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Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Option Number Three: A Trident Security Novella - Book 7.5 by Samantha A. Cole

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas ... or does it? 

Dominant Mitch Sawyer has been lusting after submissive Tori Frejya since she first stepped into the private BDSM club he owns with his cousins. But he had waited too long to approach her, and she now belongs to someone else, while he watches from afar. When Tori asks him for a favor that involves going to Vegas with her and Dominant switch, Tyler Ellis, Mitch can’t say no. 

After a night with Tori and Tyler that goes way out of his comfort zone, Mitch is left confused and unsure for the first time in his life. He now faces three options—but will he have the courage to choose the one he never knew he wanted?

The Trident Security Series: 
Book 1 - Leather & Lace (Devon & Kristen) 
Book 2 - His Angel (Ian & Angie) 
Book 3 - Waiting For Him (Boomer & Kat)
Book 3.5 - Not Negotiable: A Novella (Parker & Shelby) 
Book 4 - Topping the Alpha (Jake & Nick) 
Book 5 - Watching From the Shadows (Marco & Harper) 
Book 5.5 - Whiskey Tribute: A Novella (Curt & Dana) 
Book 6 - Tickle His Fancy (Brody & Fancy) 
Book 7 - Absolving His Sins (Carter & Jordyn)
Book 7.5 Option Number Three (Mitch, Tyler, & Tori)

No Way in Hell: A Steel Corps/Trident Security Crossover Novel - Books 1 & 2

The books of the Trident Security Series can be read as standalones, however, for optimum enjoyment they are best read in order. They contain elements of BDSM and are for mature audiences only.

5 stars

This is a short wonderful read that we get to focus on the club and Mitch Sawyer rather than our Trident men. Don't get me wrong -- they are here but the story swirls around our club boss. 
What I love as well about this release is that Samantha has given you the entire rundown on who is who including the most beloved characters Beau and Spanky. 

When we turn to page one we find Mitch struggling to find out what is missing from his life. Although he thinks it's nothing that needs further canoodling than creating a scene he comes to find out that maybe there is more than just a one thing or person missing. The one person he finds swimming through his thoughts is already involved with another DOM. Interfering would not be right. 

Tori is in love with Tyler -- it's very evident to all. But maybe there is something more that could be there for she and for Tyler. Maybe what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas -- or maybe it doesn't. Maybe they all need more and just didn't know it. 

Not only is this a really great read which includes a great run in with Nick and Jake but it also will leave a smile on your face as Mitch has sat on the sidelines watching all of his family fall in love and find their forever. Mitch deserved to find his. These secondary characters have really left me begging for their story. Jenn is definitely on my radar as well as Tiny. 

Along with a excellent story line we have another sub missing as the person responsible is still lurking in the dark corners. Take the time to read the bios of each character prior to turning your first page. I found myself remembering and saying OH I LOVE THEM so many times! 

The cover is stunning. 

Great read and absolutely brilliant storyline of finding yourself and following your ray of happiness. Thank you for the ARC! Brilliant and usual and amazingly fantastic! 

Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Raine's Haven by Shari J Ryan

~ Haven ~ I felt like I was living in a prison while watching Raine Carson from my window, studying his sexy, tanned, and muscular physique for six long months. From inside of my house, he was perfect. 

Then I found out everything looked different from afar. Raine, a blunt and hot tempered man was living a life he wasn't proud of, and I found myself oddly attracted to the sickening reality he opened my eyes to.

~ Raine ~ She thought I'd fall for her seductive ploy and scarlet-glossed lips. She was right. Every person in this small town had something negative to say about Haven Leigh's life—the girl who had been handed everything on a silver platter. I ignored the rumors, and instead, searched for her truths.

While struggling with disabling side-effects left behind by my coke-addict mother, Haven became the hope I needed. She was the good I wanted to be.

But, as it turns out, she was the trouble I should have stayed away from.


