Thursday, June 29, 2017

Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Alpha Male (A Real Man # 14) by Jenika Snow


For the last two years Lachlan has been my personal bodyguard. Although I don’t feel in danger and don’t need someone constantly watching me, because it’s Lachlan, I can’t help but feel safe.

I love him.

He is big and strong, with training that makes him deadly. Anyone who is stupid enough to cross him learns that swiftly.
But I’m too afraid to tell him how much I want him. I’m too afraid to tell him that I crave him.


I was hired to be her bodyguard, to make sure she was safe because her father is a senator. But even if her father hadn’t hired me, I wouldn’t have been able to leave her alone.

I love her, want her as mine, and I need to show Layla that she was meant for me.

I need to show her that if anyone looks at her, speaks to her, or thinks they have a right to touch her, I’ll lay them out and not think twice.

She is my world, and no one but me will have her.

I’m done waiting. It’s time I make Layla mine.

Warning: Have a neck brace on hand because this story will give you whiplash. It’s short and to the point, but that’s how we like them. It’s not lacking in the heat department, has an over-the-top alpha hero, and a sweet virgin heroine. No worries, though; you get a safe read with a Happily Ever After and some baby making in the process.

This was a fast and really good read. This one has to be my favorite. NICE JOB! 
Lachlan was hired to guard Layla -- the Senator expects him to keep her safe. Heading off to a party Lachlan will not let anyone touch her. He has loved her since the day he laid eyes on her but she is off limits. 

Layla only wants one man. But he won't touch her -- he wouldn't because he is her bodyguard. He is supposed to keep her safe. Being with him would not be safe. I really enjoyed the fact that Jenika did not make Layla into a spoiled rich girl. NICE! 

Love the ending -- love the support of certain characters and loved how great these two are together. Nice read for the beach of lake! Thank you for the ARC!

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