Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Amy's 5 star ARC Review of War Poppy by Nicole Lynne

Love and war. Two words that should have little association, but to me the two go hand in hand. Both are a tragedy. They rip you open and spit you out. The war killed my husband, Connor, shattered my will to live, and took my best friend. Brandon may not have physically died in that war, but his soul did. And now we're left to pick up the wreckage. Expected to move on when all that is left is the ruins of a life we once had. 
War. It took everything from me, even myself. When you're only able to exist, death seems like a blessing. Pain...a welcome distraction. I ran from everything associated with my past, and then she found me, fighting, drowning myself in whisky, trying to forget. She reminds me of Connor, of what I've lost—what we've lost. In the midst of destruction, she's a salvation I don't deserve. 
I shouldn't love him. 
I shouldn't love her. 
Love is a war we never should have fought.

This one is heartbreaking --- a casualty of war -- yes that's the correct word ... by the way I love the cover. 

Poppy has lost her husband Connor -- her heart is broken into shattered pieces never to be whole again. Her life is nothing. She is a shell of a woman. He is gone. The war changes everyone. 
Poppy knows that Brandon is going to kill himself but just in a different way. He came back when Connor didn't but he didn't come back the same. His heart is not alive and beating but his body continues to move. 

Brandon is drowning himself in alcohol and memories. Poppy is trying to be there for him but all she does is remind him of the war and what he lost. He needs her but he doesn't. He wants her to help him and he shouldn't. Betrayal ... tragic events that never should have happened. A war torn place that took something precious to them both. 

This is an absolutely realistic story in the sense of the events that take place. I could not have read a better book that gives some light to what soldiers and their families go through. The ones left behind ... I have heard many "real soldiers" who are very close to me say that "death is the easy way out. Its when you come back home the real war ensues." -- That is such a powerful statement that says everything we need to know. You are going to need some tissues and your big girl panties for this one. Put them on and sink in. You won't want to miss it. 

Although this story is fiction I connected with my whole heart to this story. I loved the characters -- I loved the storyline and I loved every minute I spent with my head in these pages. What a beautiful and gut wrenching read. Excellent job -- and thank you for honoring me with an ARC. 

Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Amy's 3.5 star ARC Review of A Touch Of Lust by Michelle Horst


The way of the commune is the only way I know. Born into sin, I have to repent daily.

If we follow the laws of the Brothers, our sins will be forgiven, and they will take us with them to The Promised Land. All I have been taught is that I’m bad, shameful and a whore.

But, in the deepest part of my heart I can’t help but wonder about life. Is the way of The Order really the only way?
I listen to the teachings. I watch my sisters as they dutifully do what they’re told.
With every passing day I can feel my faith slipping away. How can I believe in something that feels so wrong? I feel like an outsider.

I feel like I don’t belong anywhere until I meet Liam. The first man to show me what love is turns out to be just like the rest of them.

I’m done putting my faith in men. I’ll save myself.


Cults - I have this intense hunger for revenge against them.
Because of them, my sister took her own life.

Instead of getting my revenge, I get Mila. She changes things. But when I begin to unravel the secrets of her past that revenge comes back. I can’t forgive her for belonging to a cult. I blame her.

There’s only one problem, somehow that love I felt for her is coming back and my hate is turning to lust.

In the end I’m the one who needs saving.

How does it feel to take back your life? How does it feel to break the mold you were supposed to step into? A victim or a broken circle ... 

Mila has to repent for something she has no remembrance of doing. She is beaten ... She is told that she is dirty .. She is told her life is not hers. Her sister who is younger than her suffers from the same fate. Surely she would remember something of why she is a prisoner ... Surely this isn't her life forever. Fleeing she promises to return for her sister. 
Years later ...

Liam sees the woman ... He knows tragedy. He knows pain. He will give this woman all she deserves and more. But being torn apart could change everything. 

This one is a strange but good read. Both characters have similar past but in different ways of course. I did feel like the incident that occurs and the separation period was too easy maybe. With Mila and her past I felt she would be more standoffish. But having said that this is a decent read. This was different for me but not in a bad way. I did feel like there were some things that could have been met more in depth. But again not bad. There isn't a deep depiction of the "members" who had Mila and her sister so you shouldn't have triggers there if that is one for you ... That lack of depth may have been what was missing for me though. 

Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Viking (A Real Man #9) by Jenika Snow

She’ll be his greatest conquest.