5 stars

This is a great story of staying true to yourself and building yourself back to who you once were. Living in a lie of a life, Haven didn't fit in, didn't want a part of her father's lies and didn't want to intermix with the high society fakes. The one thing she did want was the man who comes like clockwork to care for the grounds. He is beautiful and he is pure. Watching him for six long months she finally decides to make her move. His restraint though may prove to be more than she bargained for. Lies and betrayal send him away. 

Raine lives with the impairments handed to him by his mother. His guiding light was his grandfather and the two women that became his family. He has nothing, living and sleeping on the street. Haven is someone to be left untouched. The one night he doesn't have restraint is the one night that changes his again forever. Seven years later heading back into town with the secrets he holds, Raine intends on making things right. Haven has someone in her life that has not been living a lie and he intends on getting what is his back. 

Raine. -- Wow what a beautifully written character. Instead of being angry Raine took what he was given in his life and moved forward. The way he was written completely captivated me. I wanted to know how he held himself in such a calm sense and how he held the secrets he did in order to shelter those that he cared for. Haven was just as well written in her own way. She was strong and refused to conform knowing something was not right. She knew her father didn't deserve to be where he was as Mayor. Loved her bravery. 

The cover will make perfect sense once you dig into the story. I must admit the mystery of the man under the covering of the shirt is something that I really love on a cover. The skyline is stunning and holds a very significant part in the book as well as the water and why all of this is actually taking place on this brilliant photo. 

This is an absolute must read. Click this one up and disappear for a bit -- take some time for yourself and immerse your body into Raine's town -- his sense of life and his heart. Thank you so very much for the ARC! 

Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Beard Mode (The Dixie Warden Rejects MC Book 1) by Lani Lynn Vale

Aaron ‘don’t ever call me Fatbaby’ Sims is lucky to be alive. Or at least that is what everyone keeps telling him. He doesn’t feel lucky, though.
He’s scarred, has more than a little bit of a bad attitude, and there isn’t a single day that goes by that he doesn’t wish his wife would’ve just finished off the job.

After being denied his old position at the fire department, he leaves, and doesn’t look back. He heads straight to Alabama and into the semi-welcoming arms of The Dixie Wardens MC. There he becomes a part of a brotherhood that forces him to get back in the land of the living.
Imogen is a smart girl. A girl who doesn’t always make the best decisions.

Her heart is in the right place when she walks into that prison, but it doesn’t take long for her to realize that her heart shouldn’t have had any say so in the matter. Especially when one wrong move lands her in the arms of a scarred man that looks frightening enough to scare any sane woman away.
Immediately enthralled by the angry man, she tries to get closer to him. But the harder she tries to get to know him, the further he pushes her away.
The only thing Aaron wanted to do after his now ex-wife was sent to jail was escape. Escape the awful memories. The pity-filled eyes. The curious glances.

He does a damn fine job at ensuring he draws as little as attention as possible, but then that annoying woman with her startling blue eyes starts hammering away at his resolve. Makes him feel when he doesn’t want to feel.

Imogen comes into his life and carves out a place for herself, obliterating his defenses one heated kiss at a time.

5 stars 

So we have a new series here thank goodness as we had another series end. This can for sure be read as a standalone but if you want to know Aaron then go back and pick up The Kilgore Fire books. This is where you first come across Aaron. 

Having not had the best past holding scars of life threatening injuries Aaron leaves and returns home. His ex did a number on him almost killing him ... Literally. Swearing off women and working a unfulfilling job at the prison, Aaron soon finds his way with The Dixie Warden Rejects MC. 

Imogene is caring for her nephew while her sister is deployed. She first encounters Aaron after an altercation with her sisters husband at the prison. Finding out that nice looking medic at the prison is also her neighbor is a bonus but Imogene has no time for men romance or anything remotely relating to the opposite sex. She has her hands full with her nephew. 

The story takes off from here and is quite the tear turner. I felt my heart sink numerous times and cheered endlessly for these two characters. In the meantime you meet a whole new crew of friends with mentions of old friends which is always excellent. Lani holds true to her comedic bits at the front of each chapter leaving you laughing in true form. 

This was and is a gem like all her series. Click it up. The cover is fantastic. Great photo. Thank you for the ARC. 

