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Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Bottom Line: Nomad Bikers (Devil's Due MC Book 6) by Chelsea Camaron

Beaten at the hands of peers he knows judgement. The domino effect of one person's crime going unpunished never heals. 

He's no saint. 

Mitchell "Trapper" Gates fears nothing. He begs for death and relishes life on the edge. 

He's also not afraid to call himself a sinner. 

Trapper knows what it is to be violated and what it feels like to deliver a death blow. He knows love and he knows pain. 

However, one person knows his every secret. 

When Avery has waited long enough, can Trapper see beyond their past and into their future? Or is he too late?

Love, hate, anger, and passion collide as the time comes and the devil demands his due.

Each book in the Devil's Due MC is a stand alone, full length, second chance romance. Contains adult content, language, and violence not suitable for readers under the age of 18. This is not an exact depiction of life in a motorcycle club, but rather a work of fiction meant to entertain. (Paperback page count is 306 in a 5x8 sizing)

Series Reading Order:
Serving My Soldier (Bonus Short Story)
Crossover (Devil's Due MC and Vipers Creed MC Prequel) written with Ryan Michele
In The Red
Below The Line
Close The Tab
Day of Reckoning 
Paid In Full 
Bottom Line

You guys - this one is a hard to describe and hard to review without spoilers so short and to the point. These books are stand alone but i do recommend you read the other releases to know some back story. 

Trapper and Avery. Trapper has an absolutely unbelievable life filled with something worse than pain. I don’t even know how to describe it. This is a devastating emotional journey that you most definitely do not want to pass. Please do not over look this book. A brilliant and passionate story that you just won’t believe. 

Keep turning the pages - Ido promise you a happy heart when you grace the last page. Thank you for the honor of reading this series -  Just wow .... by the way I LOVE the cover .. it speaks volumes.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Amy's 4 star ARC Review of Tamed By Christmas by Sidney Valentine

An Aussie cowboy, his feisty ex, and an unprecedented storm. Jett Wayne's Christmas just got complicated.

When Paris loses her job days before Christmas, her world crumbles. She returns to her parents' home in outback Australia where she plans on eating enough food to fall into a coma and sleep straight until New Year's. But when she unwittingly bumps into her ex on her way home, old feelings awaken.

Picking up Paris from the airport isn't on Jett Wayne's to-do list. Neither is dealing with their history or her cranky mood. Shit happens, like his one mistake that drove them apart. When he sees her again, he remembers the vulnerable girl from his hometown who rode horses bareback, who never backed down from an argument, and who stole his love.

When they find themselves stranded during an unprecedented storm, they're faced with explosive emotions, secrets, and uncontrollable desires. Will Jett gamble on a second chance before Paris leaves him for good this time?

This is a short easy very sweet read. Paris and Jett are old flames that were torn apart by a mistake years ago. This holiday season is not looking good for Paris as her so called friend edged her way in to a job that was hers leaving her unemployed. Heading home to become a recluse for the season Paris does not expect for Jett to be standing there at the airport —- much less her ride. 

Jett is not looking forward to the reunion. Picking Paris up was not on his to do list. When she comes walking towards him ... possibly all bets are off. 

Love the cover - love the story - love the characters. Curl up by the fire with this one. Thank you for the ARC! Click it up friends.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Hopeful Whispers: (Sacred Sinners MC - Texas Chapter #2) by Bink Cummings

Must Read: Hopelessly Shattered previously. 

Pregnant- ✔
Single mother of two - ✔
Biker best friend – ✔
Ex that’s still a D-Bag – ✔ ✔

New Years is the time for new beginnings. I thought I’d gotten that when I visited Texas over Thanksgiving. Then again, very little has changed. I’m still a librarian living in the same house. My daughters are growing up fast. Sure, I’ve acquired a new best friend, who’s convinced me it’s time to give dating fair shot. Which isn’t exactly easy when I’m pregnant with an As*hole’s baby. Does that complicate matters? Sorta. But there’s nothing left for me to do except move on. The jagged edges of my shattered heart have been polished, questions answered, and blank holes from my past plugged. Now I’m ready to take the plunge into uncharted waters to build a happier life… until a bomb comes along and tests my strength like never before. Nobody fu*ks with my family and gets away with it. Not even you. 

