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Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Son Of A Beard (The Dixie Wardens Rejects MC Book 3) by Lani Lynn Vale

Truth Alan Reacher was a biker. He was a bladesmith. What he was not, was a fool.

The moment he walked in on his girl screwing his cousin on his bike, he does the only thing he can do.
He ditches the bike seat—and the girl—riding right out of her life without a backwards glance.

That is until he’s forced to attend the marriage of his cousin to his cheating ex-girlfriend. The only bright spot of the entire thing was watching some chick go off on the groom—the groom’s ex-fiancé—right in the middle of the bouquet toss.


Verity Ruthann Cassidy was supposed to be here today attending this wedding as the bride, not watching the festivities as a guest from the chairs she’d painstakingly purchased covers for while her fiancé—now her ex-fiancé—screwed around on her with another woman.

The icing on the wedding cake that she refuses to eat? She’s forced to attend the wedding due to her mother being the wedding planner.

However, the night doesn’t turn out quite the way she expects it due to the hot-as-hell biker sitting in the chair directly beside her. The man gave one hell of a speech during the reception that sounded like something that could have come straight out of her own mouth, and she enjoyed every single second of it.


Thrown together under similarly lousy circumstances, the two newly single jilted former lovers of the happy couple decide to go to Vegas on what was to be Verity’s honeymoon trip. 

One thing leads to another, and the next thing they know, their night has gone from a celebration of being single to a marriage—to each other.

Verity and Truth now have to figure out if everything that happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas.

So I really had to laugh at this storyline. Lani never fails to entertain but this one is hilarious to say the least. Maybe not to some readers I guess I should say but the whole Truth and Verity meeting just killed me. The reason .. even more jaw dropping ... I mean I laughed hysterically at the dialogue coming from Truths mouth. 

Ditch the bike seat .. yup. A trip to Vegas .. check .. an even better best man's speech .. it's there. 

I'm not giving away anything but the release blitz does. So don't read it! 

I also have to say I love the lead male's trade. Love it. Adding to that is the cover. The model fits this perfectly. The guy looks like a flipping Viking for gosh sakes!!! 

Verity is a brilliant lead male. It's a great thing to read a character that isn't able to blow away to Kansas in a small gust of wind. She is sassy and wise although she doesn't know it. 

The Lanisms are there at the front of every chapter still which is truly part of my favorites about her books. Anxious for the next and as also it was an honor and pleasure to read! Thank you! And by the way .. just click the rest .. by the rest I mean all of them the whole shabang .. every series. 

Amy's 4.5 star ARC Review of Reaper (Kings of Korruption MC Book 4) by Geri Glenn


I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life. In fact, some of them almost ruined me. But I am a good person. I want to make amends. I want to fix things with my sister and finally have my life back. I want to change, and I’m trying. But I just can't let the past go.

Reaper doesn't make it easy for me. He hates me with a passion. He’s vowed to do whatever he can to get me out of my sister’s life and away from his club. It doesn’t matter. He won't stop me. No matter how terrified of him I am, nothing is going to stop me from changing my destiny and trying to fix the wrongs from my past. Especially when my secret is discovered, giving him all the ammunition he needs. 


After what seems like an endless stream of problems, things are finally going well with the club. We’re finally getting back to some semblance of normal after the chaos she brought with her before she was sent away. But now she’s back.

She says she’s changed, and maybe she has, but I don’t care. She is the reason it all started, and she’s not welcome here. I will stop at nothing to get her out. I won’t rest until she’s gone. Her beauty will not distract me, and her history doesn’t even matter. I will get Anna away from my club, or die trying.

Reaper has had a woman rip him to shreds. Having Anna around isn't helping matters either. He is an emotional wreck and doesn't have much use for women after the hell he was put through. Anna is just the same. Trading her sister for her drug addiction debt -- only getting her killed. Ryker is going to be out for blood when he finds out this woman is still around. 

