Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Amy's 4 star ARC Review of Target by LP Dover


An assassin . . . that’s what I am. 
I’m Wade Chandler by day and a killer at night. I get the job done no matter the cost. Not only do I hunt people for the FBI, but I’m also the owner of Chandler Enterprises, one of the top companies in the southeast. 
When Brina Carmichael – daughter of the former president – wants my business advice, it’s hard to resist her long legs and seductive smile. One thing leads to another and now I’m in too deep. 
I can’t let her know what I am, but I’ve never wanted a woman the way I want her. 
However, harboring secrets comes at a price and I have a feeling she’s keeping some of her own. Especially, when my next mission leads me straight to her. Turns out she’s not who I thought she was. 

Wade Chandler is living a double life. He works for his father and is gearing up to take over Chandler Enterprise .. but that is not all that he does. Trained assassins ... doing the dirty work that needs to be done. 

Brina Carmichael, watched her father die -- the former POTUS. She swore she would protect her family and never go back there. Now her brother is the POTUS and his life is in danger. Brina doesn't know this but soon she will. Or does she know more than she is letting on. Wanting a life clear of bodyguards and being followed she has opened up a surf shop. If only the shop was doing well -- at the suggestion of her mother, Brina knows she needs help financially. The man who stepped up and has been like a father to her is none other than Wade's dad. 

Asking Wade for help opens up all kinds of issues -- both personal and dangerous. 
This was a good read with lots of secrets and lies. I didn't know who to trust. There are several major players in this one and it will keep you guessing. Good read and kept me guessing. 

Thank you for the ARC! Always a pleasure!

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