Warning: Proceed with caution. Contains adult sexual content, the excessive use of the F bomb, violence, and whatever else that makes it unsuitable for anyone under the age of 18. 

*Not a stand-alone, 2nd book in a Trilogy.*

Kat and Ryker are still going at it. Kat is still a single mom but once again pregnant with jerks baby. Kade is encouraging as can be but getting out there and forgetting about the man she loves to hate is another story ... plus she’s pregnant .. let’s not forget that. 

There is something lurking in the air and it’s not pleasant. In order to stay safe Kat needs to keep her emotions in check and do whatever it takes to keep anything that could hurt her life out. 

The secondary characters are fantastic. Like true writing form these characters are completely true to what their purpose is .. there is an evil woman who you will want to rid from the pages yourself, men who are perfect and men who have so much to learn but love hard and strong women who stand their ground. 

Great read as always and great catching up with characters whom we have missed. 
Thank you for the ARC -

Amy's 4 star ARC Review of Castle of Kings (A Kings MC Romance ) by Betty Shreffler

ake F*cking Castle
When he walks into a room, he owns it. He consumes my very breath and melts my delicate little panties. From the moment he set eyes on me, he decided I was his. No one – not even my brother, Nix – was going to tell him otherwise. It doesn’t matter that Nix is President of the Kings MC Club. Jake wants what he wants, and he’ll set out to get it, whatever the cost.
Jake may be an arrogant asshole, but there’s no denying the hold he has over me. His fierce, carnal need to make me his, and his alone, is a snare I can’t escape. And truth be told, I don’t want to. 
But when my life becomes threatened, Jake Castle is the only man my brother trusts to protect me. He knows Jake will do anything to keep me safe.

Jake Castle wants me but I’m not about to be another notch in his belt. 

Liz is the sister of Nix - the MC President. Freshly graduate from nursing school she has a bright future and brilliant head on her shoulders. But ... this man ... he is something else .. yet she refuses to be another no name to him so turning him down is the only thing to do. 

Jake isn’t used to women saying no to him in any capacity. This is new to him. But he always gets what he wants. This should be easy right? Nope ...

Nix needs shake to protect his sister. He’s the only one he trust. In all the danger will Liz keep her distance or fall - will Jake change his ways or will he get the girl and walk away - none of this matters if he can’t keep her safe .. 

Thank you for the ARC. I enjoyed this read. Characters were strong and the strong line wasn’t super gory - those of you wanting an MC read with a more tame plot this is it. Meaning the plot is great but the detailed gore isn’t there. Super start to a new series 

Amy's 4 star ARC Review of Fighting 'round the Christmas Tree by Nikki Ash

On the tenth day of Christmas, the Fighting series gave to me... One grown child in another state, two teenagers about to graduate, and seven more kids growing up way too quickly. 

Join the Fighting gang along with their families, as they celebrate Christmas in Breckenridge under the same roof, one last time in a Fighting Series Christmas novella: Fighting 'round the Christmas Tree.

So I have not read this series, but the novella was very good. I based my review on the writing and the strength and interest factor of the characters due to that fact. I didn't feel it was fair to give the book a low rating because I had not read the series. The characters are very well written. There is a ton of kids -- a ton of characters and in fact I wish I had known them. Chances are during the holidays I will go back and grab the books up. Christmas together all in one house -- seems it could be crazy? Actually it was perfect. Loved the read -- thank you for the ARC and the chance to get to know these excellent characters. Cooper, Liz, Kayla, Hayley, Kaden, Caleb, Ashley, Bentley, and the one who there is certainly something going on with .. Bella. 

