Thursday, July 27, 2017

Amy's 4 star ARC Review of Lucky (No Prisoners MC #4) by Lilly Atlas

After six months caring for her terminally ill mother, Kori is shocked to learn the identity of her father. Armed with the name of a man she’s never met, Kori sets off across the country to meet the person responsible for half of her DNA: the President of the No Prisoners Las Vegas motorcycle club.

Raised as the stepdaughter of an MC member, Kori has one rule when it comes to dating: no bikers. Following that rule becomes a challenge, however, when she meets Lucky, a member of her father’s club.

Lucky’s perspective on the dating world is don’t do it. He has a revolving door to his bedroom and no interest in a relationship. But what starts as harmless flirting quickly escalates until he can’t get Kori out of his mind.

For a time, the relationship seems perfect, but Lucky is struggling with a secret that could destroy the club. How can he move against club leadership knowing that Kori will be caught in the crossfire?

Lucky and Kori -- Lucky was brought to us after patching over from another chapter in a previous release. These books are all standalone and can be read not as a series. If you want the entire story though learning about all the characters is key. Lucky arrived with some past and some things he was keeping to himself. We may find out what those are in this book. Can't tell you -- 

Kori lost her job and all she had when caring for her terminally ill mother. On her death bed her mother tells her daughter there is a box that she must see. The box holds the past -- the link to her father. Although Kori knew some about her father she did not know everything that he was about. Finding Lucky was not part of the deal nor was betrayal. 

Good story line -- I was more torn with Lucky that anything else. Kori was a strong female lead but he was the star of the show. Mystery -- betrayal -- love -- it's all here. Click this one up for read number four from the No Prisoners MC. 

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