Sunday, April 23, 2017

Amy's 4 star ARC Review of Dixon by Misha Elliott and Paisley Walker

Phoenix Dixon was the epitome of what you’d picture a rock God. With chiseled abs, bright blue eyes and hair that would make any woman envious, he owned the stage for DIXON. 

Hadley Anders was just a typical woman, until the night she attended a DIXON concert. She’d always been a fan of the group, especially the lead singer Phoenix Dixon. She never expected that her life could change in the blink of an eye.

But, what Dixon wants Dixon gets.

This was a quick and good read. Really quick read but a very good one to take along on a beach day or hang by the lake day. 

This is the story of Hadley Anders & Phoenix Dixon.

The rock star and the sweet girl. One never sleeps with the same person twice (wonder who) and the other is putting their broken heart back together. Heading to a concert with her friends, Hadley never imagines that everything she knows is about to change. Seeing her favorite band should have been enough but when Phoenix finds her in the crowd -- lets just say things are about to get really exciting for our broken hearted female lead .. that is IF she was a crazed fan girl. Not knowing what to do with someone who isn't smitten by his fame and fortune Phoenix is determined to get the girl and change her mind. 

This was a good read and I loved that the girl wasn't over the moon with the attention from our male lead. The characters were well written as were the secondary characters. This looks to be a good standalone series set of books. Click this one up -- it's a keeper but short. 

Thank you for the ARC -

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