Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Amy's 3 star ARC Review of Rogue Love by Michelle St James (Kings of Corruption #1)

*** An explosive new standalone from the author of the Mob Boss series ***

FBI agent Braden Kane has been going it alone ever since a family scandal sent him running straight from the Ivy League into Special Forces. That’s where he learned the hardest lesson of all — we’re all alone in the end. And nobody can save us.

When a raid goes terribly wrong, walking out is almost instinctual. Following the rules is for suckers. There’s only one way to get things done, and that’s to do it off the books. By the time he walks out, he knows there’s only one thing he’ll miss.


Nora Murphy never really had a choice. Law enforcement was in her blood.

Raised by an old-school Irishman in a houseful of brothers, she learned early on there was only one way to survive.

Be stronger. Be smarter. Be better.

A devastating personal loss only made it easier to focus on the things that made sense. There was no room for romance. And certainly no room for love. Which made tabling her attraction to friend and fellow agent Braden Kane a no-brainer. But Braden’s defection from the FBI opens the door to their relationship in a new and surprising way. Nora’s still getting her head around the possibilities when she’s assigned an important case involving a string of high-profile crimes. She can’t wait to bring down the ring of brash vigilantes — until a shocking connection to Braden reveals itself in in the middle of their burgeoning affair.

Now they’re on opposite sides of the law. Can love triumph over duty?

Nora Murphy is an FBI agent. Strong and ready to save the world with her partner Braden Kane. She certainly is an agent who can watch her own back but her counterpart worries. Braden can't seem to kick the feeling that something is off. And when something is off things go south. 

Braden Kane is former everything -- military and in a league of his own he cant seem to shake his feelings for Nora. When you let feelings get in the way someone gets hurt. It also doesn't help that he feels as if something is off. His secret ops and undercover background sends his senses into alert and this time he fears he cant keep Nora out of the crosshairs. 

Braden ends up with some heavy issues and of course Nora is involved. Agents don't date agents and cant get involved. Braden takes care of that and dives into something he couldn't imagine he would find. 

This one was okay for me. It wasn't bad but you knew things were coming when they did. I like a little bit more suspense. This is the start of the series and Logan is next if I'm not mistaken. Easy read so take it along for a beach day or lake day! Give this one a whirl if you like romance with action. Thank you for the ARC! 

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