I should have been afraid of him, the brutal man with the violence covering him and blood on his face. But he’d saved me from a fate worse than death. He was a Viking, a man who took what he wanted because he could, because no one dared to cross him, to go against him.

And he claimed me.

I was his now, and I didn’t want to fight that.


From the moment I saw Ingrid I knew I wanted her as mine, as my wife, the future mother of my children. I’ll go to any lengths to keep her by my side, to make her see I’m not letting her go. I may give her the option to leave, to find her own way, but the truth is I would follow her to the ends of the earth to keep her close.

I’m a Viking, a savage, dangerous and violent. I don’t give up when I see something I want. I’ve been searching for Ingrid my whole life; I just didn’t realize it until I looked into her blue eyes.

She will be mine. No matter what.

Warning: Hope you like your men filthy, brutal, and willing to slay for the woman he’s claimed, because in this story you’re getting it all and then some. It’s dirty, totally unbelievable, and probably holds no real historical facts, but it’s fun and hot and hits the right spot. It is what it is, so hang on and enjoy the ride.

Ok so I have to be honest. When I saw the title of this release I thought to myself no no no ... I love Jenika's writing and I don't want to rate a book low ... This is not my genre ... No history type characters .. Eck ... Ha! Jenika's put me in my place real quick with Gunnar. Um where is the boat ...? I want on. Find me a Viking people. Holy hell to the mutha. 

Ingrid knows she should run from this man that says she is his. She should be terrified of him. She should beg for him to let her go. But ... She won't and she can't. This man will own her body and soul. 

Gunnar is a crazy lord help me written into my brain .. No burned into my brain character. Regardless of what Ingrid wants he will make her his. He will fight for her ... He will win her heart. 

This is a really good quick read in this standalone series. If you have not picked up the other reads in The Real Man series you should click a few up. They are all really great short quick and steamy reads. Gunnar is no different. A man who knows what he wants. A woman with strength. This one's a keeper. 

Thank you for the ARC! Really great story and broke the mold on my misconceptions! Loved it! Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Amy's 4 star ARC Review of The Preacher's Daughter (Rough Riders MC) by Shelly Morgan

Angelica Hock is the preacher’s daughter, and that’s all she’s ever been known as. 

Her life has already been planned out for her, right down to what college she’ll attend and what her major will be. Which is inconsequential, since she’s expected to marry a man of her parents’ choosing, bear his children, and be a stay-at-home mother.

A trip to the wrong side of town puts her in the middle of a living nightmare when she’s saved by a dark knight. He makes her feel things she never dreamed possible. But reality slaps her in the face when she learns he’s no different from anyone else. 

Taking matters into her own hands, she buys a one-way ticket to Reno—new town, new friends, new life. She even decides to change her name. 

Torq is a member of the Rough Riders and not a man to mess with.

Having a drink at Bottoms Up—a strip club his MC owns—he sees Angel dance for the first time. Only she turns out to be the girl he saved from being sold as a sex slave; she’s the preacher’s kid. But she’s not like he remembered, which only makes him want her more. 

When someone comes into town with a grudge, Angel will be put in the line of fire, because everyone knows the best way to hurt your enemy is to hurt the person they care about the most.

He’s already saved her once, but he’d gladly go to hell and back to do it again. 

*** WARNING: Book does end with a cliffhanger. ***

Angelica has been controlled her entire life. A preacher's daughter she had no choices of her own. Leaving in anger from her home she collides with a man who is eager to have his way with her on the wrong side of town. Out of the shadows her savior appears. Much to her dismay this man is no better. 
Leaving everything behind .. Angelica finds a job in Reno with a new name far away from reality. 

Torq has found his home. The MC is his family. In celebration he finds himself at Bottoms Up. The woman he lays his eyes on is a creature from heaven. Little does he know they have collided before. 

This was a decent start to a new series. The plot was slow at times but I feel like we are heading to a big boom. This isn't a standalone so be warned. 

I would love to know more about Amy .. lol! Seriously though I did love Angelica because she was kind and didn't expect anything from anyone. She was making her own way after being held captive by her parents. I found her determination and her independence refreshing. 

I did love the characters .. there are villains of course and turmoil along with some great secondary characters that I'm sure will show up in their own stories later. Good read for the MC fans. 

Thank you for the ARC - give this one a click if you love the MC life. I think you will enjoy it! 

Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Put Out (Kilgore Fire #5) by Lani Lynn Vale

 Angie is a survivor. Anything you could throw at her, she could overcome.

After her father left her like a pile of unwanted trash, she began fighting. Fighting to build a life. Fighting to keep her child. Fighting to matter.
She thought she had it all figured out.

Then Bowen Race Tannenbaum walks into her life, turning it into a flurry of confusion, hope, and then ultimately despair. He tore down, brick-by-brick, her carefully constructed world, leaving her heart in tatters and longing for more. Such as a happily ever after, something that wasn’t ever going to happen for her. Not when she couldn’t give him what he wanted. He’d break her, and she couldn’t be put back together a second time.

Bowe wasn’t always so jaded, but when you keep drawing a losing hand, it tends to affect a man. He didn’t mean to lash out so carelessly. But he was so over being told no. He was done being lied to. He through with being cheated on.

This time, his heart was getting what it wanted. If Angie wasn’t able to see what he was offering, what was right here in front of her, well then, he’d just have to damn well show her.

5 stars for the final installment

So yes the final installment of our fire guys But as you know they show up often in various books. The men of Lani cross over and if we are lucky from several series ... 

Bowe and Angie ... First of all let's just say the Lanisms as I call them are off the charts on this release. These are the little snippets of goodness we get quoted prior to get chapter. Love them ... it's like the boom to the book.

Second let's talk Bowen. This man can't exist. This man fought for a women he wanted and never gave up. He fought hard too. Are you kidding me? Seriously where is he? That's right ... with Angie! Gah! I don't need to tell you how Lani writes her male characters .. they are amazing leaving us star struck and breathless. Bowe is no different. 

Angie has been ousted by every man in her life .. her father included she doesn't think a happy ending is in her cards. Bowe has lost his mind if he thinks she is good enough for him and also thinking that he won't ever disappoint her ... yeah right. 

This is s really great don't accept failure to grab your happiness story. I loved seeing our old friends and loved finding more out about Bowe. You all know it's a keeper so click it up. You deserve some Bowen. PS don't you just want to tip that hat back and see what's underneath? Great cover! 

Thank you for the ARC! Sorry to see this end but these men will not be forgotten! Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets. 

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Amy's 4 star ARC Review of Rough and Ruthless (A Notorious Devil Novel #4) by Hayley Faiman

Mary-Anne Lukin has never had it easy. Having survived the torments of abuse for far too long, it's a miracle that life somehow managed to leave her with a little bit of hope—hope of a future filled with happiness. 

Max "MadDog" Duhart has lived more than one lifetime, earning the respect he's due as the president of the Original Charter of Notorious Devils. Nevertheless, with life still yet to live, he wants more than the regret that's tarnished his past. 

Their connection is instant, though they know they shouldn't act on it—not with more than thirty years between them. Not with their families tied together by the club's brotherhood. 

Yet, there's something about the sweet, broken woman that whispers of a fresh start for an old man. And while he may be rough and ruthless, she cannot deny the way she feels when she looks into his haunted blue eyes.

One phone call. One cry for help. One motorcycle ride, and life as they know it is never the same. 

** Recommended for readers 18+ due to language, violence, and sexual content.

So I really like this series but I have to say I had a bit of enough already with this release. I am obviously not saying it was bad because I gave it 4 stars but I do think it was lengthy in the sense that the story could have been cut a littler shorter due to some redundant scenes between our two main characters Mary Anne and MadDog. 

Mary Ann is the sister of Sniper. He was older than her and didn't see the abuse she suffered at the hands of her father and the mother that stood by and allowed it to happen to her. Thinking she had met the perfect man .. Kyle becomes someone else after having met her brother. The brother who was nothing but trash in his eyes belonging to an MC. The one person she knows can pull her out is MadDog -- Max Duhart. He is ruthless and a killer but he will come for her if she calls. Bates told her so. 

Max "MadDog" Duhart has lived and lost. His first wife passed away and looking back he didn't give her the love or respect she deserved. He never raised a hand to her but he wasn't there. There were young and dumb -- she got pregnant and he wouldn't change anything except for maybe being a better man for his late wife. Being the President of the original charter of ND has given him a spot of respect from his brothers. His son now leads too and he is proud. So tainting a young woman like Mary Ann isn't something he should be doing. But he can't seem to keep his hands away from the one thing he should be not even considering. 

