Sunday, September 25, 2016

Amy's 4.5 star ARC Review of Empire (The Syndicate Series Book 5) by Kathy Coopmans

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From USA Today Best Selling Author 
EMPIRE is the final book in The Elite Forces Series. It is recommended to read books 1-4 before attempting to read this 
We’ve loved. 
We’ve lost. 
We are hated. 
Our Empire is crumbling right before my eyes. No one can be trusted for reasons that are consuming me, controlling me and ripping me away from my family. 
This new family who has taken over the streets of New York has taken someone away from us. We will not let them take anymore. The only way to stop them is to sacrifice one of us. 
I’m loved. 
I’m lost. 
I hate. 
*Recommended for readers over the age of 18 due to graphic violence, explicit language, and sexual situations.

4.5 stars

Empire is the final book in the Elite Forces Series. I recommend you read the first four books before you dive into this one. I will tell you there is somewhat of a recap at the beginning so you wouldn’t be completely lost but in order to appreciate the turmoil and the horror the Diamond family has been through and survived I would read books one through four prior. 

Roan and Calla are at the head of the family with the murder of Roan’s father. There is someone close to the family who knew exactly where his father would be. That can only mean one thing …. However getting on the inside undetected is going to be a feat. Something the family cannot do alone.

The family loyalty is tested – bonds are meant to be broken .. right? If you cannot trust your own family then who can trust .. that is the question. The Empire is falling apart and everything the family knows is being tested. Calla cannot let the family be picked off one by one – Roan is determined he will make the person who is responsible pay in blood and pain. 

I absolutely loved this series … it's going to be hard not having the guys and their ladies around. Cain, Roan, Aidan, Dilan, Calla, Alina, Deidre and Anna – now we have the kids – the family must survive. 

I know I'm being vague but I cannot say too much and certainly don’t want to say anything that would sway a reader to believe they know what happens or who is gunning for the Diamond Empire. I love Kathy and I hope that she will begin a new journey for us with a new family --- a new adventure. This has to be my favorite of the five as Calla is a bad bad woman … who doesn’t love that! 

The cover is stunning -- I love the image and the colors that surround the couple. Bravo Kathy -- One of your best. 

Thank you for the ARC! Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath the Sheets. 

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