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Tracy's 5 star Review of Swelter by Nina G Jones

I married the right brother.

At least that's what I tell myself at night, when I stare at the ceiling and listen to the rhythm of the grandfather clock down the hall. It never feels like the mere passage of time, but a countdown towards something inevitable.

Bobby Lightly is selfish, irresponsible, and careless. I haven't seen him since the day I married his brother. He slipped out during the wedding reception without a word.

A year later, I heard Bobby was drafted to Korea. He never said goodbye. Never sent a letter. We had all come to terms with the fact that he was probably dead somewhere, either a victim of the war or its aftermath.

That is, until in the midst of an unrelenting heatwave, he showed up at the doorstep of the house I lived in with his brother. 

Everyone thinks I'm cruel. Everyone thinks I should be easy on him. They think I don't understand him. They all think I hate him. 

But what no one understands is that it was Bobby who broke my heart.

And I think he’s back to do it again.

Note: Swelter is a standalone novel. Appx. 80,540 words

So why am I just now finding this gem?  Goes to show, that some oldies need to be reborn and shared with the world.  This is one of them.  

Okay, so when I first started to read this book I thought to myself....yeah... I don't know if I can do this because it was set in the 1950's.  TRUST ME... don't let that sway you.  I am so glad I kept going.  It hooked me and gutted me like a fish.  

Your heart will will will will break again.... it will touch on some things that may not sit with some people.  

We have Rory, Bobby and Lily.   You see where this is going right?  A complete love triangle, of sorts.  GAH..... I can't even tell you much because it will ruin it.  I just can't imagine what Lily went through.  Married to one brother....loving the other.   She lived her life in an unhappy marriage and when her true love is brought back into her life - decisions have to once again be made.  

The twists and turns that happen blew me away and I had no idea they were coming.  I do think, that since this was based in the 50's and I apparently wasn't born yet, that I was taken back at the way some things happen and didn't happen.... maybe that's how they were back then.  But today, things would have played out differently in this one situation.  

Grab this.... read it.... feel it.... love it..... 

This book gave me ALL. THE.  FEELS!  A rollercoaster of emotions.    

I woke up still thinking of these characters.  Amazing! 

Amy's 4 star ARC Review of Jude (The Saints Series #2) by Kathy Coopmans


I faked my way long enough by keeping my mouth shut, painting a fake smile on my face and focusing hard on my job.
I quit going out to find that random piece of ass. 
Not a one of them would stand up to her anyway.
She hates me, loathes me even.
Little does Vivian Shepard know I’ve got more tricks up my sleeve than she will ever begin to imagine to get her to change her mind, to get my chance.
I’m not giving up.
I want her, and by God, I’ll fight as dirty as I can get to have her.
No matter what!

Of course, I knew it was a one- night stand.
It’s was the perfect night before all hell broke loose to be quite honest.
Drinking, talking and flirting. 
One I relished in as I tried to gravitate my mind back to solid ground after soaring so high I could feel the rush of flying.
My stomach dipped, my heart fluttered, and my toes curled inward and then I splattered to the hard surface of the ground.
Jude Westbrooke opened his big fat mouth.
He ruined it, ruined me, ruined it all.

4 stars

Jude and Vivian -- Although this is a standalone Jude picks up where Riddick leaves us. Vivian's decision has been made and is there regret or is it what needed to happen. Months later Jude and Vivian need to work through the events that put them where they are now. (I am being sketchy in my description just in case someone wants to pick up Riddick first)

Jude is a man trying to right his wrong while Vivian is sassy and independent. Knowing Jude is not good for her or maybe not what she needs she is standing her ground. Hashing out the past a love story blooms. A very scary but loving story ... there is a lot going on here. Riddick and Cora appear in this book as well as Ethan so again if you haven't read Riddick and you want to then please stop and pick that one up first.

We know that Tyson is coming next which proves to be a good one as well. I have to tell you Tyson is a bad Mo Fo. There are some additional really great secondary characters in this release.

Thank you for the ARC. Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets.

