Sunday, May 28, 2017

Amy's 3.5 star ARC Review of Dax (SouthSide Skulls MC #1) by Jessie Cooke

Dax Marshall is six foot four of hard muscle and raw animal magnetism. 
As president of the Southside Skulls Outlaw Biker Club, he’s had his share of women, but never one who meant more to him than his Harley or the brotherhood. 
That was before she walked into the Spirits Bar and told him her name—Angel.

Angel Brady went searching for something she would only find by hiding who she really was. 
But she found much more than she was looking for, and now her secret stands between her and what matters most.

Can Dax and Angel overcome the other dangers lurking in the shadows that threaten everything they live for? 
Secrets that even Angel never knew.

This is the first book in the Southside Skulls MC Series.
This is a Standalone Romance Novel, with HEA and No cliffhangers. 
Intended for Mature Readers.

Angela Davis needs to start a new life. Undercover and trying to infiltrate the Southside Skulls MC may pose more difficult than she thought. Especially since their president Dax is something to be reckoned with. The lines are blurring for Angel. 

Dax's father was betrayed by a man that he thought had his back. Growing up in the club life wasn't hard. His father was the best man he knew -- a hero in a son's eyes. The man who killed his father better watch his back. His time is limited and Dax is the owner of that time. Angel has changed his life though -- maybe she is the one -- maybe she will understand or maybe his path should be different. 

I didn't dislike this book, but I felt there could be more to the characters. I look forward to reading the next and think that this will be a good series as we continue to get releases. Thank you for the ARC and the chance to read.

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