Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Amy's 4 star ARC Review of Rough and Ruthless (A Notorious Devil Novel #4) by Hayley Faiman

Mary-Anne Lukin has never had it easy. Having survived the torments of abuse for far too long, it's a miracle that life somehow managed to leave her with a little bit of hope—hope of a future filled with happiness. 

Max "MadDog" Duhart has lived more than one lifetime, earning the respect he's due as the president of the Original Charter of Notorious Devils. Nevertheless, with life still yet to live, he wants more than the regret that's tarnished his past. 

Their connection is instant, though they know they shouldn't act on it—not with more than thirty years between them. Not with their families tied together by the club's brotherhood. 

Yet, there's something about the sweet, broken woman that whispers of a fresh start for an old man. And while he may be rough and ruthless, she cannot deny the way she feels when she looks into his haunted blue eyes.

One phone call. One cry for help. One motorcycle ride, and life as they know it is never the same. 

** Recommended for readers 18+ due to language, violence, and sexual content.

So I really like this series but I have to say I had a bit of enough already with this release. I am obviously not saying it was bad because I gave it 4 stars but I do think it was lengthy in the sense that the story could have been cut a littler shorter due to some redundant scenes between our two main characters Mary Anne and MadDog. 

Mary Ann is the sister of Sniper. He was older than her and didn't see the abuse she suffered at the hands of her father and the mother that stood by and allowed it to happen to her. Thinking she had met the perfect man .. Kyle becomes someone else after having met her brother. The brother who was nothing but trash in his eyes belonging to an MC. The one person she knows can pull her out is MadDog -- Max Duhart. He is ruthless and a killer but he will come for her if she calls. Bates told her so. 

Max "MadDog" Duhart has lived and lost. His first wife passed away and looking back he didn't give her the love or respect she deserved. He never raised a hand to her but he wasn't there. There were young and dumb -- she got pregnant and he wouldn't change anything except for maybe being a better man for his late wife. Being the President of the original charter of ND has given him a spot of respect from his brothers. His son now leads too and he is proud. So tainting a young woman like Mary Ann isn't something he should be doing. But he can't seem to keep his hands away from the one thing he should be not even considering. 

The storyline was good and the age difference was not an issue for me. However I did find the constant bantering of I should I shouldn't a little annoying at times. I wanted less of that and more of the true depth of what was going on. It was there you just had to get past the constant should we shouldn't we between the two characters. 

I loved the fact that we see all the crew in this one and then some. I also believe this story is about to explode as the MC is still sitting back staying vigilant waiting for the Cartel to strike. They are getting their hands deeper and deeper into things that could for sure backfire. 

I'm looking forward to the next release and to for sure keep up with these two. Just a hint for you though -- don't cross Max or MadDog ... holy jeezus ... just don't. There is somewhat of a graphic scene with another character in the story that might make you turn away but it's quick and you won't feel sorry for him ... just queasy. LOL! -- 

Thank you for the ARC! Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets. 

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