Amy's 4 star ARC Review of Don't Hold Back (Love Hurts #4) by Missy Johnson

Three countries.
Two months.
All expenses paid.
Just you and me.

About you: You’re fun loving, adventurous and you have a wicked sense
of humor. You’re spontaneous, open minded and creative. You live for
today because you never know what tomorrow holds.

I'm Erin and this isn't your usual Craigslist Ad. I’m twenty-four, and
full disclosure, I’m dying. But I don’t want your pity. What I want is
your help. I’m not looking for a nanny, or for someone to hold my
hand. I want a friend, a confidante, a partner in crime.

I want you.

** Love Hurts is a series of complete standalone novels that can be read in ANY order. **

4 stars

Ok so ... this isn't my normal read but it's a good one. Now if you are looking for a happy .. nope. But you will find your heart happy at the events that take place. A Craigslist ad -- someone to share moments with because you are dying and your are 24. 

Cade and Erin go out into the world together. No pity -- no looking back. A man hell bent on ruining his life and a woman who was dying who saved his. If you ever questioned what life is about then you need to read this release. Erin is a strong woman who has accepted her fate. I'm not telling you anything you won't find out in the first sentences of the book. 

In their journey Cade and Erin both find out things about themselves that they needed to find out. Both strong characters but each in their own way. Cade had so much he needed to face and Erin was fulfilling her dreams before she leaves. I don't want to say anything else but it's a rough but really good read. Again be warned you know the fate of Erin so be prepared and move past it --see the beauty in the story and the healing of life. 

Thank you for the ARC -- Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets.

Amy's 3 star ARC Review of Paying Daddy's Debt by Alexa Riley

When Ash Carpenter imagines a schoolgirl, the image doesn't match her. She wears long skirts that are sort of frumpy. Her bulky sweaters hide her shape, and her hair is always in a messy bun. Her tennis shoes are clunky and worn, and there are runs in her thick tights. Her dark-framed glasses hide some of her face...but not all of it. Because he's caught sight of those ice-blue eyes, and they've pierced him to his core. 

She walks by his office every day, and finally he's had enough. Ash decides he's tired of waiting and it's time to collect what he's owed. She'll come with him, because there's no other choice. She'll pay her daddy's debt any way Ash sees fit. 

Warning: Oh, honey, this is about to get filthy. If your delicate sensibilities can't handle the dirty, then step aside for those of us who can. It's quick, but it's just the right length, if you know what I mean. *slow wink, elbow nudge, goofy snort*

3 stars

So I love this lady and her stories but this one just didn't get it for me. Scared and lonely because of her father and his life not letting anyone in Jasmin is waiting to get out. However Ash has another idea for her. Seeing her walk past him every day he knows he wants her. Jasmin was very shy and upon meeting Ash boom changes her ways. This was the issue for me. I didn't feel like the character should have switched gears so quickly leaving all her aspirations behind. I also thought by the cover and title that this was more of a dark read. Not a problem that it wasn't but I felt it was somewhat misleading. The characters aren't that developed and the story isn't a deep read. 

Click it up and see what you think. It's a quick read. Alexa is a great author -- this just wasn't my cup of tea. Thank you for the ARC! Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets. 

Amy's 3.5 star ARC Review of Steel (Night Rebels MC) by Chiah Wilder

A fierce and feared warrior. His name is Steel, and he’s President of the Night Rebels MC. Part Navajo, part Irish, Steel is a respected leader of his brotherhood. With his tatted muscular body, ebony hair, and green eyes, he is a magnet to women. Never turning away a sexy body, he indulges in casual sex, but nothing more.

For him, defending his brotherhood and protecting his teenage daughter are foremost. Falling in love and being in a long term relationship don’t even make it on his list. He gave his heart to a woman when he was young and weak, but now he’s strong and has no room in his heart for love.

Then he meets his daughter’s social worker. His attraction to her is intense. Desire flares through him, and he’s drawn to her in a way that angers him. He doesn’t have time for a woman, but he can’t get the feisty, spirited caseworker out of his mind. 
He wants to run his callused fingers through her hair.

He wants to crush his mouth to hers

He wants to devour her.

