at your own risk....

I NEED to hear a story with Hawk and Jase.... like my girly parts are aching for that shit. 

 Are you ready to jump on the back of his bike and be his old lady?  If not, you need to stop now......You love the man, you love the life!  

**Long Live the Hell's Horsemen!  Biker Born, Biker Bred and when I die, I'll be Biker Dead"  

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Last Rider's series... Books 1 and 2 by Jamie Begley....

Razer's Ride (Book 1)

Well thank you for bringing Razer into my life. WHEW! I swear my panties were wet and I was all hot and bothered reading this. I mean I Hated him at times, but then I found that just like Beth, I loved him more....and gave him a chance I LOVE my MC books....and this one did not disappoint. I swear my heart ached for her though towards the end after her accident. I couldn't breathe for a moment when he had that Skank in his lap In my next life I want to come back as a Biker's bitch or old lady... man that shit is HOT! I had one clicked book two and only got a few pages in and couldn't wait to see if Viper will be my new 5+ I swear some of these "vanilla" friends of mine need to just step out of their boxes... it's so totally worth it! They are missing out.....I hated him and I loved him.... You will too... LOVED this book.... Jump on board with the Last Riders and see what Razer has to offer ;) Yum! <3

Viper's Run (The Last Rider's #2)

Holy Hotness..... I thought I loved Razer from book one.... Well HELLO Viper.....Total panty dropping - I love you - I hate you - OMG Where Can I join The Last Riders....... ;)

Holy F'ing Hotness Batman... Just finished Viper's Run.... Good Lord... I almost couldn't take it.... It was even hotter than Razer and we know how wet he made me Every time he put his hands down her pants I thought Dear God - why Can't I be Winter.... I truly felt the way the author made Winter "depend" on Viper and the club after her accident and being in the wheelchair etc was such an awesome twist... I mean for him to truly love her that much to take care of her in that situation pulled at my heart a tad I mean yeh... Don't get me wrong... Just like book one... I was kinda hating on him a lil, but he redeemed himself. I felt like the author touched on some real life issues that readers can relate to - you know, besides the mind blowing hard core sex - like the accident/the wheelchair and the fact that she was being pushed out of a job just because of her choice in friends. I am a firm believer in you shouldn't be told who you can just happens....I also like the fact they have a factory that is legit and just goes to show not all MC's are doing illegal shit... I freaking LOVE that Lily is still a little timid, but I have a feeling she is going to come out of her shell and when she does....they better watch out. I really feel like she is going to be an inner bad ass-freak in the sheets-give it to me hard- and who knows... maybe she will be the one to get the votes the "real way" if you know what I mean..... I swear I thought Lily was going to be stripping on a pole when they were at the bachelor party.... I thought I was about to have an orgasm as I read one of the hottest scenes in the book... KNOX... Can you please dish that man up and have his mouth with his cold metal ball against my clit.... Good F**king lord.... I fell in love with that man from the moment it was said he was "pierced" because I love a pierced man....and I mean anywhere! I have also taken to Shade in this book.. just something about that man that had my heart pulling towards him......LOVE the names the author gave the biker bitches from the other MC....Crazy Bitch....Sex Piston....I was SOOOO glad Viper left the bedroom door open another Fave lasting ten minutes... HA! I will say that I was a tad disappointed that when I first read that Knox walked in that it was not to have a threesome with them.... (hey I am a freak-in the sheets what can I say) I thought it was a great ending to hand out more punishments for the stealing of her baskets.... and for her to think she had the special folds of the papers figured out and when she reached in it was a small box..... I think the author has so many books to come...I want of course Shade / Lily to have a story, I think Cash should get one, Rider could even have one too....but my very own Vagina is SCREAMING for KNOX and his Magic Mouth......He definitely deserves a story and his "old lady" well I think she needs to be a tattooed total BAD ASS one timid or shy....someone who is going to ROCK HIS WORLD...and he def does not need to end up with Jewell or Evie... with that being said.... another 5+ stars! I hate that I have to sit and wait now..... tick tock.... my Inner biker bitch and vagina are waiting.....

Rock With Me book 4 in the With Me In Seattle Series by Kristen Proby

For those that read the With me in Seattle series by Kristen Proby and have not read Rock With Me....get on it! Loved Leo Nash! Yes I read this and I was swooning for days. I just had to go back and read one of my favorite parts that had me crying I was laughing so hard. The BABYSITTING scene..... I even read it to my oldest daughter,  who thought I had lost my mind, because I couldn't even talk I was laughing so hard.... If you haven't read this series....UMMMM... you NEED TO! 

