Thursday, August 4, 2016

Amy's 5 star ARC Review of Oxygen Deprived (Kilgore Fire #3) by Lani Lynn Vale

No take-backs. 

That was the motto that Drew lived by in all things, including his love life. 
He’s a player, pure and simple. 
He’s learned the hard way that women aren’t all hearts and flowers. Sometimes their sexy bodies and beautiful faces are just a pretty shield to hide the crazy, and he’s so freakin’ over crazy. 
Been there, done that. He has the divorce papers to prove it. 

Karma hits like a bitch. 

Aspen needs a break. A long one that doesn’t include anything with a Y chromosome. Not even one as tempting as her new neighbor who just moved in across the street. Men are trouble with a capital freakin’ T, and she has the ankle monitor to prove it. 
The last man she gave her heart to was a police officer. A man whose life was dedicated to protection; he was supposed to protect her heart—not break it. 
She decides right then and there that she’s done with being the better person. 

Everything happens for a reason. 

A rash decision—undoubtedly regrettable, undeniably unforgettable. In the heat of the moment, Aspen’s actions with a tire iron and her ex-boyfriend’s brand new SUV land him in the ER getting stitches and have her seeing the inside of a jail cell for the first time. 
It’s just her luck that the whole town is there to witness the result of her poor decision, including her police officer brother and the neighbor that already made it more than clear she was more trouble than she was worth. 
House arrest never looked so good. 

Hide your crazy. 

Drew enjoyed the show, though. For the first time in a year, he’s thinking about his life, and how it would be a lot more enjoyable with a woman like Aspen at his side. 
Maybe crazy isn’t so bad after all.

Oxygen Deprived
Lani Lynn Vale
5 stars

Oxygen Deprived is the third release in the Kilgore Fire series. In Lani fashion that we all love we have exceptional characters, banter between characters we have known from prior series and stories and of course the random thoughts from our characters prior to each chapter (which have become my favorite things). 

The prologue of this book sets everything in motion. I'm not going to say what happens but I kept wondering to myself when in the world is this going to be recognized and you wonder why you are being told or its being inferred BUT let me tell you that I understood completely as I read along. For me this was a beautiful love story ….. I'm not your typical love story girl so lets clear that up – I mean hide your crazy – no … why …. And this has my brand of cray cray in it. LOVE IT! 

Aspen and Drew are fantastically written. These two are something else. This is a great story also about characters with somewhat of an age gap but couldn’t be more right for each other as well as what happens when you “think” you are so in love at such a young age. Aspen is under house arrest – (bwwwaahhhhhh – why … I'm not telling). Drew is her neighbor – just moved in and a medic for the SWAT team ending up hanging with the Kilgore team on a volunteer basis. Aspen’s job is very interesting to say the least. In fact, its one I promise you we all wish we had and could be successful at. Keep an eye on the things she gets sent as well and from where. LOVE IT. 

This book is just plain hilarious – I love the fact that we have a snippet of everything giving us an entire Lani pie – meaning you get all the good rolled up into one in Oxygen Deprived. You get a bit of Luke (Center Mass – KPD SWAT) – Tai is of course there from our first release in the Kilgore series – Downy is Aspen’s brother (Lachlan Downy from Bang Switch KPD SWAT release 3) – and a few other goodies. I’ve decided after this one I going to go revisit each character and pair them up with their lady so that I can keep track while continue to read all of the series we are generously given from Lani – I absolutely love that old friends are pulled back into these books. Do you need to read the others .. no these are all stand alones but I don’t know why you wouldn’t – every single book is worth the click --- 

Get this one friends – you won't regret it. The ride with Aspen and Drew is hilariously written and worth every minute. Thank you Lani for the ARC! You are amazing as always. The cover is fantastic – Gary . ….. the eyes …… you rule. Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets

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