But she resists him. No woman has ever resisted him. 

When he looks into her eyes, he sees the depths of sorrow and a spark of passion. She’s touched him. He’s never wanted a woman as much as he wants her. 
And he always gets what he wants…no matter what.

From the moment Breanna Quine laid eyes on the rugged biker, her body betrayed her. And when she spotted the outlaw’s MC patch on his leather jacket, her blood turned to ice.

Hating bikers since her father gave up his family for the brotherhood, Breanna swore to never be around them again. Then the captivating Night Rebels President’s blazing, green-eyed gaze catches hers, and she is drawn to him like a moth is to fire.

But she can’t let herself fall for him, no matter how much her body buzzes whenever she is near him. As hard as she tries to fight her attraction to the dark, dangerous man, her resistance is weakening. Then when she sees his tenderness toward his daughter, it melts her heart. She has to keep reminding herself that he’s not only a biker, but he’s the worst kind—an outlaw.

Steel has his hands full trying to figure out who is supplying drugs to the teens of Alina, Colorado. Time is running out for him as danger comes knocking at his door threatening to destroy his family and the woman whom he has vowed to make his own.

Can two independent people put their past behind them in order to come together? Will they fight for love against the shadows and the danger that lurks all around them, threatening to destroy them forever?

Steel is the president of the Nights Rebels MC. A proud Navajo he is feared and respected. His daughter is caught in a web of drugs being brought into his territory. Needing to find out who is running the drugs affecting his community before others get hurt could pose deadly. Protecting his daughter is something he won't quit on or give up on. 

Breanna meets the biker while sitting with his daughter whom she found almost dead in the slum house. She thought she was doing better. Not being able to get in touch with the girl's mother she calls her grandmother who sends her son -- the man she is looking at standing in the doorway of the hospital room can't be him. This man is intimidating and beautiful all at the same time. 
But hating bikers is her thing -- her father was one and the man walked out - her life has never been the same. 

This story has several plot twist in it and a lot of secondary characters as we meet more of the brothers of the MC. What I didn't really find favorable in the read was the relationship between Steel and his daughter and her mother. Steel didn't know his daughter had a caseworker and Breanna had been assigned to her for six weeks? I didn't see how he could be depicted as a caring father and not know this. 

The entire story was a little confusing for me. It wasn't bad but it just was not my favorite. Click it up and try it yourself. Let me know what you think. I just couldn't really attach myself to the characters and when that happens for me it's hard for me to connect then as well to the story. 

Thank you for the ARC! Review to post to Ramblings from Beneath The Sheets. I love Chiah's other series and like I said I didn't dislike this read it just didn't hit me where it counts.

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Amy's 3 star ARC Review of Breaking The Girl by MC Webb

Breaking the Girl by M.C. Webb is a dark story of desire. Two souls collide, breaking open a long forgotten past, and a very tortured present. What drives the lovers closer, may be the very thing the tears them apart.

Axel Stone is a porn star, a highly successful porn star. Now semi-retired and frigidly cold, Axel stumbles through life the only way he knows how – lots of booze and women. With more than 1500 movies over his short career, Axel has slowly removed himself from filming, opting instead to “train” woman for the industry resulting in their near stardom as they emerge onto the adult film sets. Every director wants one of Axel’s girls because Axel’s girls, make money. 
And Payton Knight needs money.
Homeless, survivor of a horrific ordeal has left Payton broke and desperate. A chance encounter to meet and be trained by Axel, with the possibility of making enough cash to right her wrongs, Payton jumps at the chance. It doesn’t hurt she is instantly attracted to the leading man. Neither get what they expect and as they both struggle with which reality is less damning, both Axel and Payton pay an ultimate price.

Breaking the Girl
MC Webb

3 stars

Numerous trigger warnings for this one including rape. 

This book centers around the porn industry which didn't bother me at all but it was quite dark and a little rough in spots as far as being too descriptive. 

