Thursday, September 8, 2016

Amy's 5 star Review of Inflame Me (Ravage MC #4) by Ryan Michele

Tanner O’Ryan is in desperate need of help. 

When her mother suddenly suggests they drive to Sumner, Georgia to get assistance from her father, Cameron Wagner, she is more than floored. In her twenty-three years, she’s never known who her father is, and now she has to put her trust in the man. Not only does she have to trust him, but an entire club full of men and women who live a life she didn’t know anything about.

She quickly realizes she needs more help than she originally thought.

*Contains mature content including, sex and violence. Mature audiences only.*

Ryan Michele 
5 stars -- I love me some MC and I absolutely LOVE an older man younger woman read. 
Book 4 in the Ravage MC series --- I had a lot of catching up to do and I can say I'm happy that I did. I love Ryan’s other series so I knew this one would be a keeper as well. In this release we are thrown into the life of Tanner and Rhys. 
Tanner and her Mom are in desperate need of protection. Where can you find this protection .. no other place than the Ravage MC. Needless to say running to the Sumner means meeting the father she has never known. Twenty three years with zero contact and now she has to trust him to help she and her mother. Cameron Wagner however never knew he had a daughter and to say he was left speechless is an understatement. Family is family though and without hesitation the club steps in. 
Moving forward club member Rhys wants the woman that just walked through the door. (There is a very significant age difference so if you don’t care for that type of smexy than you might want to move on from this one). The fireball he has his eye on has a sass mouth and an independent and fearless streak in her; something that he likes. Protection is what Tanner will get but is he ready for one woman … jealousy and the fire that immediately ignites when another man gets near her says yes … but only time will tell. 
I really loved this book. I have zero problems with older men and younger women … in fact I think its awesome. I would have had no issues meeting someone who was much older than me. … especially if they were like Rhys. LOL! --With age comes fierce loyalty and what woman doesn’t want that?
Grab this series up and start with book one. You won't be sorry. Thank you Ryan for the chance to read and the great series .. what an awesome read. I can't wait for the next as you left us hanging on another storm brewing. LOVE IT! 
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