Book One - Come Away with Me is about LUKE whom I thought I loved until book 2 when I met Nate 
Book two - Fight With Me with my book BF Nate....MAJOR SWOON FEST
Book Three - Play with Me with Will ( he was good....not my fave of course I was just leaving a book High from Nate...)
Book Four - Rock With Me with Leo Nash  I didn't think I'd love someone other than Nate  But OH SWEET JESUS... I Fell in LOVE with Leo Nash!  

You HAVE TO READ THESE IN ORDER because although each book is a different character  the others characters stories continue in the next book as well........

One of my fave quotes from Leo during this scene "" you smell that?".......then he says a few lines later "I think she shit herself"...... ya'll this scene is soo funny! or maybe I'm just coo coo

While I finished up Rock With Me and I swear ......I still love Nate from Fight With Me....BUT love Leo Nash now too......the author Kristen Proby gets another five stars from me.....the humor in this one alone gets Five stars......I was constantly giggling and smiling big while reading this one. Don't worry.....she gets five stars for the Sex scenes too

Rock with Me.......swooning over Leo!!! 

"You make me forget how to breathe" he whispers.  GAH...send him to me NOW!  


Finished Love Thy Neighbor second in the Friend Zoned series and LOVED it...Asher "Ghost" and Nat... I was intrigued by Ghost in the first one and so glad that he got his own story. I found it to be just as good as the first. I love Asher....and to hear of his past broke my heart a little....this one had me laughing just like the first one did.... Loved the two of them together... Sneaking around so their friends don't know they are "having an affair" (neither are married it's just what Nat says because they are sneaking around like one would do when having an affair) ..Several emotions in this one- I cried a little...laughed a heart swooned over Ghost on many occasions... and the ending....through all the ups and downs my heart finally smiled...if you read Friend gotta read this one....can not wait for the next in the series.....MAX and his story.... 
I hate spoilers and there are sooo many parts I want to talk
Some of my Fave lines/parts -
Asher calling Nat -"Hot Lips McGee"
Nat to Asher - "Your kisses give me a lady boner"
Nat to Asher and then he quotes her at one point saying this to her "You and me. We're the same kind"
"I'm so happy I could shit rainbows"

Fire Inside: A Chaos Novel by Kristen Ashley

My LOVE for Kristen Ashley was once again validated with Fire Inside: A Chaos Novel (book 2) 

Kristen drew me in within the first few pages of Chapter 1….. You have to understand that Lanie has had her eyes on Hop for like 7 years now…..Lanie walking up to Hop and bluntly saying “wanna f..k?”….His response being “Say again?”…..Never looking away she says “wanna F…k?”  and him saying “You had one too many babe?”…… A one time thing…… yeah okay!  This is freaking HOPPER KINCAID we are talking about…..This is HOP who can “give me wow”….. Neither want “complicated”  The relationship between these two had me smiling and giggling.  And gave me one hell of an emotional roller coaster ride.  Lanie and Hop are amazing together but when things get tough….Lanie likes to withdraw, push people away and run.  We know that HOP didn't have the best relationships in the past…. Some people even hating what he did to his ex….. And Lanie too had a very traumatic event happen in her life…so letting someone in is/was a hard thing to do.    We know bits and pieces of their pasts thanks to previous books.  (Kristen has a way of bringing her past characters back in…..even when it’s a completely different series)  Love that about her!  <3  
They sneak around….keeping their NOT COMPLICATED…ONE TIME ONLY….thing a secret from everyone at Chaos…..and from her parents.  Let’s face it….dating a member of a motorcycle club is not what the daughter of a wealthy Banker’s President should be doing.  Lanie is a bit messed up thanks to her fiance’ and what he did to her and to quote Hop after finding her at a not so good biker bar in a not so good position…..“Babe, you are so f..cked up you’re the f..kin’ definition of f..cked up.  You think, you bein’ f..cked up and me knowin’ just how much, I haven’t kept my eye on you? 
I love that Hop has a “biker’tache”  Lanie LOVES his mustache and it can do wonderful things. ;)  I love that she thinks he is “badass biker beauty”…”Badass…Hot….Fantastic”……
Both Hop and Lanie have FIRE…..Fire that is blazing bright!  They have amazing chemistry and let’s face it….the sex is AMAZING!  To quote Lanie “Give me WOW” amazing…… But is that enough?  Can Lanie let go of her past….forgive…..allow Hop completely in…..before she pushes him away one too many times? 
 I  absolutely LOVED the way he speaks to her with all the terms of endearment…. Babe….Lady….. My woman…. My old lady…. I love the bickering back and forth….love that he constantly refers to her as having “class”…. I simply love the relationship they have whether they are Hot or Cold at the moment.  I think you will be surprised at just how much you will LOVE Hop in this book.  I know some people grew to dislike him in previous books after what went down with his ex wife. 
  On again / off again… I just wanted to SCREAM at the top of my lungs.  Both of them acting foolish at times.   I won’t lie the last few chapters almost killed me! 
Don’t get me wrong there is still a lot of work to be done by Chaos in this one as they are still fighting a war with Belova.   Yes our faves are in this one too….even a few Fave cops from Mystery Man and a few names from Rock Chicks….aka…Nightingale Investigations.  I had SO MANY FAVE parts highlighted in this book.  I could have a few pages of Fave quotes……. I will leave you with this one by Lanie….being towards the end of the book when TACK finally  finds them in bed together and having a discussion with them .... “You need to leave” I ordered.  “I need to go ape-shit on my old man and I’m not wearing any underwear”.  Tack burst out laughing. 
Kristen once again BLEW THE EPILOUGE  out of the water.  FIVE STARS KA! 