The storyline was good and the age difference was not an issue for me. However I did find the constant bantering of I should I shouldn't a little annoying at times. I wanted less of that and more of the true depth of what was going on. It was there you just had to get past the constant should we shouldn't we between the two characters. 

I loved the fact that we see all the crew in this one and then some. I also believe this story is about to explode as the MC is still sitting back staying vigilant waiting for the Cartel to strike. They are getting their hands deeper and deeper into things that could for sure backfire. 

I'm looking forward to the next release and to for sure keep up with these two. Just a hint for you though -- don't cross Max or MadDog ... holy jeezus ... just don't. There is somewhat of a graphic scene with another character in the story that might make you turn away but it's quick and you won't feel sorry for him ... just queasy. LOL! -- 

Thank you for the ARC! Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets. 

Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Healing the Broken by K. Street

Strength is born during the moments that are meant to break us.

Monsters didn’t just exist in nightmares. 

They were real; they lived among us. As the sole witness to a brutal murder, Ryann Sinclair knew that better than anyone.

He’d been burned once, and Cashel Donovan swore it was the last time. 

Until Ryann Sinclair walked back into his life. 

She was fiercely protective of her heart, and he was hell-bent on protecting her. 

Never one to back down from a challenge, he was determined to break her.
Just so he could be the one to put her back together.

Healing the Broken
K. Street

5 brilliant stars

I have been told that this is the author's debut release -- if this is true then we have got ourselves one heck of a writer friends. I am floored at the depth of this book and the beauty that is poured onto the pages. The cover is stunning and the perfect choice. Warning: If you cannot handle domestic violence or abuse please do not click this up. 

Ryann Sinclair and Cashel Donovan --- Two souls who were entwined together as teenagers. The love of Grandparents who became saviors and the soul of a boy who saw a girl that looked hopeless until she smiled. Two people that knew each other when they were teenagers. Both having never forgotten the other. When their paths cross again Ryann has scars that run deep. She has nightmares that torture her and monsters that lurk in the dark finding her at her weakest moments; when she is alone. 

This book is so beautifully written its hard to put words into the review without giving away spoilers. Trust me though when I say this book will restore your heart and bring hope to you -- and yes you will be this invested in these two characters. This is not a second chance love fairytale -- this is the exact opposite. This is a story of hiding -- of broken trust -- broken hearts and most of all broken faith. 

Cash has his own past he is dealing with but Ryann's story is the kicker in this one. I loved her boss at O'Malleys. A kind man looking after her and not pressing to know her demons -- simply protecting her even against his friend Cash. Don't get me wrong Ryann is not the weak and timid type of character and I loved this. The author wrote a strong woman who has her weak but also embraces her strength given to her by her Grandparents. Its realistic and what we want for women who have suffered abuse or witnessed horrific acts. (HOPE). 

I don't know what else to say about this without going into too much story line. You will have to trust me on this one. I highly recommend this book. In fact this is one of the best I have read of 2017 thus far and I am betting will be one of the best of our year. Excellent terrifying and emotionally draining read. I loved every minute. Trust me I know this review has not done Healing The Broken justice but I refuse to give spoilers and if I tell you just how much this book turned my stomach and touched every emotion a person can experience then I will have to reveal circumstances and I don't want to do that. I want you to feel on your own -- you deserve it as the reader. 

Bravo to you K. Street and thank you for the ARC. It was an honor to read. I cannot wait to see what we are privilege to get next from this magnificent author. 

Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets. 

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Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Vanished by T K Leigh

Rayne Kilpatrick has everything. A job she’s dreamed of since a little girl. The perfect house. And a man she loves and is about to marry… Until he never returns from a humanitarian mission. 

Gone. Disappeared. Vanished.

When footage of his gruesome murder by a Muslim extremist group is shown across the country and around the globe, she wants the person responsible for the disappearance of the man she loves to pay. She wants him to lose the one person who means the world to him, too, and she won’t stop until he does.

Alexander Burnham has everything… Finally. A job he enjoys where he can actually make a difference in the world. The perfect woman who he’s loved his entire life. And the most beautiful daughter a father could ask for… Until he walks into her bedroom one morning to find it empty.

Gone. Disappeared. Vanished.

It’s a race against the clock for Alexander to put the pieces together and find out who has taken his daughter and what they want from him. As information comes to light, he is forced to bury the guilt he feels after losing his fellow team member and focus instead on finding and saving his daughter…

Before it’s too late.

