Friday, February 17, 2017

Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Mayhem (Deathstalkers MC #5 ) by Alexis Noelle

I had to step up, take over,
Save her from herself,
From him.
He doesn't deserve her.
But I sure as Hell don't either

She's too sweet, too soft, too kind.
A broken shell of the woman she once was.
But now, there's more on the line,
She's in too deep.
And I'll be damned if I ever give up
On putting her back together,
Owning every ounce of the woman,

Who stole my heart.

Alexis Noelle
5 stars

Yup .. loved it. --- Deathstalkers MC series. 

The office at Ambrosia is a disaster and the men of the MC just aren't cut out for the job. Cutter needs someone to come in and clean up the place. Someone who knows what they are doing; someone like the sweet little thing that just walked through the door. Jasmine is shy and shouldn't be in the club but he cant and won't let her walk away. She is timid but there is something else underneath those eyes .. something that he needs to protect. If he could just figure out what ... 

Jasmine has no clue she is walking into a strip club. All she knew was she needed a job and this place was hiring. Shocked she wants to turn and go but something about the place makes her feel safe.... especially when the man that is going to interview her looks at her. How can it be that a stranger can make everything you fear seem like nothing. Ten long years of being afraid .. more years of looking over her shoulder ... Dylan. The man is a monster. 

Cutter knows what her past holds and the MC doesn't take kindly to men that abuse women or the innocent. Dylan will pay but not before he tries to get his claws back into Jasmine and takes out Cutter himself. 

Cutter and Jasmine are so fantastic together and I love these characters in this MC. The men are alpha but loving -- fierce but protectors -- loyal and certainly family. Super fabulous group of dudes and their women. 

There could be triggers in this for some but the writing is well done and not graphic. Great installment for number five and looking forward to number six. 

Thank you for the ARC! LOVE THIS SERIES! 

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