KA has been a top FAVE author since I read the very first Rock Chicks book and every book in every series there after.  Just when I think she can’t make me love her more….she does!  

Scarlett Dupree - Beauty and the Bad Boy (Bad Boy #1)

Here is my little review on Beauty and the Bad Boy that I posted on Goodreads/Amazon and sent to the author....when I read this in June.

Wanna know how I know a book will be 5 stars.... Bad Boy Tattooed Biker.  =)  This book grabbed me from the beginning. I didn't stop until I was done which was three hours later. I didn't even wanna get up to go to the bathroom. That is how invested I was in this book. The characters made you love them from the beginning. Each having a tragic past that was heart wrenching....both from different walks of life. You would think that Dakota is this sweet...innocent girl from the moment she drives up wearing her pink sweater....until the story starts to unfold....she is one BAD ASS Biotch! And Jake....all I can say is Yum! One look at the hunky tattooed bad boy and she is done! And one look at this Beauty pull up to his shop...he was done. She embarks into his lifestyle of violence and pain and death and betrayal. The author makes Dakota an independent/can kick ass and take names kinda girl. She doesn't need a man to take care of her. BUT...she also makes Jake the Alpha Male who wants/needs/and desires to take care of his woman.... even when his woman can kick his ass! There are plenty of moments when you think....this is it...this is the end of their relationship....there are plenty of hot sex scenes....kicking ass scenes and scenes that literally left my mouth wide open saying OMFG!!!!!! It's not all a bed of roses for them..... They are definitely two lost souls who find each other and work through things together to try and prove that you can find love and happiness again. or can you???? I don't give detailed spoilers away so it's really hard for me to talk about books I have read.... but trust me peeps... this book shot up to the top right under My Fave Madeline Sheehan and Undeniable/Unbeautifully books..... That's how good this was.... Can not wait to read the next in this series.... The ending....just WOW!
5 Fan-Fucking-Tastic stars

Jasinda Wilder.... Falling into You

Falling into you..... 
WOW...JUST WOW... I cried.....then I cried some more....then just when I thought I was done hit me again and there were more tears.... Jasinda can really drag that out of you with her writing. This is definitely a book of tragedy, heartache and romance. This book had me going through a ton of emotions. I thought I loved Kyle and know the entire best friend...first true love...first everything together...but then I fell in love even more with Colton and Nell. Nell has a lot of guilt and anger and grief to deal with. And finding Colton after a few years is just what she needed to realize that you can still love again. Colton was dealing with his own pain. He, too has been through his share of anger and grief. He's been a bad boy in a gang and dealt with a few tragedies himself only to make him realize he needed to turn his life around. He does just that without the help from his wealthy parents (you learn all about that later in the book) He goes and makes something of himself. They are just what each other needs to overcome their tragic pasts and learn to love again. It is so hard to say just how drawn into this book I was. You have to know that the beginning really tore at my heart and had my heart aching and bawling like a baby. But, Jasinda knows just how to make that sadness into happiness. This book left my heart finally smiling at the end and anxious to start reading the next book Falling into Us.....
5 stars
"I'm not just falling in Love with you....I'm falling into you"

I read this while ago.... Just now posting my review on here.  AMAZING read... Grab your tissues and one click if you haven't read it already.   

Monday, September 16, 2013

Oldies.....but goodies.....

