Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Amy's 5 star ARC Review of A Dead Man's Pulse by Samantha A Cole

Marine First Sergeant Logan “Cowboy” Reese was rescued hours before he would’ve met the same fate as his five murdered teammates in Afghanistan. Returning to the US and civilian life hadn’t been part of his plans at this stage of his career, but dealing with PTSD forced his hand. However, an unexpected job offer with Trident Security, a private firm in Tampa, has him finding a purpose in life again, but will his flashbacks destroy a promising future altogether?

Officer Dakota Swift has worked hard to prove she belongs on Tampa PD with the big boys and has been trying to get assigned to the Special Operations Division. A local, serial killer, targeting submissives in the BDSM lifestyle, gives her the opportunity to get her feet wet in undercover work. She’s assigned to the joint task force between TPD, the FBI, and Trident Security, but can she survive her attraction to her new partner, Logan?

The operatives of Trident Security have a keen interest of catching the “Kink Killer” as the heads of the company also own a BDSM club, The Covenant. Until his identity is discovered, no woman in the lifestyle community is safe. With the body count rising, will the killer be caught before someone from The Covenant becomes the next victim?

So first and foremost it makes me giddy to see book 1. This means we are on a journey of more to come. Second bringing awareness to PTSD and prisoners of war -- hell yes. Third a new pup named Fubar -- damn right. Brilliant name choice by the way. 

The title is a sad yet real description of a man who survived while his brothers didn't. War is a bastard. It's the devil wrapped in a nice bow with a one way ticket to hell (and that's my description from having a husband who served 22 years in SO). Logan Cowboy Reese is a man looking to suppress those demons. A Trident in hand might just help him slay the beast. 

Dakota Swift is still trying to prove herself to her co-workers and father. A chance to join the elite forces to catch a killer is the perfect way to do this. Throwing herself undercover is the only way to go to show that she can and will get the sick f**k who is murdering the ladies from the clubs. 

Things will explode along the way with many fighting to stay alive. Enjoy the ride, embrace the moments that are reality and turn to page one. We can't say much more because the details are not only alluring but heart pounding to say the least. Nothing needs to be compromised or given away in the review. 

Don't miss the original series from Samantha. You don't need to read it to understand what is going on in this release but missing them is like missing cake on your birthday friends! Thank you for the ARC and the chance to read. LOVE THIS ONE.

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