Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Healing the Broken by K. Street

Strength is born during the moments that are meant to break us.

Monsters didn’t just exist in nightmares. 

They were real; they lived among us. As the sole witness to a brutal murder, Ryann Sinclair knew that better than anyone.

He’d been burned once, and Cashel Donovan swore it was the last time. 

Until Ryann Sinclair walked back into his life. 

She was fiercely protective of her heart, and he was hell-bent on protecting her. 

Never one to back down from a challenge, he was determined to break her.
Just so he could be the one to put her back together.

Healing the Broken
K. Street

5 brilliant stars

I have been told that this is the author's debut release -- if this is true then we have got ourselves one heck of a writer friends. I am floored at the depth of this book and the beauty that is poured onto the pages. The cover is stunning and the perfect choice. Warning: If you cannot handle domestic violence or abuse please do not click this up. 

Ryann Sinclair and Cashel Donovan --- Two souls who were entwined together as teenagers. The love of Grandparents who became saviors and the soul of a boy who saw a girl that looked hopeless until she smiled. Two people that knew each other when they were teenagers. Both having never forgotten the other. When their paths cross again Ryann has scars that run deep. She has nightmares that torture her and monsters that lurk in the dark finding her at her weakest moments; when she is alone. 

This book is so beautifully written its hard to put words into the review without giving away spoilers. Trust me though when I say this book will restore your heart and bring hope to you -- and yes you will be this invested in these two characters. This is not a second chance love fairytale -- this is the exact opposite. This is a story of hiding -- of broken trust -- broken hearts and most of all broken faith. 

Cash has his own past he is dealing with but Ryann's story is the kicker in this one. I loved her boss at O'Malleys. A kind man looking after her and not pressing to know her demons -- simply protecting her even against his friend Cash. Don't get me wrong Ryann is not the weak and timid type of character and I loved this. The author wrote a strong woman who has her weak but also embraces her strength given to her by her Grandparents. Its realistic and what we want for women who have suffered abuse or witnessed horrific acts. (HOPE). 

I don't know what else to say about this without going into too much story line. You will have to trust me on this one. I highly recommend this book. In fact this is one of the best I have read of 2017 thus far and I am betting will be one of the best of our year. Excellent terrifying and emotionally draining read. I loved every minute. Trust me I know this review has not done Healing The Broken justice but I refuse to give spoilers and if I tell you just how much this book turned my stomach and touched every emotion a person can experience then I will have to reveal circumstances and I don't want to do that. I want you to feel on your own -- you deserve it as the reader. 

Bravo to you K. Street and thank you for the ARC. It was an honor to read. I cannot wait to see what we are privilege to get next from this magnificent author. 

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