Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Savage Things (Chaos & Ruin #2) by Callie Hart


At the eye of a violent storm, everything is calm. It’s only when the storm shifts that your life explodes into chaos. 

The $#*& is finally about to hit the fan for Zeth. After months of blissful quiet, the wolves are at his door, teeth bared and snarling, baying for blood, and the sinister elements of the Seattle underground are closing in tight. In other words, things are about to get bad. Real fucking bad. 

Zeth Mayfair isn’t your average criminal, though. 

If the New York mob wants his allegiance, they’re gonna have to force him to submit. If the cops want his ass in chains, they’re gonna have to catch him first. 

He’ll kill the wolves. He’ll ride out the storm. He’ll make his enemies suffer. Zeth Mayfair is about to crown himself ruler of the city, and fuck anyone who dares to take on the king. 

They will obey, or they will fall. 

The choice is theirs. 


Death is a bitch. 

Sloane Romera sees death every day, looks it square in the eye, and she does not flinch. When Mason Reeves brings his little sister into St. Peter’s emergency room, a dark cloud hangs over the kid—one Sloane recognizes all too well. Millie is gravely ill, but it's not too late. Sloane's determined to do everything in her power to help her, regardless of the cost, regardless of how many rules she must break in the process. 

Mason’s struck a deal with the devil, though. A deal that has painted a huge target on Sloane’s back. There’s every chance she’ll be dead by morning, and the man she loves might not be able to save her this time. 

If there’s one thing Sloane knows, it’s that you can’t cheat death. When the Grim Reaper demands a life, a life must be given. Bargaining won’t work. Begging is futile. 

A life for a life. 

The debt must be paid in full. 

* Savage Things is book 2 of 3 in the Chaos & Ruin series. This novel is approximately 65,000 words long. Book 3 will be released in December 2016.

Savage Things
Callie Hart
5 stars
One in a million – In the second installment of Chaos and Ruin we are on the verge of heartbreak and happiness with the crew. I absolutely LOVE Mason and of course Michael is also a favorite … Zeth and Sloan are here as well … it's just so much .. too much for the heart. 
This is an emotional torment of sorts. Callie has also provided us with so much BOOM it's been nuts but this one will rip you to pieces – even the happy will leave you wonder what now. I almost won't be able to bear it thinking of what is yet to come knowing where we stand and where we are as we hit the last page. 
You know I don’t do spoilers --- so at best I can say you need to prepare yourself for things you could never have imagined. If you have not read the first book please step back and grab that one up and then read this one. You can't read one without the other. Then if you have not read the Blood and Roses series go get it and all the rest as well. 
I want to thank Callie for the ARC – it's brilliant – its crazy in all the right places and at best you might make it out without using more than two full boxes of tissues. If you do you are better than me. Bravo … Bravo … There is so much yet to come …. Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets. 

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