Anna, has a secret that when it comes out will blow you away. It explains a few things but dang I don't and didn't like this girl. Now .. jury is still out. This is probably because I love the Reaper man. He made it through the storm of serving his country only to come and have the biggest dang b**ch of a wife tear him to pieces. Anna is strong I will give you that ... Her determination of having a relationship with her sister and righting her sins with the entire MC but most of all Reaper breathing down her neck .. that's ballsy. I mean come on you know we were all thinking WTF when we saw it was Anna in this one. 

This is one hot headed and fit throwing tempered storyline -- but dang we know girl deserves it .. or do we? I love this series -- Another great addition to the Kings of Korruption -- Can't wait to see what is next. Thank you for the ARC and chance to read -

Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Sound Of Silence by Elizabeth Miller

War isn’t a testament to a man’s strength; finding peace with it is.

Navy SEAL Caden Lawless is coming home. Holding his best friend as he bled out in the Afghanistan desert, Caden became bound by Justin’s desperate plea to care for his fiancée, and to love the son he’d never know. Battling a barrage of memories and with a head full of noise, Caden travels cross country in his beat up Chevy to make good on his promise.

One knock on Piper Stevens’ door and he knows she isn’t broken. Pregnant and mourning the only man she’d ever loved, Piper wields her anger as a sword, slashing into Caden’s grief and his heart. 

As Caden works to silence his demons, he finds a new mission, one far away from the heat and depravity that clawed its way into his soul. He demands into Piper’s life, intent on helping her pick up the pieces. 

But even as the tentative fingers of a burgeoning friendship spread into something far deeper than either believed possible, duty calls for Caden to return to the battlefield. Fate brought them together, will war tear them apart? Or, will Caden reclaim the sounds of silence and remain with the woman who taught him love didn’t die in the desert?

Navy SEAL Caden Lawless promised his best friend Justin that he would take care of his fiancé and his unborn child. Killed in the desert, Caden has to face the woman he has promised to protect and care for. Being a Navy SEAL has taken from him ... it has taken his best friend and now its going to take his heart on a journey that only a love of a woman can set him free from his grief. Finding the woman Justin loved living in a run down cabin alone is not what he was expecting. 

Piper Stevens isn't broken -- she is angry. The man she loves is gone. His child is growing inside of her and she has no one. Fierce and ready to fight the last thing she wants is Caden being her watchdog. When she looks at Caden all she sees is Justin and what the war took from her. Why would Justin make him come back here to take care of her. She doesn't need Caden .. she needs the man that was lost and is never coming back. 

A broken man and an angry woman trying to pick up the pieces and fill the hole in each ones being. Caden swimming in memories of war in his head and the "brother" he lost. How can two people who loved the same man move forward especially when Caden is called back out. How can they survive. 

This is a very emotional read but one that could be true to heart. The characters are well written and the anger steaming from Piper is on point. The devastation of so many caused by loss is horrendous but add a solider lost during his mission into the mix and it's ten fold. Great read and great story. Loved this one. Thank you for the ARC

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Amy's ARC Review of Damnable Grace (Hades Hangmen #5) by Tillie Cole

Secrets never stay hidden.
The burden of guilt never lifts from the heart. 

Born and raised in The Order of David, Sister Phebe knows nothing but cult life. Head of the Sacred Sisters of New Zion, Phebe was groomed from childhood for one purpose: to seduce. Prized as a harlot, as a New Zion whore, Phebe is taken from the doomed cult by Meister, the notorious leader of the Aryan Brotherhood. Taken as his possession. Taken to be the woman who will obey his every sexual demand. Under his heavy hand, Phebe finds herself in a place much worse than she could ever have imagined... with absolutely no one to help. And no glimpse of hope. 

Xavier ‘AK’ Deyes is content with his life as Sergeant-At-Arms of the Hades Hangmen. Leader of the infamous ‘Psycho Trio’ and ex-special ops sniper, AK knows how to fight. Experienced in warfare and schooled in military operations, AK is vital to the Hangmen. When his Vice President needs help retrieving his missing sister-in-law, Phebe, from a Klan-funded trafficking ring, AK volunteers to go in. AK remembers the red-head from New Zion. Remembers everything about her from the single time they met—her red hair, blue eyes and freckled face. But when he finds her, heavily drugged and under Meister’s control, her sorry condition causes him to remember more than the beautiful woman he once tied to a tree. Saving Phebe forces hidden demons from his past to return. A past he can never move on from, no matter how hard he tries.