Some of you know that before this Ramblings from Beneath the Sheets Blog, and my FB Blog I started out with just a "Group" under my personal FB page and it was called "Books and a Beer".... Yeah I know... Maybe I should have transferred that name over to this one.... Anyway, that page started because of my love of reading and friends always asking me what they should read next.  So, on that page I have TONS of books that I have recommended over the year and feel like some of those need to be brought over to this new blog page.  I mean there are PLENTY of authors with KICK ASS books out there, that often don't get the Pimping they need once their book falls off the "New Release" lists.  And several of those KICK ASS authors do have books in the works that are due to be released soon.  I've tried to showcase a few of my faves over the past week, as well as continuing to show support of my New Authors.  I often feel like I am cheating on my new Author friends when I recommend another book.  Thinking to myself "Oh Fuck...when will the divorce papers show up?"  "She is for sure dumping me after this pimp out".....

Every author starts out in the same boat.  I've said this before and I'll continue to say it.  It takes us the readers, us the bloggers and just that one person taking a chance on each other.  For the authors to get the likes they need and the books bought that they have spent hours and hours - blood, sweat and tears on writing for us to enjoy.  We may not always think they are 5 star reads.  But, that in no way means, we as readers should start bashing such authors.  They do want Honest reviews.... in a nice way.   

It's so hard for me to write reviews some times.  Only because I DON'T DO SPOILERS and when writing my reviews it's often hard to NOT mention something.  I am trying my best to go to Goodreads and Amazon and leave a review.  Whether it's a 5 star review or a 3 star...they want to hear from us.  Amazon and I have a love/hate relationship, because my reviews often get kicked back due to my "language".  UGH!  I have a fucking sailors mouth, I can't help my word of choice is FUCK!  

It not only takes, word of mouth, to get authors names out there it goes the same for us bloggers. Each of us are different in our own ways, but still striving for the same thing.  We love to read and want to spread the word of our Fave's!  It's not a competition..... and those that try to make it that... well they just suck balls!    It's not about who has the most likes or author friends etc.  I think it's simply about sharing our passion...... BOOKS!  I have hundreds of bloggers I follow on FB and have found new and interesting things from each of them that I may not have known or seen from somewhere else.  And trust me... I've one clicked MANY books by following these bloggers.  Amazon and I are Best Friends  =) 

I have also said that I didn't start this blog to get free stuff from anyone.  I didn't sign up to ask for free books or arc copies... all that is a Bonus!  The free swag/books I have been offered will be for the purpose of Exactly what it is meant for... giveaways!  I have no problem buying a signed copy of a book for my personal book shelf just like every one else.  

My style may not be for everyone and I am sure my language turns people away. I am not going to sugar coat anything.  I am the way I am....  I am sarcastic, I cuss, I drink beer, I say things I probably shouldn't, I'm Kinky, I am NOT vanilla and I read!  I.READ.A.LOT!  Nothing you can say or do will turn my head and walk the other way.... My besties know who I am.  Hell, the reason I am besties with a few are because they are the exact same as me.  Then again, opposites attract and I have a few besties that....well let's be honest... are Vanilla!  But I love them!  

I totally fan girl when an author I LOVE likes my page or pimps me out on theirs. Ya'll know I totally fan girled when Jade C Jamison pimped me.  Watch out Jade... I have a girl crush on you and if I see you at a signing in the future...It's ON =)   Like I's helping each other.  Connecting with some authors on a personal level has been the Highlight of all this.  If I could be Besties with all of them I would.... Hey... I can share <wink wink>  Hit me up!  =) 

I must absolutely say thank you to Author Andrea Smith.  She and I have quickly become friends thanks to FB and I've said this before.  She has taken a chance on me and I am forever grateful to her.  Not only does she rock as an author - she rocks as a friend!  She and I talk every day and I am excited to be working with her at her first Author signing next year and hope that will lead to even more Author signings with her.  I've also been asked to help Admin her FB pages.  It's new to both of us and we will learn the ropes together.  I am determined to make her a STAR!  

Another quick thank you goes out to a new Author- Cleo Scornavacca.  She messaged me and gave me my first ever ARC for an honest review of her book Miss Taken.   I see great things in her future as well.  Thank you Cleo for taking a chance on me too =)  

See, I have been rambling..... I often have a lot to say and my brain just keeps going on and on...  so I guess the purpose of this was to say.... I am going to be pimping out some "oldies, but goodies" in the up and coming days.  Pulling out some stuff from my old blog and throwing it out to you on the new blog. Go like the author pages.... share the author pages... share my blog page....Lot's of exciting things are coming our way via Ramblings from Beneath the Sheets... I promise you!  