TK Leigh
5 stars

So have you read The Beautiful Mess? Well this is later on in years with Olivia and Alex. You hope for happily ever after … this one is going to kind of rip your heart out. I know right??!?! 

This is obviously not a love story like maybe we are used to but its more of a suspense, bring you into partial reality of events and things concerning in our society using two characters that we loved in a previous series. Now .. this deals with a kidnapping of a child. So having said that if you cannot take something of the sort then maybe you shouldn’t read. I don’t know maybe skim the pages and decide if you want to full on take this one on. 

Alex and Olivia’s lives are changed when their eight year old is taken. Alex will stop at nothing to find his child. He will put himself in the line of fire on all accounts to find her. Taking his past head on and finding himself along the way he could change the course of his life as he knows it forever. 

Rayne will avenge her beautiful loves lost life. He never returned. She was supposed to have it all and now the man who is responsible for his death will pay. He will feel the loss like she did. He will suffer like she did. He will know death in life like she does. How will she do that … she will take the one thing that means the most to him. Rayne will make him pay for the rest of his life. 
This an extremely suspenseful and heart pounding story. A race to find a child – a clock ticking to save her. There are some very significant issues in this book. I highly recommend reading but again know this is not a happy go lucky love story. 

Thank you TK for the ARC! 

Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Hunter (Black Angels MC #1) by A.E. Fisher

I spent years running from my past. Then, when my past comes knocking in the form of dark, delicious sin, I find myself caught up in a man I shouldn’t. My son's uncle. A dangerous biker. Not to mention, an overbearing Alpha male.
Hunter is everything I need to escape from, yet I find myself wanting to stay. I know I shouldn't let myself or my son care for him, but I can't help wondering if maybe he's the one who can finally save me from my past.

The plan was simple. Find my nephew, bring him home, and raise him in the Black Angels like my brother would have wanted. But things never go as planned, like my nephew’s mother. My brother’s one-night stand.
Mallory is spicy and sweet; one second she is mouthing off to me, and the next, she is moaning my name. The longer I’m with her, the harder she is to ignore. But she is hiding something while desperate to escape me, though I have her in my grasp. I will find out what she is hiding, and when I do, she will have nowhere left to run.

Hunter (Black Angels MC #1)
A.E. Fisher

5 stars

A few starters .. I'm not sure if this is A.E.'s first release or not. I had thought I found a few other books but then couldn't find them back so I'm lost on that .. if it is .. this is an excellent MC read. If it's not .. I need to click up the other releases from you so let me know! LOL! Second the cover ... this cover is brilliant. The dark contrast with the title and the olive skin .. you have created an image that jumps off that black background. Excellent choice. 

We are introduced to the Black Angels MC through Mallory and Hunter's story. And this is a really great start to what I hope to be a even better series. As I began reading the prologue got me turning the pages as quickly as I could as Mallory has apparently gotten herself into a bit of a situation. Confessing her sins to Noble (I love that name -- beautiful choice) doesn't turn out as she had hoped. His words have stung and still claw at her heart even after three and a half years. On the run -- living in less than desirable homes -- doing what she must Mallory is about to meet her maker. 

Hunter has found the girl that ran. Now it's time to find out why. Come hell or high water she will return home with him and help put the pieces of the puzzle back together. EEEEEKKKKK! I don't do spoilers but let me just say one of the best parts of the book -- Hunter may or may not kick a door in with his boot to get to Mallory. I have no idea why that stayed with me but it did. Just think -- a big black boot attached to a beautiful man who just blasted up on a Harley telling you to get your shit after kicking in your door. Um ... yupppp ... okay I'm coming! HAHA!

And then unfolds the story. Throughout the pages we meet numerous Black Angels -- this is where maybe I felt I had missed a book or missed something. I wasn't lost I just wondered if I should know more. Were these characters from a spin off of some sort or had they appeared in another series. GAH! I need to know if I am missing something! Anywho I love Wolf, Jax, Mint, Pretty, Lamb and then there is Anna. Now I gotta know what the heck is the deal with she and Wolf!

You are also introduced to another character during the climax of the story. I cannot release any more info about that to you BUT .. hang on to your heart because you are going to think .. but then maybe and then you think you really figured it out but then .... who knows. Only time will tell. 
I also need the backstory on that little mac-truck that AE throws us into thanks to her brilliance. 