I'm always happy to read a holiday story and this one didn't disappoint. 

Amy's 4 star ARC Review of Love Notes In Christmas Falls (Book 6) by Beth Labonte

When Caitlin Cook left the small town of Christmas Falls, Tennessee to attend Harvard University, she left behind the burden of her parents’ slowly increasing hoard of antiques, a much younger brother, and Shane Mitchell—the boy who blindsided her with the news that he loved her on the night before she left. 

Shane Mitchell spent his high school years fascinated by Caitlin Cook. The quiet flute player with her nose always in a book, he wanted desperately to find out what made her tick. 

Eight years later, Caitlin returns to Christmas Falls—unemployed and newly single—after receiving a devastating letter from her beloved high school mentor. Caitlin is shocked to find her childhood home in disarray, and her little brother in desperate need of his sister. With Shane’s help—now a pillar of the community rather than the carefree teenager Caitlin once knew—she begins to rediscover her love for music, antiques, and possibly even Shane. When faced with the choice of rebuilding her life in Boston, or giving love a second chance in Christmas Falls, will Caitlin be able to decide on the true meaning of home? 

Seven fabulous authors bring you this holiday romance series about a group of special friends returning to their hometown at the request of their high school mentor. Each book is a standalone, but read them all to fully enjoy the journey of these remarkable women and their emotional reunion with their mentor, an incredible woman who changes their lives and helps save a small town community forever.

This is my first read with Beth Labonte and it didn't disappoint. I love my Christmas reads and it was a good one. The characters are very well written and they served as a nice curl up by the fire and drift away ..

Shane and Caitlin are simply wonderful. Caitlin is home taking care of business and trying to balance the issues with her family. She was a amazing and compassionate for those that she loved. Shane was a great character. He was a perfect mix of sugar and spice. He brought a humorous mix to Caitlin's serious issues. This story line flows wonderfully and you will enjoy how everything pans out during their holiday.

Good quick and quite read. I recommend picking this one up.
Thank you for the ARC --

Monday, November 13, 2017

Amy's 4.5 star ARC Review of Shattered Souls: To Love and Serve 1 by Alison Mello

I left home a proud, strong woman, determined and eager to support my country. But I came back a completely different person. 

I’m wounded, scarred, and nothing more than an empty shell. I’ve lost my ability to open up to those closest to me. Why? Because no one understands. No one knows the hell I’ve been through.

Every time I close my eyes the nightmares are there, waiting, lurking in the shadows, ready to torment me further. My only escape is the sting of alcohol, the burn that numbs my pain. Everyone sees it as a weakness, calls it a coping mechanism. I call it survival.

I’m a lost cause…until I meet him—a Boston cop with demons of his own, who knows what it’s like to be haunted by his past. He understands my pain, knows all about the nightmares, and makes me feel less…alone.

But we are both broken, tainted by our pasts. How can we heal each other when we’re both shattered souls?

Lexi has served her country as a medic bringing home scars that no one should ever have to bear. Injured, broken and plagued by the darkness that consumes her, the only way out of her head is with alcohol. The journey home was the worst part. No one understands. 

Officer Keegan Ward has memories of his own. His mother is and was will always be a junkie. The life she provided or lack of is what drove him to be a cop. His sessions don't help - the nightmares are constant but the girl walking down the ramp at the airport ... well maybe just maybe there might be some hope and goodness in the world. 

This is a tormented souls book for sure. However, I loved the fact that the solider coming home was a female. GREAT CHOICE. This was a quick good solid read for me. A romantic climb and tread your way through hell together book with of course its ups and downs. Strong characters in the secondary as well. Very good read -- click it up for an excellent change of the hero coming home from war. 

Thank you for the ARC! 