Now, go one click a book and fall in love - one page at a time! <3

Cage (Corps Security- book 2) by Harper Sloan

MIXED FEELINGS for Greg Cage..Beauty and the Beast...I read the first book Axel and LOVED it.  This one I went into with high expectations.  I mean, we meet Greg Cage or simply G as Izzy calls him, in the first book and he's such a loving/thoughtful/big brother type character to Izzy and Dee.  Then in this book....Total Alpha Asshole. Which normally, I LOVE!   I mean, don't get me wrong, the sex with his pierced, hot, alpha male self was Hot!  But..... I just felt this story line was lacking.....something! I wasn't excited with this story line and often a little bored with it.  I needed some kind of excitement.  The connection they had, involving both their sisters deaths, was one of the main story lines and when Melissa finds out this tid bit of information thanks to the crazy ass ex Mandy...she gets pissed, runs off and then simply takes him back.  Running into his arms.  All is forgiven.  Then the "Trip to Vegas" I felt was grasping at straws to throw some drama in there.    I am all for my MC books, but that part was just so out of left field and just I D K .... can't find the right words. Some parts just felted rushed.  I hate saying that too. Because like I said... I LOVED Axel and couldn't talk about that one enough to my friends......    I did enjoy how all the characters are included in this story line.  

With that being said.... I can only hope that the next in the series will redeem Corps Security in my eyes.  I do look forward to Maddox story the most.   Sadly, this one gets 3 stars from me.... And we all have our opinions.  I am in no way bashing Harper Sloan.  It's simply my opinion of Cage and plenty of others have given this 5 stars.  For me.... I needed and wanted more!  I will still one click the others in the series.  

Friday, September 13, 2013

Be My Baby Lite (Book 3 in the Baby Series Lite) by Andrea Smith

I had to do this within the first five minutes of reading.....TWICE!  I was bawling like a baby.  I was like seriously WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED!

This is a short review.....I love how Andrea brings us closure on so many of the issues through out the first two books.  Her style of writing is brilliant. With that being said......

There is a lot of heartache in this one.  So much, that I had to take several breaks.   Prepare to be angry during this one and to cry.  My heart was it was ripped out and sitting there in front of me flopping around.  When I was mad to the point of I can not go on, as I wiped tears, she told me to trust her and have an Open Mind and I did....

There is humor.....and laughter.....don't get me wrong.  And yes, twists and turns.

The promise of everything working towards a HEA.... leads up to the ending  that had my heart once again aching and yet happy!   And I LOVED how she ended the book.....LOVED LOVED LOVED!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Miss Taken by Cleo Scornavacca Due out this Fall!

I received this ARC from the author for an honest review........ I DON'T DO SPOILERS!  So, I will try my best to review this in a way that you can see how much I enjoyed it, but not letting you know the little twists and turns =) 

For the Authors debut, I think she did a GREAT job.

Here we go -

This story grabbed my attention from the first few pages.  We are introduced to the Medici family.  We have the Big shot lawyer -father Victor and his identical twin daughters Rain and Raven. Their mother has passed away a few years earlier.   Rain is the main character in the book and is a professional photographer.  Her twin sister Raven, followed in her fathers footsteps and is a lawyer as well.  She works for her fathers firm : Kane & Medici.   We have Michael (also a lawyer) who is Raven's fiance and the brother of Tommy who is Rain's Best Friend/Room mate.  Tommy and Rain have been Best friends since childhood and have their Photography business together.  He is her "protector" and trust me.... I fell in love with him from the moment she called him on around page 8 of the ARC copy.  That conversation was Freaking Fantastic!  <3

Sounds like a three ring circus right?

Well, the DRAMA starts when Rain is leaving for her beloved trip to Italy. Mistaken identity!  When she is kidnapped by mistake.  The kidnapper thinks she is her twin sister Raven..... Enters the mystery man.  Later finding out his name is Dominick Vane.  And yes, he too is a lawyer.  And through Dominick, we meet this lovely older couple Anna & Joseph and you just fall in love with their sweet, kind selves.  Totally opposite of Dominick a.k.a. Mr Selfish or The Fucking Viper.  He is very much a powerful, domineering alpha male.  His reasons for this... Revenge.  He wants his father's part of the firm-  Kane & Medici back...... 

Rain quickly discovers he thinks she is Raven and goes along with it. She won't let anyone hurt her family.  Even though she isn't sure why he wants to hurt her family.  Little did she know, that she would quickly start to fall for Dominick.  When he realizes the truth, that she is the twin sister... he starts to feel something for her too.  He becomes protective and controlling.  Can his over the top, domineering, selfish, need for control,  hurt his chances of a HEA with Rain?  You will have to one click this when it goes LIVE and find out!  

