Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Amore Part 1 by Bella Jewel

"It is not love that defines us, Julietta. It is love that destroys us.” 

I’m just a normal girl. 
Or so you would think. 
I’ve never thought of myself as anything different. 
Until I met him. 
He doesn’t think I’m normal. 
He thinks I’m special. 
Special enough to be in his life. 
Special enough to enter his world. 
Special enough for his bed. 
Rafael Lencioni. Dangerous. Beautiful. Terrifying. 
My story is the one that’s never told. 
I’m not the daughter. 
I’m not the wife. 
I’m not a sister or a mother. 
I'm not his enemy and I'm not his friend. 
I’m not who you think I am. 
So for me to fit into their world, I have to do something I never wanted in my life. 
Something I would have frowned upon until I met him. 
I have to change who I am. 
I have to shut down my heart. 
I have to accept my place. 
My body belongs to him. 
My heart isn’t permitted to. 
Those are his rules. 
But rules were made to be broken…right? 

5 stars and a holy geeuz she wrote a cliffy .. and I'm dying let's just add that too. 

Going out of her original writes Bella has given us a story like no other. The woman – the mistress of the mafia. The man who charms and keeps the woman – it's her side and oh lord it’s a beautiful mess. 

Julietta and Rafael have a chance meeting at his club. Julietta not knowing her crazy “experience” is with the mafia king quickly finds out what she has done. Leaving and not looking back she finds the man himself sitting on her doorstep offering her a deal. 

Through numerous events that include Rafael’s wife --- Julietta’s father, brothers of the mafia and a very interesting twist you will find yourself dropping the Kindle at the cliffhanger. I have never in my life wanted to be able to keep turning the pages. Bella gives us a hint that the next book is already In the hands of editors so we won't have to wait long but one day is too long. 

Julietta is crafted on the pages of a woman who is hanging on. Manipulated and continuing to go back for more she can't help herself. Rafael is charming and gives her everything she needs except for what she finds she needs the most – his heart. His warning was to never fall in love – complications of all kinds have set in and Julietta has to now be the bravest she has ever been and run ….. 

Get this book --- now --- remember though I warned you .. there is a cliffy – and it’s a doozie. 

Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath the Sheets .. Thank you Bella and hurry with the next! 

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