Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Amazon reviews and my thoughts......

Last year I know of many authors who lost reviews because Amazon removed them if they were not in the author's favor.  Is this fare to those of us who take time to read and review books?  I am a firm believer that reviews should be honest.  I DO NOT believe that reviews should be a direct attack on an author.  So, my feelings on this subject are mixed.  If the reviews are being removed because a reviewer is attacking said author.   Then yes.... I think those should be removed.  I do not think they should be removed if the reviewer is simply giving an honest review.  And said author didn't agree with the review asking it be removed because of ratings etc.    Aren't reviews for readers to tell why we enjoyed a book or why we didn't?   

We will stand by our promise to review honestly.  We will not feel pressured by authors to remove reviews because they don't like them or they mess with ratings.  If by chance, a review has been removed.  We still offer a star rating and you can find our reviews on this blog and our FB Blog page.  

I will say this again..... I Do NOT think reviews should attack an author.  Attacking any author or blogger or reader is just petty and so childish.    Make 2017 better by embracing the fact that we have this community.  Learn to respect one another.  Agree to disagree.    

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