This is a definite yes if you like MC reads. There is not the detailed interrogation scenes or brutality in any sort. However you do get some fiercely loyal men, some strong hearted men, a brotherhood that we are set to enjoy for I hope several more releases and a mixture of ladies who I'm certain will have a story of their own to tell. 

Love this series and love this release. Thank you for the ARC! -- Girl get to writing! I need another please and thank you! -- Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets.

Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Double Down & Dirty ( A Doms of the Covenant Novella) By Samantha A Cole

Grayson and Remington Mann. Fraternal twins. CEOs of Black Diamond Records. Dominants in the BDSM lifestyle who enjoy sharing the same woman.

Abigail Turner. The Mann brother’s personal secretary. An innocent woman who is off limits. Or is she?

Come meet the Doms of The Covenant and the submissives who bring them to their knees.

**The Doms of The Covenant Novella series is a spin off of Samantha A. Cole’s popular Trident Security series and currently only available in e-book format

Double Down and Dirty
Samantha Cole
5 stars

So twins …. In all the world that is Samantha Cole now we have twins to deal with. Seriously? I think she is trying to kill us everyday average women walking around keeping a list now that any man you meet must at least hold 80 percent of the qualities of our Trident Security Men all mixed together with the Malone Brothers. And what does she do now .. she gives us twins; Gray and Remington Mann – CEO’s of Black Diamond Records.

Abby Turner is a go getter. She is like every other woman working at the company – she thinks her bosses are out of this world. But dating or playing with the boss men is frowned upon – of course that is until Gray returns to his office and hears Abby having an encounter with his brother in his office no less or was she … ???? OH MY GAWD .. LMAO – I seriously had no words.

All bets are now off and the brothers are about to show sweet Abby with life is all about. Now of course you have banter between characters, strong characters male and female – an ex who needs to be tossed over and called done but again the dynamic of the characters and the storyline is what keeps me coming back continually for more – anticipating each release with great pleasure and lots of laughs. Of course our resident biatch had me doing that crinkled nose and twitchy mouth thing cause she is one nasty heifer!

Not only are these characters amazing in their own right we also get to say hello to Tiny, some of our Trident men, Roxy, China and a few others. Click this one up and add it to your collection!

Twins .. smeesh --- a two for one or two for something but yes there are two … Thank you for the ARC!

Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Riding Her Rough (Deaths Door MC #1) by Jenika Snow

He kept his distance. She saved her virginity.

Torque Morrison is a biker without roots—a Nomad—and he likes it that way. The pierced and tattooed member of the Death’s Door MC is a bad boy who’s lived hard and stayed away from what he really wants…the curvy Delilah.

And staying away from what’s forbidden has been the hardest thing he’s ever done.

Delilah Stringer was the daughter of the Death’s Door MC president, and she wasn’t a shrinking violet. The outlaws she grew up around may be crude and nasty, but they’re also protective, and they’d never approve of her being with a fellow Patch.

But Torque is the only man she’s ever wanted.
And then he’s back in town, and one drunken night leads to her giving him her virginity.

Torque finally claims Delilah. She’s his in all ways. He isn’t about to walk away from her, no matter who he has to go up against to make that known.

Warning: A fast, filthy story that leaves nothing to the imagination is just a page away. It’s unbelievable, and it might even be a little ridiculous, but it hits the spot in all the right ways.

Reader note: This story was previously published under the title Ridin’ Her Rough. It has since been revised and re-edited.

Oh Jenika .... you just give me the greatest joys of reading about MC men that are rough and rugged and everything else fast and hard. The cover ... really great choice. This is a quick read and a good page turner. Don't fret .. you will get all you need for sure. 

Delilah and Torque -- I love both of those names and they of course were perfect for how our two characters are written. Stubborn mixed with sassy. Sweet mixed with bad. Age difference .. for sure. And one more .. Torque is a nomad. They are always the bad boys that we all want and this guy is no different. 

Stopping by Torque sets his eye on Delilah. The road is his captain and the only thing that he loves. Women are easy .. they want the bad boy .. the one with the reputation. The nomad patch ensures he is all that and more. Daughter of the club president she has the no touch rule branded on her. 

Delilah wants only one man. The man who just walked into the club. She has only had eyes for him but she was too young and her father would never allow it. Four years gone .. now is the time. 

Again .. great quick read .. worth the time and worth the next one that comes our way. Jennica you never disappoint! Keep them coming! Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets. Thank you for the ARC!