Monday, February 6, 2017

Amy's 5 star ARC review of Quake (The Beat And The Pulse #8) Amity Cross

Caleb Carmichael's star studded boxing career came to a screeching halt the day he ended up flat on his back in hospital.
If he fights again, he risks becoming permanently paralysed from the waist down. Professional Boxing is his whole life and he's lost without it, but he doesn't have a choice. Reluctantly, he cuts his losses and takes a job running the infamous Melbourne boxing studio, Beat.
But when a frightened woman turns up at the studio looking for a way to take her life back, Caleb realises there might be something out there for him after all.

Juliette Spicer was twenty-three when her twin sister was murdered.
Five years later, haunted by the public scrutiny, she changes her name and moves cities, only to find herself walking the streets the same night another crime is committed. The same crime that took her sister.
Realizing she can't escape her past, Juliette takes action and finds herself walking into a boxing studio, vowing never to be frightened again.
But what she finds there might save her in more ways than she was expecting.

From Amity Cross comes Quake, a sizzling new instalment in the Internationally Bestselling MMA fighter romance series, The Beat and The Pulse.

And here he is! Caleb Carmichael! I have been waiting for this story and its such a great read! 

Caleb as you know appeared in an earlier Beat And Pulse release .. BUT you don't have to have read the previous books to know the story. Amity does an excellent job giving us back story. However you need to know Ren and her man. Oh do you need to know Ash and Ren. It's where it all begins; this beautiful wonderful and amazing series. So yes Im telling you after this one go back and grab those up. 

So back to Caleb -- a rising star who had his career cut short by a dirty boxer. A blow that changed his life forever. Rehab brought him to Beat Gym owned by Ren. Settling in, Caleb is training fighters and trying to find his way. Lost after the determination that he can never fight again. His father isn't thrilled as he could care less about his son's injuries and the possibilities that could forever put him in a wheelchair with one bad hit -- all he wants is his son back in the ring. 

Juliette Spicer is a lost and scared woman. Changing everything about herself and getting away from her home was the best thing she could do. No one knows her here .. no one recognizes her. Running from her own shadows, not walking home after 8pm, not going out makes her captive in her own body and self. Seeing the police tape and the body covered with the sheet brings back too many memories. Maybe if she can protect herself if he ever comes after her she can defend herself. 
It's time -- five years later to take her life back. 

Caleb sees the frightened woman walk into his gym. Quickly she flees and he needs to know why. 

From this point on the plot moves and weaves in ways that you won't believe. There are many characters who pop up that you think .. yup and then no. I love the Beat and Pulse family. You don't see many of the originals but you do hear from Ren. Love her and love this series more than ever. Caleb is a hit ... I didn't expect him to be so broken himself. Not the way we were initially introduced to him. You also won't believe who Juliette works for .... 

Ok enough! Grab this one up! If you love the Beat and The Pulse this one is for you. If you haven't read any of this series then grab this up while you also grab up the others. Amity is a brilliant writer. You cannot go wrong with anything she puts out there. If you like a more "brutal read" then you need to dive into The Royal Blood Series -- HOLY X .... 

Thank you Amity for the ARC! You are so awesome! 

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