Thursday, January 12, 2017

Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Dirty Deeds (Satans Wrath MC) by Geri Glenn and Jacqueline M Sinclair

My life had been going just fine until the night I met him. He was darkness, sex, and danger, all wrapped into one perfectly muscled package, and he had his sights set on me. But that same night, everything I knew about my life was turned upside down. One glimpse of Trick’s tattoo, and the memories consume me. That’s when my anger was born. 

Someone in his club killed my parents, and I had watched it happen. I can’t remember much, but I will stop at nothing to find out who that someone was, and make them pay. Getting close to Trick is the only way to do that, but he’s loyal to his club. As things heat up, conspiracies are revealed, and I’m about to learn just how deep those loyalties run.

From the instant I laid eyes on Tori, I wanted her. And for the first time ever, I find myself having to work at getting close to a woman. She’s mysterious and gorgeous, and I never quite know what she’s going to do next. She’s fascinating, but something’s not right. Something is holding her back from me. Something I intend to find out. 

But then she does something crazy. After she accuses my club of being responsible for the death of her parents, I know I should cut ties with her. I have a responsibility to my club—to my brothers. But what if she’s telling the truth? I've introduced her to them, and that means she’s now in danger. As a member of Satan’s Wrath, I have to let this play out, but how can I protect her without going against my brothers?

I love me some new MC and especially a guy that knows what he wants but more so a female lead that is in her own -- knows she doesn't need to bow down and can herself take the man into a world he has never known. 

We begin with Tori's life event at six years old. I'm telling you the first sentence in the book is all it took for me. Parents gone --- not knowing what happened -- a life with people she didn't really know but love her --- all is good as it can be right? ... 

Trick is ten -- heading out to school something is wrong. His mom doesn't have his lunch ready. The house is quiet -- and his dad says his mom is gone for good. She left -- no words spoken -- leaving Trick and his father without someone to care for them -- bad mom right? .... 

Those nasty little things we call Secrets --- these are more than just secrets .. I don't even know what to call them. 

Years later, Tori is working in her Uncle's diner when those men come in. Trying her best to keep her distance she knows she has to go take care of their orders. Being manhandled isn't something she loves but she promised her Uncle she would help. Little does Tori know that one particular man in that group holds the key to her past. Flashes of what really happened that night come crashing back with the glimpse of that tattoo. 

This was a awesome first release in what proves to be headed into a great series. Some of the most intriguing characters were left for us to hold in our thoughts. Q .. yup you need to tell me more on that. A BFF wolf ... absolutely. And Spencer -- we are left with him needing his story. There was not a lot of club interaction per say but it was still good; meaning you don't get a ton of secondary characters there. Most of the story centers around Trick and Tori's past. However you do get one heck of an explosive didn't see that one coming. 

Click this up friends because the next one out you aren't going to want to wait. I don't know what it is but I'm ready. Thank you for the ARC as always -- it was a honor to read. Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets.

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