Sunday, February 12, 2017

Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Scars And Tats by Kristi Pelton

Scars are tattoos with better stories…

A scarred, lonely woman
A curious little boy
One uninvited, tattooed guest
A nasty blizzard
One cabin
Two guns
A set of handcuffs

What could possibly go wrong?

Mela McKinley fled with her infant son and disappeared four years ago trying to heal the awful scars inside and out. Taking refuge in the mountains of Colorado, not one person had come near their secluded doorstep… though she was prepared for a fight.

In the middle of a historic blizzard, little Beck points out the window to a figure approaching in the snow. After hiding Beck…and fully armed, Mela confronts Jackson Winslow and has zero reservations about shooting him, if necessary.

Ultimately, saving him from the forces of nature, she takes the uninvited stranger prisoner in her home holding the upper hand. While cautiously tending to him, she realizes how much she has missed a man—though this scarred and tattooed man is not who he seems. Once he has invaded her thoughts in a delicious way, her guard is down and suddenly, the tables are turned and now…it’s his turn.

What she doesn’t know is who he really is and what he brings to her doorstep.

Holy mother of hateful mother in laws. Mela has her life turned upside down and her loss if great in the blink of an eye. Her mother in law who hates her and has hated her from the gate out intends on taking her son Beck from her. Thank goodness for her sister and the man she loves Rock. His MC has vowed protection of Beck and Mela from the monster in law. Fleeing she finds herself cut off from the world until a man shows up at her door. Four years she has been alone and in the worst snow storm he has to stumble upon her doorstep. 

Problem is Mela has been alone so long and she knows this man brings trouble ... But can she break down and trust again. And if so what kind of trouble does he bring.... 

So this story does run slow BUT the 5 star comes from the depth written into the characters making that pace necessary. Jackson is just as damaged as Mela. Beck is a wonderfully written character as a child in this story. Love great kids written in. There are secondary characters .. Rock and Melas sister that I need to find out about. Her career choice is what plagued Mela in the first place. If that book is out there I need it therefore I'm going hunting right after this. 

This is a great read full of sorrow for Mela and a few more but not that rat ass Heifer in law ... Omg. Love the story and look forward to more!!! 

Click it up friends and thank you for the ARC! 

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