Thursday, July 27, 2017

Amy's 4 star ARC Review of Schooled (Ruthless Rebels MC Novella ) by Chelsea Camaron and Ryan Michele

Waylon “Triple Threat” Thorne – the untouchable.

Man of steel with a capital S.

His crystal blue eyes are something dreams are made of down to the way he carries himself, everything is beyond reality. 

My first lesson in heartbreak. What happens when we both learn we’ve been schooled in miscommunications?

*Chelsea Camaron and Ryan Michele have teamed up to bring you an explosive new MC romance that will have you panting for more of the Ruthless Rebels. Hold on tight, it's going to be a wild ride full of action and suspense that these two authors are known for. Throw in two people who finally get their second chance, and things are about to get smoking hot.*

Each book in the Ruthless Rebels MC series is a stand-alone second chance romance. This is the final book in the series. 

Series reading order is:

This book contains some possible triggers -- be warned. 
This time it's Waylon and Jessica's story.
Twin brothers raised by an evil woman -- bad bad bad -- I'm taking the childhood from hell and back again -- a one way ticket. that had a childhood from hell. (Your triggers --abuse).

Falling in love with Jessica was not expected. He could never expose her to the evil that his family held and put upon others. He was not the one for her. Bringing her around his mother would never happen therefore he was not the man for her or the man that she needed in her life. Needless to say Jessica is pulled in regardless of his trying to protect her. 

Kidnapped by the woman that the love of her life had tried to protect her from -- he left her and now his mother had her. Two years she has suffered and waited for her man to come and rescue all while tormenting herself -- knowing that if he came she would kill him. Will he find her and when he does then what? Is there a future with man whose mother has caused her so much pain. 

This is a whole lot of holy smokes --- this is not a easy go lucky read. So make sure you click this one up when you are ready for an intense mind bending and heart stopping read. Thank you for the ARC -

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