Monday, January 23, 2017

Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Double Down & Dirty ( A Doms of the Covenant Novella) By Samantha A Cole

Grayson and Remington Mann. Fraternal twins. CEOs of Black Diamond Records. Dominants in the BDSM lifestyle who enjoy sharing the same woman.

Abigail Turner. The Mann brother’s personal secretary. An innocent woman who is off limits. Or is she?

Come meet the Doms of The Covenant and the submissives who bring them to their knees.

**The Doms of The Covenant Novella series is a spin off of Samantha A. Cole’s popular Trident Security series and currently only available in e-book format

Double Down and Dirty
Samantha Cole
5 stars

So twins …. In all the world that is Samantha Cole now we have twins to deal with. Seriously? I think she is trying to kill us everyday average women walking around keeping a list now that any man you meet must at least hold 80 percent of the qualities of our Trident Security Men all mixed together with the Malone Brothers. And what does she do now .. she gives us twins; Gray and Remington Mann – CEO’s of Black Diamond Records.

Abby Turner is a go getter. She is like every other woman working at the company – she thinks her bosses are out of this world. But dating or playing with the boss men is frowned upon – of course that is until Gray returns to his office and hears Abby having an encounter with his brother in his office no less or was she … ???? OH MY GAWD .. LMAO – I seriously had no words.

All bets are now off and the brothers are about to show sweet Abby with life is all about. Now of course you have banter between characters, strong characters male and female – an ex who needs to be tossed over and called done but again the dynamic of the characters and the storyline is what keeps me coming back continually for more – anticipating each release with great pleasure and lots of laughs. Of course our resident biatch had me doing that crinkled nose and twitchy mouth thing cause she is one nasty heifer!

Not only are these characters amazing in their own right we also get to say hello to Tiny, some of our Trident men, Roxy, China and a few others. Click this one up and add it to your collection!

Twins .. smeesh --- a two for one or two for something but yes there are two … Thank you for the ARC!

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