As AK fights to help Phebe, and in turn she strives to help him, they realize their secret sins will never leave them alone. Kindred broken souls, they realize the only way they can be rid of their ghosts is to face them together and try to find peace.

Despair soon turns to hope, and damaged hearts soon start to heal. But when their deep, painful scars resurface, becoming too much to bear, the time comes when they must make a heavy choice: stay forever damned; or together, find grace.
Dark Contemporary Romance. Contains explicit sexual situations, violence, disturbingly sensitive and taboo subjects, offensive language and very mature topics. Recommended for age 18 and over.
***NOT a standalone. MUST be read as part of The Hades Hangmen Series***

There are numerous triggers in this book so be warned. Numerous. This is not for the faint of heart. It's very dark and extremely gritty in a release. Take note. 

We have met Phebe in other releases and she is religious in The Order of David. There are things that changed her and her realization of her actions. I can't really say to much because I don't want to spoil this for readers but this is the intertwining of AK and Phebe. 

The woman he needs to free from another sadistic hold will make a difference in his world as well. This is one that will make your heart hurt. I'm not sure how to even explain it. It's dark -- it's dirty -- it's the most on edge read that I have gotten my hands on in quite a long time. 

Be warned again of the trigger and the warnings. This is not your normal MC read and therefore it's a tough one for me to continue on the journey. I love dark but this one is whew. At times I have difficulty following the story line but that's just me. I know Tillie's fans of this series will love this one for sure. Please click it up and continue on reading. I just had a hard time with this one. 

Amy's 4 star ARC Review of Spark In The Ashes (Steel Souls MC #1) by Nikki Groom

Sadie Foster is consumed with revenge. The quiet beauty she portrays on the outside disguises the rage bubbling within her. Because on the inside, her desire for retribution dominates her every waking thought, until him...…

Ramsey Dalton is an outlaw. A criminal that will do whatever it takes to get what he wants and to keep his MC brothers safe. He didn't know there could be more to his life than sex, drugs and death, until her... 

Their meeting is pure chance. Their connection undeniable. But what neither of them know, is that their relationship threatens to uncover far more than they could have imagined. 

Secrets and lies are best left buried, but sometimes they’re too real to stay dead.

(Book 1 of 2)

This is the first book I have read from Nikki Groom and I can say I am impressed. This is a good MC read and I feel book two will be just as exciting. Click this one up -- MC again! 

Our female lead is one sassy girl -- out for revenge she is not going to let anyone or anything get in her way. Revenge is what drives her. She is a angry broken soul. Lies and betrayal are all over these pages and woven into this storyline. 

Ramsey is the VP of Steel Souls MC. He is a criminal -- he gets what he wants -- who he wants -- when he wants -- there is nothing to far outside the law for him. 

Crossing paths you can only imagine that the walls start exploding like you just stepped into a war zone with these two. Not only is Sadie needing to be pieced back together but Ramsey doesn't have himself intact either -- together the combination is intense and brutal all at the same time. 

There is another great secondary character Tex. I enjoyed him for sure. Sadie and Ramsey's story will continue in June with Fire in the Stars. I love the cover on this one.

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Amy's 3 star ARC Review of Techy (Devils Souls MC, #2) by LeAnn Ashers


My story isn't a very conventional one. I met my man online, which isn't a shocking thing nowadays. 

I sure didn't know that he would rescue me from hell.

I had been stuck in hell with no way out. Then Techy swooped in with guns blazing and took me out of there. A knight in shining leather. 

I didn't expect to feel what I feel; that I would fall in love, that I would feel safe and protected. 

I had never felt that before. 

Until Techy. 

Techy is a member of the Devil’s Souls MC, the most notorious MC in Texas. They love hard and fight harder. You mess with their family, hell is something you'd beg for. 

Shit hits the fan when someone from my past comes to get what my dead father never gave back to him. 