It's a story of Trust and love and heartache at times.  It's a roller coaster of- on again off again emotions in this relationship.  It has mystery and some OMG moments.  And let me tell you.... the BIG BANG moment... I didn't see coming!  There is also some humor.  Like when she first gets kidnapped and asks what his name is and he says "Dominick" in his serious "I AM IN CHARGE" voice and then she is all like "can I call you "Nick or Nicky"  bahahahha  

 Rain is stubborn and hard headed and feisty at times and that's why I loved her character. She is probably the only one who stands up to Dominick.   Dominick and I had a love/hate relationship.  You will see why.... 

I really connected with the story of her rose tattoo.  Hit home for me.  <3  There is a slight cliffhanger..... but don't all the good ones have that!  

I will leave you with a quote from Dominick during one of the times I was loving him...
"I am glad you feel that way, Rain.  Something beautiful and delicate should always be treated with care"  shortly after saying this,  he kisses her.........SWOONING  <3  

Like I said, I received and Advanced copy from the author for an honest review and honestly, I think it was GREAT!  I can't wait to see where book two will take us.  With all that being said..... Case Closed!  ;)

Baby Love Lite... book 2 in Andrea's baby series

Well this book starts off with a BANG!!!! Jesus I didn't see some of this shit coming.  Andrea had me all worked up and I was only 23 % into it.  I didn't know if I would be able to take much more.  I mean....we had 4 MAJOR plot twists already....

I can honestly say I want myself a Trey "Hot Nazi" Sinclair!  I want some afternoon - meet me in the conference room in 10- mid afternoon F**K's.......

This one picks up right where we left off on from book one and it's FULL of emotions... Suspense, Drama, passion, love, hate.... We get to FINALLY hear about some of the secrets of Tylar's life. And I actually cried at hearing some of it.  One part in particular had me wiping tears and it's when she is with her father -yes, there you have it. We find out who her father is. I won't say who though- Then again....THIS IS ANDREA and she could very well be pulling our chain and throw another twist in the third book saying he ISN'T actually her father  =)  And if so... I will hunt her down  ;) Anyway, the two of them are visiting a certain place to see her mom.... EMOTIONAL for me....  that's all I am going to say about that part...

We have Gina and Tristan drama.  First off, they both go through some relationship troubles.  Then, do the two of them like each other or do they just want to bump uglies and I am pretty sure Tristan is capable of making you want to slap your momma, when it comes to some wild, crazy sex.  And Again, when it comes to Gina - towards the end of this book - we get another plot twist.  I was like Holy Crap.... this isn't happening!

Let's not forget the Devil herself Care-O-Line... she shows up again and I promise will be crying from laughter at what happens to her.......  It was Awesome!  Let's just say those Adios-Mother-Fuckers play a part... bahahahaha   F**KING PRICELESS!

And speaking of evil...Yep.... She can be called many things....but Wicked Witch or Just plane ole' BITCH fits.  Yes I am talking about Tylar's Mom.......She does play a big part in Tylar finding out some of the truth about her past I give her that.... Still evil though! 

I freaking LOVE Trey and Tylar together.  They truly love each other and I feel like their relationship grew stronger in this one.  They both love baby Preston so much and Tylar especially is a great mother, considering what she was dealt as a child.  Like their love is some kind of fairy tale shit.....

I will say that there is one twist in particular involving both brothers....Trey and Tristan and if I were their "women".... I'd have been pissed off and angry too.  When I read this I was like "oh hell to the no"...." Some shit is about to get Crazy up in here...... "

We have a lot of shit going on in this one ya'll... so buckle up it's a Rough ride.... We have plenty of mystery and suspense in this one.  Plenty of shocking moments.  Lots of plot twists.  Surprises too.  This series is more than just a love story.  It has suspense and mystery through out..... I have never read a series with so many freaking plot twists and turns....EVER.... that makes this series worth the ride ya'll.  You never know what Andrea has cooked up in that head of hers and just when you are happy and content with the story line... BAM!  

I don't do SPOILERS.... EVER.... so trying to put out there what happens is hard because like I said there is so much going on in this one that one little thing will throw a wrench in and you will lose the OH MY F**CKING GOD SHOCKS that I did while reading. There is sooo much I want to say and I can't.  GAH! It will ruin it for ya'll.... so grab it after you read book one and feel the emotions yourself...  