Amy's 5 star ARC Review of He Loves Me Knot by RC Boldt


I never looked back after skipping out on my own wedding, even if it did leave me estranged from most of my family. Eight years later, I have the life I’ve always wanted. As an advertising account executive, my world is damn near perfect. 

Until I come face-to-face with my past. With the man I once loved. The man who holds my future in his hands. The man who’s hell-bent on getting even with me for leaving him at the altar. 

Even with all the unfinished business between us, I still love Knox Montgomery. The only problem? 

He loves me…KNOT.


First of all I love this author -- her characters are fantastic, witty and all around the full deal. Second I love her stories because they center in and around my stomping grounds -- The FLORIDA Panhandle. LOVE IT! I actually know where these characters are and can see them like a moving picture in my head. 

This is Emma and Knox's story with a side of Beckett. This is Emma Jane and Knox´s story.
Emma Jane Haywood walked away on her wedding day. There was no way she could marry the man she thought she loved and would spend the rest of her life with. His was supposed to be perfect .. they were perfect. The perfect man wanting to marry her. That day she also met her best friend .. Beckett. An NFL quarterback who adores her just as much as she him. 

Knox Montgomery - her past is standing right in front of her and he has an agenda. Emma Jane bolted from the altar and made a fool of him. Karma is on his side. Now all he has to do is keep hating her and the man she is constantly seen with . 

This is a truly great story -- it's not what you think -- which is beautiful and thrilling. Thank you for the ARC once again -- it was a huge honor to read. Keep writing because we all will keep reading. RC is a fabulous, all around amazing writer.

Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Love, Snow and Mistletoe Anthology

Seven of your favorite authors have come together for a holiday charity anthology!

Missing your favorite characters? Jump right back into their lives for a little Christmas fun and join your favorite beaus under the mistletoe.

Hilaria Alexander
Alexandria Bishop
Megan Green
D.B. James
Zeia Jameson
Jennifer Rebecca
Rachel Renee

have teamed up to bring you an anthology of sweet and savory tales to catch a glimpse into the worlds you've been craving more of.

A Scottish hunk, a pop punk rock star, a sweet hot cop, a smooth Southern lawyer, an Irish bad boy, a football stud, and a mysterious secret agent...winter is here and these guys all want to help keep you warm and toasty this season.

Grab this LIMITED EDITION set and help donate to St. Jude's Children's Hospital this holiday season.

I love this special edition and release. Not only are you getting seven authors stories and get to catch up on characters you might know and love but your purchase goes straight to St Jude Childrens Hospital -- that is a winning click right there. Regardless if you love all the stories or just one it's worth grabbing this one. 
Seven authors -- seven stories. 

Hilaria Alexander 
Alexandria Bishop 
Megan Green
D.B. James
Zeia Jameson
Jennifer Rebecca
Rachel Renee

You love the rock stars -- there is one -- or how about a Southern lawyer? Is a man in uniform more your style? Then get ready for a easy on the eyes cop -- or what about a Scottish dream, or an Irish bad boy? If you love sports -- there is a man who carries a football -- more James Bond type -- then you get a mysterious agent. Take your pick or take them all .. its your choice. This has a little bit of everything. You cant go wrong so grab this up -- fell good about your contribution this holiday season, snuggle up by the fire and read on. What a beautiful gesture and collaboration. Thank you for the ARC -- the stories and characters are strong -- the stories are touching while filled with love and dreams. GREAT GREAT READ 

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Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Max (House Of Payne, #6) by Stacy Gail

TRIGGER WARNING: This book contains flashbacks of violence, references to drug abuse, and the impact these factors have on family members. If you have issues with these elements, this book is not for you.

Chicago’s premiere tattoo studio, House Of Payne, is across the street from the Mad Cow diner, but it might as well be on another planet as far as waitress Paradise Simone is concerned. She’s a good girl from Waukegan with a past she’d rather forget, and a future that goes only as far as the next day. What does she know about superstars and paparazzi?