My name is Alisha and this is my story.

Techy is the second release in the Devils Souls MC -- Torch is the first which I have not read. This sometimes plays a part in reviews as I know that these two in this release were introduced in book one. 

This is a love at first site book with our main lead Techy and our female lead Alisha. Having a past that was traumatic leads these two towards each other. This is for sure a swoop in rescue and sweep off your feet story. There isn't club drama so if you are an MC fan but do not care for the more brutal MC reads then this is your series and for sure this is your book. Of course I am assuming the previous book was in this same fashion as well. 

For me it was a little too sweet and over the top of showing the woman how life is to be. It felt like the book was on repeat. I like more action in my reads and there was some with a rival gang but nothing so head turning that I was sitting on the edge of my seat. 

If you like a calmer storyline then this one is for you. See what you think and click it up. Thank you for the ARC and chance to read.

Amy's 4 star ARC Review of Dixon by Misha Elliott and Paisley Walker

Phoenix Dixon was the epitome of what you’d picture a rock God. With chiseled abs, bright blue eyes and hair that would make any woman envious, he owned the stage for DIXON. 

Hadley Anders was just a typical woman, until the night she attended a DIXON concert. She’d always been a fan of the group, especially the lead singer Phoenix Dixon. She never expected that her life could change in the blink of an eye.

But, what Dixon wants Dixon gets.

This was a quick and good read. Really quick read but a very good one to take along on a beach day or hang by the lake day. 

This is the story of Hadley Anders & Phoenix Dixon.

The rock star and the sweet girl. One never sleeps with the same person twice (wonder who) and the other is putting their broken heart back together. Heading to a concert with her friends, Hadley never imagines that everything she knows is about to change. Seeing her favorite band should have been enough but when Phoenix finds her in the crowd -- lets just say things are about to get really exciting for our broken hearted female lead .. that is IF she was a crazed fan girl. Not knowing what to do with someone who isn't smitten by his fame and fortune Phoenix is determined to get the girl and change her mind. 

This was a good read and I loved that the girl wasn't over the moon with the attention from our male lead. The characters were well written as were the secondary characters. This looks to be a good standalone series set of books. Click this one up -- it's a keeper but short. 

Thank you for the ARC -

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Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Sever (Deathstalkers MC #6) by Alexis Noelle

Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, and I'm a damn idiot.
That's what he does to me.
Ryder. Smith.
The first heartbreak is always the hardest to heal
And those wounds get ripped right back open,
When he walks back into my life.
Seven years,
It took seven long and grueling years, 
To get that cocky, leather-wearing bastard out of my mind.
I thought I'd never get over him, never fix what he broke,
And now he's back,
Every sexy inch of him,
The difference is now I'm taking charge.
This time he'll be the fool.

This is the 6th book to be released in the Deathstalker series. Of course each can be read as a standalone but I suggest for better understanding of the characters you try to backtrack if this is your first click of this series. There is a bound set of several of the first few releases available! 

Tracker and Megan have a past and it's not a pretty one. It didn't end well and coming back to town has all emotions coming back to the surface. Coming back home wasn't his choice but his MC was done. Joining the Deathstalkers was his next move. Being back means a new beginning and a past. Which one wins out is the problem. Finding out what actually happened all those years ago is first on the list. 

Megan cannot believe Ryder is back. He broke her when he left but the man standing in front of her sees the situation in a different light. Things were complicated -- Megan has no time for games with Tracker or Ryder whatever his name is. She is finally back on her feet and putting her head back together after all those years. Being put in charge of this account was not on the list of to dos and certainly not running into the man who crushed her seven years ago. Maybe this time he will be the one to suffer. 

Misunderstandings, lost time and broken hearts plague this story. It it one for the Kleenex file. Bring them along. I liked the fact that we got down to business and dove right into what the issues were and why they were the way they were. The characters were well written and believable which is a good thing on my end. I don't like the mousey female lead or the over and over banter back and forth. 

A great addition to this series and another must have to add to the collection. This is one for the beach. Its tempo is light and not so in depth that you have to read pages over and over again. I love that in a book to carry with me on a spring day by the water. 