Another 5 stars from me..... moving on to book 3 ya'll.....  <3 <3  

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Rachel Van Dyken

We've all heard of her latest 5 star release RUIN.  It was AMAZING!  It will make you cry, then laugh, then cry some more.  It has LOVE and HEARTACHE.   BUT.... Did you know that Rachel also has many other AMAZING reads that I know some of you probably haven't one clicked yet.  My first encounter with this author was when I read -

ELITE (Eagle Elite) - I couldn't put this book down. I was told about this book by my best friend Marylou. We were talking one day and she mentioned it, so I went over and one clicked and once I started reading it, Nothing else got done.  I read it within a few hours and  FELL IN LOVE and wished that book two was available to one click right then and there.  I then, told another best friend about it, so she read it, then she told her sis in law and she read it.  And it became a cycle.....I am going to forever be Team Nixon!  I just love a tattooed, pierced, over protective, caring, HOT as fire, yet can also be cruel bad boy!  I'll be rooting for Trace and Nixon in the next book.  Go one click this book and see why it quickly became a favorite of myself and my friends and why we kept telling others to read it.  The next in the series is due out soon.......

The Bet - a love triangle, of sorts.  I love those BTW!  =-)  We have two very Yummy brothers Jake and Travis.  Jake being the Seattle Millionaire, who approaches Kacey with a "Proposition" and then we have Travis - who she calls Satan.  They all grew up together and Travis was the Not so nice one towards her during their childhood.  Just remember girls... it's those Not so Nice ones that do those things because they really LIKE you =)  It's definitely not the Erotica's a sweet romance.  Book two, the Wager is due out in October and is currently available for pre - order..... Give book one a chance.........

IF you have read either of these, leave a review for the author and comment on here so others can see your thoughts.  Happy Reading Peeps!  <3

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Boy in A Band....Lisa Loomis

EMOTIONAL WRECK!!!!  Like how do I get this book off my mind?  Book High..... 5+ stars...... Some Love it and some Hate it.... I felt both!  In the end.... Genius! 

I am LATE posting this review because, I read this awhile ago... I told ya'll I was trying to do better at this blogging thing....Anyway,  I got this when it was FREE and after reading a book that I wasn't too pleased with, I needed a pick me up and Rock Stars always do that to me....  I desperately NEEDED something to get me out of my FUNK and leave me panting and my "Happy place" happy!   I scrolled through my recent books.... thinking Okay...what usually gets me out of a book Funk.... I know... A hot as Fuck - All Alpha Rock star or Alpha Bad-ass Biker!  This one is about a Rock Star.... yes please....What I didn't realize is this was going to have me on such an emotional roller coaster and book high for days.... Lisa Loomis Freaking rocks! This started out in the 70's which is completely different than any other book I have read thus far and it grabs you by the balls and doesn't let go. It opens up in the 70's when both characters - Morgan and Matthew- are 12 and it follows them for a span of 30 + years. Middle school, High school, College and there after.....  So hang on my book nerds.... this one is an emotional ride.   A very long friendship. 

Morgan and Matthew have a friendship...a best frienship, for almost their entire lives.  He plays guitar and that's kind of their thing together... she'll ask for him to play her a song and he will...That comes into play later.... a HUGE part of the story.... 

There is a lot of sex, drugs and of course, rock n roll.  Morgan loved Matthew from the moment she met him.  We watch Matthew go through his groupies like dirty underwear, we watch him play with Morgans emotions and "Friend Zone" her on more than one occasion.  The sexual tension is undeniable.  Just when we think Matthew has realized he is totally in love with her.... NOPE!  He shits on her again.  I wanted to scream on several occasions.  Mad as hell that Morgan is so naive and keeps letting Matthew pull her back in and also mad as hell at Matthew for being such a total douche bag! They make you want to reach in and strangle them both.    He acts jealous if she hangs out with guys yet he won't commit and be exclusive to her for most of the book. 

Once he forms his band.... he starts to change.... he gets caught up in that lifestyle and that's when he starts treating Mallory in my opinion, like one of his groupies.  

Morgan eventually finds Ryan, who gives her what she wants.  His whole heart and she finally finds True Love.  This doesn't sit well with Matthew...... Could he be a day late and a dollar short?  

It definitely isn't your predictable Cinderella HEA love story. This book made my heart hurt....on many occasions.  It also made my heart happy.

 I literally bawled like a freaking baby.... real crocodile tears. I even cried twice more trying to tell my friend Tracie and my daughter about the book... I don't give spoilers, but will say this I was pissed several times at the author in between the tears and the snot running from my nose. She was BRILLIANT! I have spread the word and have had several read this already. One click this bitch and Grab your tissues because Lisa takes you on an Emotional Roller Coaster.  You Rock Kid! ;) I was on a book high for days!  