But Pari does know danger when she sees it, and tattooist Max Kulagin has it written all over him. A good Waukegan girl should know to steer well clear, but she can’t resist Max when he leaves beautiful, intimate art sketched out on cheap diner napkins.

Beautiful, intimate art…of her.

Max knows ugliness. He was born in it. Raised in it. Had it shoved down his throat every goddamn day. So when he stumbles across true beauty, he worships it. There’s a deep sensuality in the waitress who likes to suck on her pen whenever he’s around, and he’s just the man to bring that beauty out in her. She might be a lady in the street, but one look at Pari tells him she’s going to be a freak in the bed.

And in the shower.

And while he’s driving with her head going to town in his lap.

The life Max leads might be in the spotlight, but it’s Pari who gets caught in the glare. When her past catches up to her, it’s her life that holds all the excitement, and not in a good way. But there’s no force on earth that can take Max’s beautiful Paradise away now that he’s finally found it.

93,000 Words

***This standalone, mildly erotic contemporary romance contains a woman with an oral fixation and a man who’s happy to encourage it. There are multiple sex scenes that include oral sex. No cheating, no love triangles, no cliffhangers. HEA guaranteed. Due to adult language and sexual content, this book is not intended for people under the age of eighteen***

Holy smokes this is my first book in this standalone series and it was magnificent. If you have triggers of drug abuse and violence please consider this warning. But onward .. first of all the cover... yes. I love a cove that has just the neck to waist. Its intriguing and eye catching .. beautiful job. 

This is Max and Pari's book. I cannot comment on the other books I have not read them but the characters leave me wanting to back track and get to know them. I feel like I was missing out. Not in a bad way just missing out on previous history and stories that would have connected me more to the characters. HOWEVER don't take that is bad .. it's not .. it makes me want to go click them up which I fully intend to do. 

I loved Max -- if the other characters are anything like him then Stacy has outdone herself in the writing of strong and exceptional leading men. 

Pari is a sweet and almost innocent character in the grand scheme of things. Strong yet gentle. Her past though leaves her not trusting and being solid in what she wants for her life. Her sister is something else .. lets just leave it at that. 

Max is going to pull out all the stops to show Pari her worth and how she is the one for him. I loved his little swoonish ways and the road to breaking down Pari's walls. The banter between the two characters was comical to say the least and the pages just kept on turning well in to the night. 

What a tremendous read --- Love these and can't wait to back track along with move forward with this series. Thank you for the read. 

Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Lane (Grim Sinners MC #1) by LeAnn Ashers

Thank Amelia

I'm fucked.

I'm fucked, plain and simple. How am I fucked, you ask? This tattooed, bearded alpha popped into my life and took it over, driving me insane.

Am I complaining? Hell no.

Do I love him? Yes, more than anything—and his daughter too.

Lane is everything to me. He came into my life when I needed him the most. I just didn’t know it at the time. He completes me. He is someone I have waited for my whole life.


I am so fucking fucked. This five-foot-two, feistier-than-shit woman came into my life and knocked me on my ass.

She brings out every protective instinct I have, and I’m ready to go nuclear if someone even looks at her.

I love two people in this world more than life itself: Amelia and my daughter, Tiffany.
Someone made the biggest fucking mistake of their life by trying to take them both away.

Game on.

If you love a good clean MC read with no drama and no murder/blood or gore this is your series it would seem. These are good wholesome characters -- now they curse and love hard but as far as anything else --- nope. It's refreshing and a very good read. Why well let me tell you ... 

Single Dad who loves his little girl to the ends of the earth .. yes ... driven to protect her and be the best father and man he can be .. yes .. do I need to say anything else ... oh well how about loyal to the core. A bad ass no holds bar doting father .. yes. And then he meets a woman .. 

Amelia is an independent woman -- her family isn't really interested in anything with her or even being a family. This is the complete opposite of what Lane believes in. Being able to take care of herself she doesn't need anyone .. until she does. The man and the little girl.

