Monday, May 8, 2017

Amy's 4 star ARC Review of My Vice: Fallen Angels MC (Fallen Angels MC Series Book 1) by Breanna Mansfield

Stanton doesn't hate life. He's just angry as hell at it. For once, he wishes someone would want him for, just him. Growing up with an addiction based home life, he finally finds where he belongs. Being the Vice President of the Fallen Angels Motorcycle Club is the best decision he's ever made. No more having people walk all over him, no more bullshit, or so he thought, anyway. 

Schuyler is the daughter of the President of her home town's Motorcycle Club, The Strykers. Her father has Schuyler's whole life planned out for her. Where she will live, what job she will do, down to what man she will marry. Nevermind, that man being abusive, controlling, not to mention gets all his women hooked on Heroin. She's not about to let that man become her vice. So, she runs. 

When Stanton meets the beautiful Schuyler, in a diner, he's immediately drawn to her. But when his past family addictions come back at him, mixed with Schuyler's past - it starts to show the ghosts in her closet. Will it be too much for him and his brotherhood? Will she give up the vice she truly loves? What will be her vice in the end?

This is another new author to me with an MC flare that shows good promise for a great series. 
A new MC series and what promise…this is one to keep an eye of for sure!

Schuyler is running from her father. The daughter of a President to an MC -- a abuse man that she must marry -- her life all jotted down on a perfect little map -- no decisions are made by her -- everything is made for her and she isn't having it. No one will tell her who to marry, what she will do for the rest of her life or who she will do it with. Not to mention her father's choices are NOT the best as the man he wants her to spend her life with is low life scum from his club. She doesn't need her father or his club. 

Stanton has earned his title of VP in the Fallen Angels. Hard working and not falling into the trap of hell at home the MC has been his family. They have made him earn it but now the trust and brotherhood he shares with these men are his life. Something is missing though. The women are there but he wants someone to want him for him .. not his title; not for who he is. Meeting this beautiful and independent woman might just be what he needs or what kills him. Protecting her is everything -- he will sacrifice it all to keep her safe. His head tells him that she is hiding something from him though and when it lands on his doorstep all hell breaks lose. 

There are some really great secondary characters including an evil bastard named Nate. Holy heck. Just when you think things are dying down and you are good to go then BOOM -- another issue hits. I really enjoyed this read and it kept me turning the pages. I can't wait to read more about Hawk and I did love Doc's character as well. Good first release.  Thank you.  

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