Thank you for the ARC and the chance to read. Love this one. Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets. 

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Amy's 3 star ARC Review of Didn't I Warn You: A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance (A Bad for You Novel) by Amber Bardan

In this alpha-driven romance perfect for fans of Vi Keeland and S.L. Jennings, the price of one woman’s passion is everything she holds dear
Not everything dangerous is bad.
From the moment Angelina laid eyes on him, she fell into a fantasy. Mysterious, foreign, gorgeous, Haithem offered her what she needed most—a chance to feel again.
But Haithem is much more than he appears to be. He lives in a world of danger where everything comes at a price.
For Angelina, that price is her future.
He’s ensured the life she’s left behind is in tatters. Made her family believe she’s dead. He talks about protecting her, about keeping her safe, but she can’t distinguish his truth from his lies. She can’t separate her pleasure from his betrayal.
Haithem warned her. He told her he’d make her heart race, her body come alive, and her most primal needs rush to the surface. His for the taking.
He didn’t say she’d come to love the devil who’s destroying her, even as he keeps her prisoner.

So this one was just okay for me. There are more parts so it's not a complete story. Keep that in mind if you don't like to wait. 

Angelina our main female is innocent and naive and it's just too much. She is living and following through her friends which leads to trouble. A foreigner in a coffee shop -- you can write the rest. I just couldn't get into the characters and the preface of the book. It's not the dark and dirty read you think; meaning its somewhat subdued as far as what you would think for the blurb. I was even thinking this one might be too much for me as far as events that could potential be on tap due to that blurb. It's mild and it's somewhat light on that particular front. 

Haithem is in deep and is certainly dangerous. However at times he seemed to not fall into that character line. It just seemed too easy for the most part. I'm not saying it's  bad I'm saying that I expected more. 

Click this up and give it a whirl -- let me know what you think. Thank you as always for the ARC!  And remember we all love different things so give it a chance and write us back!

Amy's 5 star ARC review of Mountain of Evil by Samantha A Cole

Between new clients and governmental contracts, Trident Security has grown in leaps and bounds. To accommodate the increased caseload, they’ve added a second team to their Tampa headquarters. After hiring seven “best of the best” from military and law enforcement backgrounds, they’ve put together a cracker-jack group of six men and one woman. But before they are turned out to handle their own missions, they must first prove they are a cohesive and capable unit.

Dropped into the Rocky Mountains, the Omega team has minimal supplies and two days to make it back to civilization. But what they find in the wilderness turns a training op into a real one. Will they all make it back alive?

***This novella is a bridge between the original Trident Security (TS) Series and the spin off series, Trident Security Omega Team. While it is not necessary to read the original TS series or this prequel before the Omega Team series, it will give the reader more insight and background of the members of Trident Security.

This cliffhanger and scandalous release from Samantha has us building a bridge between the Trident and Omega team of Trident Security. In the Trident series we meet our Omega team briefly but push further in depth with these characters in Mountain Of Evil -- Which I'm pretty sure Samantha was laughing when she titled this book because evil she is ... 

Upon dropping into the mountains the Omega Team is on their final mission before being released on their own. Working together has to be flawless and the team has to move as a unit .. not individuals. No sooner than their boots hitting ground the team finds out there is a real mission; a missing hiker. Vanished -- completely gone. No trace -- Ian Sawyer needs his team to stay the course but in a series of unforeseen events .. well we know that never happens with the guys. They are heros ... and heros always save the day. 

Love the cover by the way -- eye catching and the detail is magnificent. I also love that you get a complete run down of who is who and what is what at the beginning of the novella. Again you don't have to read the previous series but I would highly recommend going back and clicking all of those up prior to waiting for the release of A Dead Mans Pulse. 

There is a cliffhanger from a back story --- and this is where the "bad author" comes in. She is making us wait -- making us think -- she is torturing us. LOL -- Keep them coming Samantha because you are killing me. You and the boys are sitting back laughing -- I know it. Well played .. well played.