What a sweet sweet read with still a manly man and a beautiful father. Love the cover. Quick and easy -- a great book to curl up by the fire and take the cold away. Thank you for the ARC! 

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Amy's 5 star ARC review of Paid in Full (Devil's Due MC #5) by Chelsea Camaron

Serving a country full of flawed systems slowly eats away at a man. The domino effect of one person's crime going unpunished burns deeply.

He's no saint.

Gentry 'Deacon' Hawkins is an all-American hero. He went from the star athlete to the elite of the Navy SEALs. When a mission went bad, costing the innocent lives of his team and some civilians, he was forever changed. Riding with the Devil's Due MC is the only peace he has found since getting out of the military.

She's not afraid to call herself a sinner.

Tempest Adams spends her every waking moment serving others. She has given her life to provide a safe haven for women and children while they rebuild their lives. At the end of every day she finds both satisfaction in her life and loneliness.

However, danger lurks in her world, under her roof.

Will Deacon put his anger aside? Can Tempest swallow her pride and ask for help? When everything comes to a head, will Deacon be the hero Tempest needs to save her or will he be too late?

Love, hate, anger, and passion collide as the time comes, and the devil demands his due.

Each book in the Devil's Due MC is a stand alone, full length, second chance romance. Contains adult content, language, and violence not suitable for readers under the age of 18. This is not an exact depiction of life in a motorcycle club, but rather a work of fiction meant to entertain. (Paperback page count is 306 in a 5x8 sizing)

Series Reading Order:
Serving My Soldier (Bonus Short Story)
Crossover (Devil's Due MC and Vipers Creed MC Prequel) written with Ryan Michele
In The Red
Below The Line
Close The Tab
Day of Reckoning
Paid in Full
Bottom Line

Gentry Deacon Hawkins - the hero - the star athlete - the Navy SEAL -- the broken and bruised man. A mission gone wrong losing friends, family, and innocent lives is burnt into his memories. His MC family is the only thing that keeps him going. But yet this woman - it feels like her memories are dark and buried as well. -- Lord I love that name .. Gentry. 

Tempest Adams takes care of others. Her family - what she has left is everything to her. Life was not kind to her so she throws herself into helping others that need out. Women and children who need protection. Her mother did not have that protection and this is a way to make sure something like what happened her life never happens again. With all these people around her you wouldn't think she is alone .. but she is. Her strength guides her and she will never let her guard down. Little does she know as strong and cautious as she is ... there is bad right under her nose. 

Together these two are a brilliant couple. Strong, willing to accept what their lives were and move forward. However sometimes pride gets in the way. Deacon needs to save the woman who has something broken in her before something terrible happens. Tempest needs to open her heart up before its too late and the past meets the future. 

This is a really fabulous addition to the MC series from Chelsea. All of the characters are so well written and you can make a connection with them. Please be aware there could be some triggers of abuse or PTSD in this one for some. Nothing was too graphic -- Just a wonderful story. LOVE IT.
Thank you for the ARC and I cannot wait for the next. I love keeping up with all of our Devils Due men. The ladies are snatching them up one by one! 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

'Tis the Season for Great Christmas Books......

I know, I's not even Halloween yet.  BUT, while scrolling Amazon tonight I came across a few upcoming Christmas releases that you can pre-order now.  And if you are anything like my girl, Amy....she LOVES her holiday themed books.  She literally drinks them up when they publish.  

Comment with any up coming Holiday books that you know of so we can share with others.  

