Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Amy's 4 star ARC Review of You're The Only One by E.M. Abel

Sky and Dillon became best friends bonded through struggle, heartbreak, and a promise to get away from it all.

Together they move to New York to pursue their passions. Dillon is a singer/songwriter looking for his big break while Sky wants nothing more than to become a top fashion designer.

Years later, they're still chasing their dreams. Their friendship has endured jealousy, insecurity, disappointments, and even open relationships.

But can they survive falling in love?

This was nothing like I usually read and you know what it was refreshing and a pleasure to turn the pages. Dillion and Sky have been lifelong friends. Leaving together and pursuing their dreams they beat the usual heartache that comes with being friends and fighting falling in love. 

I don't want to dibble too much into the story but I can tell you these two characters are beautifully written. There isn't drama or anything to make you say not this again. You know those angry moments that you think how many times are we doing this ... NOPE. There are mountains and things to surpass but it almost seemed real. I loved that. 

Both characters were strong but hanging on to their own self. Dillion's music plays a huge part in this story as it also tells a story of he and Sky. Trying to pursue a singer/songwriter career isn't easy. Sky is working to be a known fashion designer and both are struggling. 

I can't say enough how much I loved these two. Again the story seemed real and I loved it. I loved what they went through .. what heartbreak was present .. what each had to learn and grow and decide on their own and together . .. just a really great read. Beautiful cover as well. Again sorry for the vague review of the events but because there wasn't ridiculous amounts of drama and moments of banging your head against the wall I want you to experience this for yourself. It's wonderfully written. 

Click this one up -- I enjoyed every minute. Thank you so much for the ARC. 

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