Monday, April 17, 2017

Amy's 5 star ARC review of Mountain of Evil by Samantha A Cole

Between new clients and governmental contracts, Trident Security has grown in leaps and bounds. To accommodate the increased caseload, they’ve added a second team to their Tampa headquarters. After hiring seven “best of the best” from military and law enforcement backgrounds, they’ve put together a cracker-jack group of six men and one woman. But before they are turned out to handle their own missions, they must first prove they are a cohesive and capable unit.

Dropped into the Rocky Mountains, the Omega team has minimal supplies and two days to make it back to civilization. But what they find in the wilderness turns a training op into a real one. Will they all make it back alive?

***This novella is a bridge between the original Trident Security (TS) Series and the spin off series, Trident Security Omega Team. While it is not necessary to read the original TS series or this prequel before the Omega Team series, it will give the reader more insight and background of the members of Trident Security.

This cliffhanger and scandalous release from Samantha has us building a bridge between the Trident and Omega team of Trident Security. In the Trident series we meet our Omega team briefly but push further in depth with these characters in Mountain Of Evil -- Which I'm pretty sure Samantha was laughing when she titled this book because evil she is ... 

Upon dropping into the mountains the Omega Team is on their final mission before being released on their own. Working together has to be flawless and the team has to move as a unit .. not individuals. No sooner than their boots hitting ground the team finds out there is a real mission; a missing hiker. Vanished -- completely gone. No trace -- Ian Sawyer needs his team to stay the course but in a series of unforeseen events .. well we know that never happens with the guys. They are heros ... and heros always save the day. 

Love the cover by the way -- eye catching and the detail is magnificent. I also love that you get a complete run down of who is who and what is what at the beginning of the novella. Again you don't have to read the previous series but I would highly recommend going back and clicking all of those up prior to waiting for the release of A Dead Mans Pulse. 

There is a cliffhanger from a back story --- and this is where the "bad author" comes in. She is making us wait -- making us think -- she is torturing us. LOL -- Keep them coming Samantha because you are killing me. You and the boys are sitting back laughing -- I know it. Well played .. well played.

Next up: A Dead Mans Pulse -- TS Omega Team Book 1

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