There’s nothing so magical as Christmas in New York…

Santa is coming to New York!
Snow is falling, excitement is high and the delicious scent of chocolate drifts along Fifth Avenue – the Candied Apple CafĂ© is ready for Christmas! And no one is busier than publicist Iona Summerlin. With so much to do, she doesn’t have time to think about men, dating, or the fact her last boyfriend ditched her for her brother… Relationships are off the menu!
Hotel boss Mads Eriksson is not looking forward to the first Christmas since losing his wife. His six-year-old daughter Sofia has lost her belief in Christmas magic along with her mother, and he has no idea what to do. But an unusually festive business meeting at the Candied Apple – and meeting the beautiful Iona – starts to defrost Mads’ frozen heart, and suddenly life seems full of light and sparkle again.
If only they dare to believe, maybe all their Christmas dreams will come true!

Releasing November 10, 2017

For most of her life, Becca Monroe’s been running. The urge to see what lay beyond the next horizon took her away from Donner’s Mountain and the man she loved. Now, back for what will surely be her grandfather’s last Christmas, she’s caught in a tangle of unresolved emotions that leave her torn between the impulse to flee and the desire to stay.

Jack Donner never stopped loving Becca, even though she deserted him. Better than anyone else, he knows how cruel it would be to fetter her wild spirit, and he doubts she could ever be happy living in one place, on his mountain.

Can memories of Christmases past remind Becca what truly matters? And can love convince Jack to give her one more chance, even if it means risking his battered heart?

Releasing on November 10, 2017

Pre-order  Price 1.99 

’Tis the season for second chances…

Serena Hunter loves her new life in the sleepy Devonshire countryside! It’s a world away from her crazy past as the wife of American bad boy rock star, Ritchie Dangerfield.
Now she spends her days making delicious chocolate using milk from the local dairy and she finally feels that everything is back on track. That is, until her handsome ex-husband arrives in the village to win her back…
Away from the limelight, Serena gets to know Ritchie all over again and realises that maybe a second chance at love is the Christmas miracle she’d been dreaming of all along?
A perfectly festive read to curl up with this Christmas. Perfect for fans of Caroline Roberts, Cathy Bramley and Heidi Swain.

Releasing November 5, 2017
Pre-Order $5.99

By the bestselling author of the Three Wise Men Box Set (USA Today bestsellers list November 2016) – a series of individual sexy contemporary Christmas romances. Read in any order and enjoy!

Book 4: If Kisses Were Snowflakes

Nice with a touch of naughty… a new Christmas Wishes romance by Serenity Woods.

When Angel Matthews books a vacation on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne in Northumbria at Christmas, she plans to follow in the footsteps of St. Cuthbert and spend some time alone, to recover from the trauma of the past year, and to plan her future.

She doesn’t plan on being stranded by the tide, and having to hide in one of the refuge boxes for five hours in the wintry weather. 

She doesn’t expect to be rescued by a Ragnar-Lothbrok lookalike who seems to think she’s his shield maiden.

And she certainly doesn’t anticipate the way he not only thaws her frozen heart, but sends her thermostat soaring.

A relationship with the wounded but wonderful Halvar Carlson is definitely going to put her on Santa’s naughty list. But how can she possibly say no to such a sexy Viking?

Book 1: Santa’s Secret
Book 2: White-Hot Christmas
Book 3: His Christmas Present
Book 4: If Kisses Were Snowflakes

Releasing November 5, 2017 
Pre-Order $3.99

A fabulously festive romantic read, perfect to curl up with by the fire this Christmas!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the little flower shop…

Florist Rachel Jones might spend every day making beautiful bridal bouquets at her little flower shop, but her own love life is wilting as quickly as a bunch of dead roses.
Luckily, the arrival of handsome detective Anthony Bascombe, the new tenant upstairs is the perfectdistraction! Although there’s a catch, Anthony isn’t looking for love – he’s looking for her ex-fiancĂ©, Patrick…
But as the snow begins to fall and her little shop fills with mistletoe ready for Christmas, will Rachel manage to melt Anthony’s heart?
Fans of Debbie Johnson, Holly Martin and Christie Barlow will love this heartwarming read from the bestselling author of Marry Me Tomorrow.

Releasing October 27, 2017
Pre-Order $ 5.99