Saturday, January 28, 2017

Amy's 3.5 star ARC Review of A Touch Of Lust by Michelle Horst


The way of the commune is the only way I know. Born into sin, I have to repent daily.

If we follow the laws of the Brothers, our sins will be forgiven, and they will take us with them to The Promised Land. All I have been taught is that I’m bad, shameful and a whore.

But, in the deepest part of my heart I can’t help but wonder about life. Is the way of The Order really the only way?
I listen to the teachings. I watch my sisters as they dutifully do what they’re told.
With every passing day I can feel my faith slipping away. How can I believe in something that feels so wrong? I feel like an outsider.

I feel like I don’t belong anywhere until I meet Liam. The first man to show me what love is turns out to be just like the rest of them.

I’m done putting my faith in men. I’ll save myself.


Cults - I have this intense hunger for revenge against them.
Because of them, my sister took her own life.

Instead of getting my revenge, I get Mila. She changes things. But when I begin to unravel the secrets of her past that revenge comes back. I can’t forgive her for belonging to a cult. I blame her.

There’s only one problem, somehow that love I felt for her is coming back and my hate is turning to lust.

In the end I’m the one who needs saving.

How does it feel to take back your life? How does it feel to break the mold you were supposed to step into? A victim or a broken circle ... 

Mila has to repent for something she has no remembrance of doing. She is beaten ... She is told that she is dirty .. She is told her life is not hers. Her sister who is younger than her suffers from the same fate. Surely she would remember something of why she is a prisoner ... Surely this isn't her life forever. Fleeing she promises to return for her sister. 
Years later ...

Liam sees the woman ... He knows tragedy. He knows pain. He will give this woman all she deserves and more. But being torn apart could change everything. 

This one is a strange but good read. Both characters have similar past but in different ways of course. I did feel like the incident that occurs and the separation period was too easy maybe. With Mila and her past I felt she would be more standoffish. But having said that this is a decent read. This was different for me but not in a bad way. I did feel like there were some things that could have been met more in depth. But again not bad. There isn't a deep depiction of the "members" who had Mila and her sister so you shouldn't have triggers there if that is one for you ... That lack of depth may have been what was missing for me though. 

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