Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Amy's 4 star ARC Review of Steal My Breath by Nina Levine


I let him steal my breath and I want to give him my heart too.
But it’s complicated.

Internet dating and Callie St James do not go together. 

Desperate for sex.
Earns shit money waitressing while desperately trying to get a publishing deal.
Only does yoga to keep core muscles strong—trust me, guys thank me.
Reads too much because gets no sex.
Did I mention desperate for sex?

She’s about to give up on love when the guy she’s been lusting after for a year breaks her three month sex drought. 

Luke Hardy. 

Mysterious, moody and all alpha, Luke is hiding a secret—one that Callie never saw coming. 

The secret, however, is nothing compared to the discovery she makes about Luke’s family when she starts a new job at the local paper. Callie finds herself caught between her morals and her desires. Whichever path she chooses, someone will lose. Is she ready to give up the man she’s just found or will she go against everything she believes in so she can finally have the love she’s always dreamt of? 

This story contains all the panty-melting sexiness and alpha goodness that Nina Levine books are known for. 

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4 stars

Callie St James has been through every dating site and she keeps getting the duds. Why can't she find someone that will be hers … want her or even give her a night of sex that would actually be worth it. She is on a dry spell of three months and counting. She isn’t desperate that she is going to jump into bed with anyone. Not only is her love life not the greatest but all of her books she has written have been rejected, her hours are being cut where she waitresses and she is forever lusting after the one and only Luke Hardy that she has to see nightly at his club. Her best friend Avery works there so not going isn’t an option. Watching Luke almost kills her. They argue, he is bossy and steals the air she breaths every time he walking into her space. 

Luke Hardy is a secretive man. He doesn’t date, he doesn’t share and he never wears a smile. Keeping Avery and Callie away from men wanting only one thing in his bar is a priority but letting Callie get close isn’t an option … until one night … another woman ruined him but he has waited too long. Callie will be his .. its time. Or is it? His past is a wreck and its not going away any time soon. Dragging Callie into his world isn’t a good idea …. But he can't wait any longer. 

Callie is a tough character and I loved that. I love that she also stuck to her morals for the most part in love and in doing what is right. However my heart was brutalized at points in the story but what happened was right and it certainly was necessary. 

There is so much I could say about this read – its about love, it's about holding on, it's about honesty and it's about believing. I really loved it. I did feel like there could have been more detail in what was going on with Luke and the secondary characters involved in his life and a little less smexy time description of Luke and Callie. There is also a snippet of a situation between two characters that I think we might get a book on or at least I hope … not spoilers so not saying. 

This is a long hard fought road of two people who are meant for each other but circumstances throw them into situations that would tear the strongest couple apart. 

Great story – great read – Thank you for the ARC – LOVE THE BOOK! 

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