Monday, May 15, 2017

Amy's 3.5 star ARC Review of Mr. Dark by Pavan Kaur

Mr. Dark - I know what they say about me, I’m demanding, but that’s only because I know what I want and I don’t play games. I don’t do girlfriends; I walk away without a second glance…until I met her. I feel myself losing control around her, will she be the one to bring me to my knees? 
Ava - All I’ve ever wanted was to own a magazine. Doing this internship at Dark Media wasn’t my first choice. I do what I’m told until I meet him. He wants me, I can see it in his eyes, but he wants more than I can give. He unnerves me; he wants me to submit to him. 
How can I say no to him when my heart is saying something else? What if he breaks me? 
Will I be able to walk away with my heart still intact when this is all over?

Ava Banks is a smart woman and has taken on her own despite her past. Working for Kevin Dark is a nightmare and a dream all rolled into one. He's beautiful -- he oozes everything that Ava does not need to be thinking about. 

Kevin Dark is the man behind Dark Media. He is a wanted man in many ways but when Ava comes around he sees someone he wants as his and his only to train -- a sub. Mingling within the workplace is not something he should be doing but this woman needs to be at his mercy. Keeping the lines drawn poses a very difficult task. 

When the past catches up to Ava -- Mr. Dark needs to decide what he feels. The need to protect her is more than the need to keep her at arm's length. 

This storyline was decent. I did wish the characters were a tad bit more in depth. I ended up skimming over a lot of the "love" scenes and was more interested in the past coming to find Ava. If you like the Dom/Sub relationship that turns into something more than this is for you. 
Thank you for the ARC and the chance to read.

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