Sunday, May 7, 2017

Amy's 4 star ARC Review of Rhys (Killer Secrets #1) by D B James

He has everything planned… except her. 

Rhys lives a life of solitude — one he’s perfectly content with. That is until his friend Vinny is found murdered. There are secrets and half-truths at every corner, but he’s determined to find out what happened. 

Averill is exactly where she wants to be in life after years of running. She’s opened her own boutique and can finally breathe again. She thought she was safe… until her world collides with the dark shadows of Rhys’. 

When he unknowingly puts her in the path of a serial killer, will he be able to protect her? Even if it means becoming the killer he’s trained to be?

Running into Averill Fitzgerald can't be by chance. She was one of his best friends as kids. Running her own shop and having her feet on the ground is something she is very proud of. Rhys being back in town and running into him is not something that can keep those feet firmly planted. Especially since there is trouble lurking thanks to him. (Unknowingly of course) 

I would call Rhys' character quirky. There is a humorous explanation for his character's nickname that stuck during childhood which I thought was pretty cute. The mystery surrounding this man and the character is like looking into a smoky room. Again -- quirky. You will of course get some answers to the questions that will be swirling around in your head but for the most part your intrigue is kept on edge. His father wants nothing to do with him since he left the Army so Brant is his only confidant ... his only family. The only one that knows and harbors his secrets safely tucked away. 

There are some great secondary characters with Brant, Tessa and Justin. There will definitely be some questions pointed at the end with these additions as well as still some question marks behind Rhys's past and what is going on in his head. Perfect -- yup I'm thinking so. 

This was a good read with a twisty storyline -- looking forward to the next! Thank you for the ARC!

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