Thursday, March 2, 2017

Amy's 4 star ARC Review of Coal (Regulators MC #3 ) By Chelsea Camaron and Jessie Lane

She is the everyday girl next-door.

He is shadowed by regret laced in broken memories.

Dark sins of the past have a way of taking hold of your heart and never letting go.

Paisley Asher is the average woman trying to get by in life. Happy and safe in her bubble of ease, she is not prepared to take on the black pit that is one man’s heart.

Trevor ‘Coal’ Blake has a past covered in black. Tainted. He is a dark soul.

In the moment, it is easy to lose sight of what is going on. Looking back, however, little cues were misread … or were they? He lives with more questions than answers.

Chance encounters bring these two together. Is she the angel to pull him from the depths of his personal hell, or is he destined to remain alone and as black as coal?

This is a good read with an very interesting and quirky lead female whom I loved. Of course I loved Coal but Paisley just made this book. 

The book starts with us being introduced to Coal as a teenager. When his world comes crashing down his military father does what he is asked in order to get his son away from the problem. His parents were never really sure their son was innocent leaving Coal to not go back home. Forward to present time and Coal has a dark heart and rightly so. He questions the past and would love to have answers to the black that plagues him. 

Paisley bumps into Coal on the road -- literally with her "green" car right into the back of his Harley. In order for her balance to be right again and their bad karma to not intertwine she makes it a point to find out more about Coal and set her center straight. 

These two were hilarious yet Coal .. I wanted to smack him upside the head for some of his comments. You see this story unfold wrapped around a killer who has a very disturbing way of making sure his targets are dead. EKKKK .. not for the faint of heart. 

Coal and the boys of the MC are all former military and work for the GOVT so they aren't the normal MC. Love the preface of this MC and what they stand for. You also get in touch with previous characters but don't have to read the previous books to know or appreciate the book. However if you enjoy this release I encourage you to pick up the others. 

Thank you for the ARC!

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