The characters both have some back trauma in their lives as one is retired for the industry and training the new recruits. The girl who is the newbie is way to na├»ve for this type of jumping in with both feet. I didn't hate it but I didn't love it. Not a fan of the rape scene in a book unless it's about healing from that trauma. The author did allow the character to come into their own and flourish a little which was good especially for our male lead. 

I'm not saying don't click it up but I am saying if you do be warned. Thank you for the opportunity to read. 

Amy's 3.5 star ARC Review of Her Touch By Alexa Riley

Eli Strong got out of the military and all he wanted to do was get better. He never expected that the officer he was living with would have a daughter who tested his honor.

Maggie Drummond has been moved around more times than she can count, and starting at a new high school sucks. But when a wounded Marine comes to live with her and her dad, suddenly Maggie figures out what home is.

She’s forbidden fruit, and he’s trying to not to taste… But desire can only be denied for so long. Circumstances keep pulling them back together, and something truly unforeseen happens. Overnight, Eli becomes a guardian and Maggie his ward.

Will Eli keep his hands off Maggie? Will Maggie like it if he doesn’t? Will the two of them break the law because it feels so good? Only one way to find out!

Warning: This book will make you ache in the best way possible! It’s so sweet it’s disgusting, and yet we just can’t stop. It’s a coming-of-age story that’s just what the author ordered. So eat up and enjoy!

Her Touch
Alexa Riley
3. 5 stars

So I love the military romance and the wounded man with the strong woman that accepts and helps him heal but this one was kind of ... but I guess the lead female's age would play into the actions of her character. 

Eli is supposed to recover at his Major's home. Recovering and keeping his hands where they need to be which is off the Major's underage daughter is a given. Knowing he can't do that he leaves. A year later he returns and Maggie accepts him whole heartedly within minutes ... uh .. .really? 

So this is where the story takes up for the most part. There is tons of drama centered around Eli's return and the getting together with Maggie. A Major is certainly going to be overprotective of his daughter especially with an age difference of several years. However in this story you also have a dual tale weaved in centered around Maggie's dad Thomas. This part of the story was really good. 

I was more interested in his end then what I am guessing should have been the major plot. Click this one up and give it a whirl. You might love it. I didn't hate it but heck to the no of Sorry I walked out I love you lets hit the sheets ... um .. no. In saying that I do love Alexa and her writing just this one wasn't my cup of tea. 

Thank you for the ARC -- 

Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Mayhem (Deathstalkers MC #5 ) by Alexis Noelle

I had to step up, take over,
Save her from herself,
From him.
He doesn't deserve her.
But I sure as Hell don't either

She's too sweet, too soft, too kind.
A broken shell of the woman she once was.
But now, there's more on the line,
She's in too deep.
And I'll be damned if I ever give up
On putting her back together,
Owning every ounce of the woman,

Who stole my heart.

Alexis Noelle
5 stars

Yup .. loved it. --- Deathstalkers MC series. 

The office at Ambrosia is a disaster and the men of the MC just aren't cut out for the job. Cutter needs someone to come in and clean up the place. Someone who knows what they are doing; someone like the sweet little thing that just walked through the door. Jasmine is shy and shouldn't be in the club but he cant and won't let her walk away. She is timid but there is something else underneath those eyes .. something that he needs to protect. If he could just figure out what ... 

Jasmine has no clue she is walking into a strip club. All she knew was she needed a job and this place was hiring. Shocked she wants to turn and go but something about the place makes her feel safe.... especially when the man that is going to interview her looks at her. How can it be that a stranger can make everything you fear seem like nothing. Ten long years of being afraid .. more years of looking over her shoulder ... Dylan. The man is a monster. 

Cutter knows what her past holds and the MC doesn't take kindly to men that abuse women or the innocent. Dylan will pay but not before he tries to get his claws back into Jasmine and takes out Cutter himself. 

Cutter and Jasmine are so fantastic together and I love these characters in this MC. The men are alpha but loving -- fierce but protectors -- loyal and certainly family. Super fabulous group of dudes and their women. 

There could be triggers in this for some but the writing is well done and not graphic. Great installment for number five and looking forward to number six. 

Thank you for the ARC! LOVE THIS SERIES!