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Showing LOVE for Andrea's Smiths.... Baby Lite series

So, I first met the AMAZING Andrea Smith when I sent her a PM via Facebook after reading and falling in love with Diamond girl (G'Man series)..... then I read the second to that series - Love Plus One....I highly suggest one clicking those..... she asked me had I read her Baby Lite series and I had not.  Like someone else had told her... I agree... where the hell have these books been? Anyway, I one click the entire series of her Baby Lite series and I open up Maybe Baby and start reading it this morning and could not put it down.  I had to literally be pulled away from my kindle to take my oldest daughter and my nieces to get lunch and then I had to book a Thanksgiving Disney know life got in the when I finally was able to sit back down to start - I read the remainder of this 5 star read in one sitting....I began an emotional journey with this one.  I felt every emotion you can feel.... I laughed out loud (literally) and had my kids been home they would have thought I'd have been smoking some of that "Funny stuff"... I cried....(all the good books make you cry at least once)... I was screaming OMG NOOOOO several times throwing my hands up to my mouth in just a state of What the F**K just happened?...... I will be honest and say that the sex scenes in this book had me wanting to grab my B.O.B - TOM.... HOLY HOTNESS BATMAN!  Hey I am not ashamed.... TOM is my friend.... wink wink....
I HATE spoilers so I will do my best to NOT spoil this for you...
In the beginning of this book we meet Tylar Preston and Trey Sinclair.... Typical that Tylar is the sweet virgin, going to college (majoring in equine studies) and working for the very wealthy and HOT Trey Sinclair - well his family at Sinclair Stables - Trey being the kind of wealthy control freak, HOT as F*ck, Oozes sex appeal,  Alpha Male we all LOVE! Oh and did I mention he is a lawyer.... YUM!  Armani Suits.... dear god....he is a walking panty dropper!  
I must tell you that Tylar has a relationship with Trey's horse and that causes a riff in the beginning.  No one rides Trey's horse.  He becomes this arrogant asshole towards Tylar.

Some SHIT happens...and hold your legs closed ladies....not that kind of SHIT...See there is an incident that has Tylar having nightmares and flashbacks of Not so nice childhood memories.... She seems to think they are just that....nightmares.... this causes a whole lot of twist and turns in the Plot of this story......stuff I NEVER saw coming....  some stuff making my eyes tear up and just having my heart ripped out at the thought of that shit happening.

After such said first incident... Trey decides he is to be the one taking care of Tylar....Yeah okay.... ya'll see where this is going.... no spoilers needed.... and here begins the relationship between Tylar and Trey.  I fell in LOVE with Trey.... then I got worried.... I just knew he was to good to be true....
The relationship has it's ups and downs.....there are major trust issues.  I mean hell - if I were with Trey Sinclair- I'd have trust issues too.  Too many women out there waiting to put their claws in that fine piece of ass.  

Through out the book there is so much going on that you just don't see what is about to happen next.  Andrea should be named the queen of plot twists with this one.  Just when I thought I knew something.... HA!  

Trey uses his Attorney pull to look into Tylar's past and help her with some situations that come up.  (some still left unanswered at the end....grrrrrrr)  We meet old lovers, who we PRAY doesn't come between the two of them.  We meet his parents... Dear God, let them be just as nice as he is.  We meet his siblings and a sister in law - who honestly is the DEVIL wearing Prada.... we meet the employees, who become some of Tylar's best friends. 

Tylar goes through a lot of her own emotions in this book.  She is dealt a lot of shit and Jesus my heart ached for her on many occasions.  She has some serious demons to deal with from her past.  I want to say that there is a HEA for the two of them in this book.  But, I won't.... although this one leaves us with with moments of happiness, I just started book two in the series and with the history of the freaking twists and turns that Andrea throws at us I am sure that this second book will be even more of a roller coaster ride.  SO many things are still unanswered and unsolved.... 

Here are a few of my favorite parts or moments that made me LOL.... 

*WD-40  ;)
*I love how Andrea makes things in this story Real.. like her shopping at Belk's and not some High End department store
*Santa Hats
*Christmas Angel ornament and Tampon  
*P B & J sandwiches
* You do know that she probably spit in that milk.....
*  Jack & Daniella  =)
* "I want to feed you some fresh protein"  to that I say... YES PLEASE!  

I know that books that I read aren't everyone's style or may not be a favorite.  We all have different tastes and opinions.  But, Andrea has quickly become one of my Fave authors and it started with that freaking SEX GOD SLATE and then even more of a SEX GOD TAZ in her G'man series. Seriously, I know this is about her baby Lite series but you MUST go one click her G'Man series and see why I needed to find TOM.... =)  Now I have fallen in LOVE with Trey Michael Sinclair.  

Show this author some LOVE peeps and get your one click finger going.  At the time of posting this... the Baby Lite series are still all only .99 each!  Like seriously, give up that one cup of Starbucks for breakfast and buy this series.... 

Happy Reading my peeps.... I have Trey calling me from book two in this series - Baby Love Lite.....