Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Ghostface Killer by M. Never

Once, I was nothing. 
Hungry, abandoned, wandering, and alone. An adolescent street rat fighting for crumbs. 
Then a chance encounter changed my entire world. 
A man in an expensive suit asked me how much my life was worth. 
I didn't have an answer, because I didn't know. 
He asked if I thought it was worth killing for.
Impulsively, I said yes... 
He found me, then fostered me, and in the interim turned me into a killing machine. A modern day La Femme Nikita. 
Now, I only have one mission. To avenge the death of the man who saved me. 
There's an invisible war on the streets. Us against them. Family against family. Power against power. 
They call me Ghostface Killer because they never see me coming.
I understand the weight of that danger. 
The hazard. 
The jeopardy. 
Because now here I stand, three months pregnant with the barrel of a gun pressed to my head cause I never saw him coming... 

GFK is a romantic suspense with dark elements. Reader discretion is advised.

Trigger Warning! 

Holy smokes. Within the first 2 pages I was shaking my head saying no no no! You talk about drawing in your reader. Wow. I had no idea what to expect from this release and I have to say it was well worth not knowing. 

Stevie is a street rat surviving by lifting things from unsuspecting cry dwellers. Fourteen years and doing what you can to survive. Leaving foster care behind. One more time caught though and she is in Juvie. Locked up .. Then she picked from him .... 

Hell ... This is where I tell you if you have triggers from rape and abuse quit reading and don't click. 

Life takes a turn to the dark from this point. Someone you should be able to trust became the devil ... Someone you shouldn't trust gave her a roof. How much is a life worth? 

This is a nerve racking read to say the least. It's very dark but if you can handle the beginning keep reading and trust me. This was whew for sure. Great characters that terrified me in the dark. 

I think thank you for the ARC ... Ha! 

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