Next up: A Dead Mans Pulse -- TS Omega Team Book 1

Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Out Of The Ashes by RC Boldt

Phoenix /fēniks/: (in classical mythology) a unique bird inhabiting the Arabian Desert that burned itself on a funeral pyre before rising from the ashes with renewed youth to live through another cycle.

This isn’t mythology, it’s war, and Hendy is left in the hands of Hell’s cruelest gatekeepers. 

His team is killed before his very eyes, and despite his efforts to save them, he’s captured and subjected to merciless torture—losing virtually every piece of his identity but his pulse.

After his rescue, he returns home from Afghanistan, saddled with facing the daunting task of healing his physical scars as well as the invisible ones—his emotional demons. 

Dr. Presley Cole isn’t one to shy away from a challenge. Embarking on a new journey, she makes it her mission to prove to Hendy that his life isn’t over; that he’s worthy of love.

Because sometimes even a phoenix needs help to rise…

Out of the Ashes.

This is just a wow read. An emotional read. A read with a connection for those of us tied to the military. Exceptional.

This book can be read as a standalone however I encourage you to read Out of Love prior to this release. You do still stay in touch with all of the characters you meet in the first book. Foster and Noelle are here as well as our other heroes and band of brothers.

Hendy and Presley -- someone who sees a man and a man who needs to see himself -- This is a riveting story of recovery, survivors guilt and more. Although fiction if this does not tie you to what our men and women face on the battlefield then I don't know what will. My heart was beating out of my chest with every word, every thought and every ounce of emotional distress and morsel of hope.

Take your time with this one --- absorb it all. You won't regret it. We are fortunate enough to have a few other books in this series on coming --
Out Of Luck
Out Of Chances
Out Of Hope

I'm ready I think ... my entire being needs to heal a bit before diving back in but you can believe I am and I will. Thank you for a beautiful read, a magnificent cover and for your acknowledgement in the afterword for those needing help and where to go.

 It was my honor to have received this ARC

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Amys' 5 star ARC Review of Damaged Locke -- ( Locke Brothers 1) by Victoria Ashley and Jenika Snow

Aston Locke
Whispers of the Locke brothers fill the town, facts and reality twisted to fit what these motherfuckers believe they know about us.
That we’re sadistic bastards, incapable of any real emotions or fear.
Maybe they’re not wrong about that.
That is, until I set my sights on Kadence King, getting just as drawn to her as I am the darkness. It’s the first time I’ve felt anything in a long time. 
But would she really be scared knowing the depth, the lengths I go with my brothers to make any fucker who crosses us pay? 
I need a woman who can accept me for who I am.
For what I am.
I’m hoping like hell it’s her, because I want nothing more than to claim her as mine…

Kadence King
I know Aston’s dangerous, know people fear him. But I want him. I’m drawn to him, just as he’s drawn to the darkness.
I should be afraid of him, should turn the other way, but I can’t. I’ve gone mad and let him in my room, in my life, allowing him to consume me. 
He possesses me, dominates me. Aston Locke shows me what it means to want to be claimed by him and only him.
And when he tells me I’M HIS, I have no doubt that’s the truth.
Because in the end it’s what I want too.
No matter how dangerous he is…

Holy wow .. what a great story. Amazing author collaboration. 

Aston and Kadence -- a meeting by chance -- potentially the wrong place at the wrong time or would you consider it the right place at the right time. More all consuming though is the bond between brothers. In this release you meet them all and there are some cliff hangers in this release to keep you turning the pages. Damaged -- hurt -- torn and pain. The storyline pulls you in from the first page and keeps you hoping and wanting. 

There is a ton of goodness packed with a punch into this book. You won't want to miss Aston and Kadence and you certainly won't want to miss out on the next releases. Ace and Sterling -- What I can tell you is that their parents are no longer alive. They are stuck together like glue all fighting their own battles. 

Short and worthy read. Take it to the beach or the lake with you -- close yourself off -- whatever you do and whenever you can shut the world out and read this one. Thank you for the ARC! I can't wait for the next. Brilliant writing and characters. Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets.